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Hey Ed,
what type of gear would you recommend a person have if they take a trip up there and wanted to fish for Walleyes and Cats?

Rods, Line, terminal tackle, lures?

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When and where you fish might change this list slightly, but here we go.


Channel Cats.

Gamakatsu circle hooks 6-8 O/T
Kahle hooks 6-7 O/T
No Roll sinkers 2-3 oz.
Berkley Big Cat mono 20-30 lb.
Large swivels (no clips swivels only)
stop beads 4-5 mm of whatever color turns you on.
8-10” floats, Lindy Pole Floats or like, no beach ball bobbers!
ABU 5500 or bigger baitcasters or like style muskie reels.
Large capasity spinnning reels will work too.
7-9 E-Glass rods or med/hvy muskie rods
A real BIG net.
A camera and extra film.
Bug spray or 3-M Ultathon lotion.

Night crawlers to catch goldeye for bait, plus frogs and/or shrimp for the cats.

Panfish sized floats and rigging to catch goldeye. Scenic Tackle's Angle Eye Jr's are very handy to catch bait, gold or glow pink is best.

Spring Walleye

Jigs 1/4 - 1/2 oz white, black, blue, orange.
Northland Whistler jigs, glow green, black.
Slip floats and Tru-turn or kahle hooks.
Rattle Shads I like the Millennium Look-A-Like series myself.
Plastics, twisters, shads 4" & 3", white, orange, black, yellow, blue metal flake.

Fall Walleye.

Cranks & jigs and some slip or 3-way rigs.

(Same jig styles as spring and 1/4-3/8 PLUS add a supply of stand up jigs, green, white, or black).

Jigs in the day, cranks early & late and all night.

#7-8 Shad Raps, Wally Minnows, ***** -Bullheads, ***** -Whitefish, ***** -Stings, Husky Jerks, #13 original Rapala in Black or Blue, Bomber Long A's, Smithwick Rattl’n Roughs, Super Roughs, Count down Rapala's 11-13's, Whatever big minnow baits you are found of that run 1-6'. High contrasting colors is the key.
A large landing net.
A camera & film.

Hot coffee, good boots, & warm dry gear!
A head lamp night-light & extra batteries.

When and where changes a lot but this is a good comprehensive list I think?

Backwater Eddy..><,sUMo,>

Backwater Guiding
"Ed on the RED"

[email protected]

[This message has been edited by Backwater Eddy (edited 07-23-2002).]

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Thanks Ed,
that's exactly what I was looking for.

You're a true River Rat..Piggeeee chaser!!!!

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For the cats, bring some extra cut-bait from home just in case the goldeye aren't biting or the bait shop is out. You don't want to run out of good bait. Put some suckers on ice. It saved a trip for me this year when the goldeye weren't biting. Thanks for that tip this spring Eddy. Vern

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