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When do the spring walleye regulations on the Red start. I know the minnesota season closes on the 16th.

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On the ND section of the Red River it is open year around.

MN residants have slightly differing regulations, be sure to read and understand both first.

You need to fallow the spring conservation regulations that apply to the Red River and it’s associated tributaries as agreed upon by ND & MN.

The Spring Conservation Season begins on March 1 and runs through the first Saturday in May.

Limits on walleye or combination of sauger or saugeye are 2 under 18" and the OPTION to keep 1 over 28".

So 3 is the potential daily limit. But if you decide not to keep a one over 28", you CAN NOT keep an additional fish less than 18" to compensate.

Catch all you want, just keep 2 eaters is what we do. We NEVER keep the fish over 28"! We treat walleye over 28” as an ethical mandatory release, although legally you may keep one over 28”.

Northern Pike is 3 a day, 6 in possession.
No pike to exceed 27", larger then that they all go back.

Catfish is continuous and does not close.
Daily limits are the same as always for the Red River system.
Five a day with only 1 to be in excess of 24".

ND & MN do differ as to what constitutes a tributary and also how far you may enter into tributaries. So make sure to note the differences. MN watches this closely.

Resident license fee- $10
Husband and wife fee- $14
Resident over 65 fee- $03

Resident disabled fee- $03
(Available at the ND office of the NDG&F only in Bismarck ND.)

ND Non resident licensee fee's;

Nonresident single fee- $25
Nonresident Husband & wife fee- $35
Nonresident 3 day fee $10
Nonresident 7 day fee $15

See full details at the links below.



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Be advised folks, know the ND & MN regs on the spring conservation season.

Know the ND and MN regs that effect residents and non-residents alike.

Know the boundaries of the season. If in question contact your local DNR or NDG&F official for a clarification. The regs are available at any dealer of ND & MN fishing licenses.

I have seen several anglers, who either by choice or by negligence, apparently do not know the laws.

Pick up your trash!

The fines are SIGNIFICANT, and are being enforced by both ND & MN. The city police may also issue such littering citations, and are doing so.

Don't be shy about bring this to the attention of fellow anglers.

Thank you,

Ed "Backwater Eddy" Carlson


[email protected]

[This message has been edited by Backwater Eddy (edited 04-09-2003).]

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I'm with Ed 100% on this one. I realize this is preaching to the choir, but PICK UP YOUR TRASH!!! I'm really disgusted by all the trash I find at many of the spots I fish. I usually bring my net along and load it up with garbage when I leave. Unfortunately, I never seem to have a tough time filling it.

Also, people need to be careful of no trespassing/no hunting signs. I have permission to fish a spot that is posted South of town. I see a handful of people there everytime I go- virtually none of them have permission. They just figure someone else is there, so it must be ok to disobey the sign. I've mentioned it to people there, and all I get is dirty looks. It only takes a phone call most of the time.
Go catch some fish!!!

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