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I am looking at planning a catfishing trip around mid-August. About 4 years ago I referenced my library of In-Fisherman magazines and found an article that was interesting. I beleive the man's name profiled in the article was Toad. He made reference to a resort by the name of Catfish Haven in Dryden, ND? It sounded like fun so me and a buddy booked a trip there and caught some huge cats. The biggest being in the lower 20 pound class. We caught some beauties all ranging from 10 pounds and up. If I recall correctly our average size fish was around 10-15 pounds. We were using shrimp, frogs, and cutbait. Shrimp was killing 'em. I made another trip back to Catfish haven in search of another 20+ cat. The trip was unsucessful in my eyes. I will have to admit fishing was good but we didn't catch near as many nice ones. The average was way smaller. They would have been good eaters. I think the main reason is I forgot the electronics and never was really able to find the holes and get on top of them. I was fishing blind, hitting the bends in the river and the straights. Is it that much of a factor that you have to be on the holes or was it an unlucky weekend. Other questions I have are these. I am wondering if this resort is still running and if this is a good place to still find the 20+ kitty. I am not sure where you are based out of Eddy? and where you fish the Red? What are some good techniques and baits to use when fishing cats. We used a basic egg sinker, with a lindy style rig set-up with a circle hook. Both times I have been out there shrimp seem to be the ticket. Any insight would be appreciated. Thanks again.


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You sound like you have a good plan in place and the baits sound about right to me. I would use more cut baits in search for big cats though.

The catfish haven area is not one of my favotate areas of the Red by far but it is a fair section to fish.

Keep in mind that is a tiny section of 500+ miles of Red River, there are many more great spots to chose from.

Backwater Eddy..><,sUMo,>

Backwater Guiding
"Ed on the RED"

[email protected]


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    • jgrimmz
      I had a good opener, also with ten. We should have taken a lot more, but shooting, jitters, and other factors prevented it (as usual). For us, Sunday was really slow, but still managed to bag a few. 
    • Parmer
      That's a good idea thanks. 
    • fish_time
      We love it when we catch a muskie, but it can be such a grind!   
    • mbeyer
      Just got back from five days on the lake. We were fishing for walleye in the end fun with limits already taken. We are on an island and the dock bite was very good. Slip bobbers with either rainbows or chubs. Also, walking the island and casting tubes was also productive for larger walleye. Off the point of the island, under dock, near rocks. I guess that means we caught most of our fish shallow. Wind was our friend, to a point. Didn't like some of the gusts but wind blown shore and points were key. Follow the wind.   Smallmouth were not shallow. We did work some shoreline but did not find those fish up shallow. We did run into some smallmouth on the points, etc deeper while fishing for walleye.
    • gimruis
      I had a good opener.  Two friends and I got 10 ducks and with some better shooting we could probably had 12 or 13.  It was significantly better than the last two openers and certainly better than I expected.  We had nice mixed bag of wood ducks, mallards, teal, and even got a shoveler.  It was very comfortable out there too.  Was nice not to sit there and roast away in my chest waders this time.
    • leech~~
      If that is a new 2018 rig I would call the MFG and see what they think?  If you have a warranty on it, that may invalidate it? 
    • sheephead2
      We have been up since Saturday and all we got are small walleyes.  Very windy today.  Hope wind goes down  
    • pikeandchester
      Quite a bit slower today. Only saw 2 teal between yesterday and today, which  really surprised me and most of the wood ducks seemed to have moved on. Didn’t stick around long enough for the geese. Hope everyone had a great weekend and good luck!
    • monstermoose78
      How is it going today 
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      Carp30, Vermilion is starting into the fall transition period now that the water is cooling down. The bite can be either great or tough during this period. Yesterday we caught walleyes as deep as 44' and as shallow as 10'! Location and time of day is the key! We caught walleyes deep using short snell Lindy rigs,( 2 ft.), with minnows, The shallow walleyes hit best on the same rigs using 1/2 crawler. Sand and rock mix or transitions are the key areas right now. Necked down areas that have deep water and adjacent sand flats are almost always good now. Cliff