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My Mother passed away so have been kinda down for a while and haven't been fishing but getting better and have been moving from Moorhead to Shelly.

I'm on a different box so couldn't use my same name of fred so had to add some letters to it. I guess I'm an angler class again. No biggee.

The river has been high here! Not too fishable. The skeeters are out in force even with muskoll on me and that's bad.

I'll be scouting out the areas here and will keep you posted.

Namely, Halstead, Hendrum, and other areas. The water is so high now it's dam near impossible to fish but will drop quick as it flows north.

By the way that those who don't know, Ed is one hell of a fisherman. I know him personally and he is a true sportsmen! Booking a trip with him will make life worthwhile.

By the way Ed, I got an ATV, and I love it. An Arctic Cat 500. Pussy Power, as I call it. It's an amazing machine.

Tight lines everyone and let the big ones go.


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Hay Fred......Wassss..Upppp Bud!

Sorry to hear about your Mom, that is a tough deal I know.

"Pussy Power".....hummmm.....sounds like a handy thing to have eh....LOL!

I think I need that too, imported or domestic, 2 0r 4 stroke no big deal I really don't care eh!


That should help you a lot with your bad legs I would think? You should check into a special permit from the DNR/NDG&F to be able to use it in the field more without worrys. Not a bad plan Fred?

Ya, the high water made things tuff going but it is on the fall now. So we will see mud, lots of mud. I called the parks folks today to see if they would get the ramps and stuff cleaned as soon as possable. They have been darn good about that the past 2 years, I would sure give them credit for that!

Thanks for the kind word too Fred! I suppose I owe ya now..huh?


You be well Fred and keep in touch. Try the Sheyenne River out west once, that cat'n is good.

Backwater Eddy..><,sUMo,>

Backwater Guiding
"Ed on the RED"

[email protected]


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Hi Ed,

You owe me nothing but will surely take your fishing tips to heart!

I'm thinking we'll bump into each other this season sometime?

It could be the Van, the Buick, or the Pussy power, depending on the wx.

The water level is droping fast here. Time to rig up for the first time this season!

I'll keep in touch unless the skeeters carry me away.


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    • knoppers
      bump give ice reports if you can. just don't go on any ice to give a report, be safe.   I know my 300 acre lake in aitkin froze  over last weekend, but ice depth could vary greatly this time of year.
    • Fishing Frenzy
      Anyone know of the lake is froze over? Or how much ice is on the lake if it is?
    • Schwarz04
      I’ll be out looking tomorrow... Have a spot in mind that I’m optimistic about. Which direction from downtown were you?
    • eyeguy 54
      Got the hangers today and really like them. I did have to drill a slot so they would work but easy peasy. The metal can be bent a bit to get the angle wanted. Moved the turkey fans to a different room and centered the 3 euros. I like the way it ended up.     New Age Taxidermy Head Honcho European Mounts on Amazon Smile
    • Rick
      The holidays are coming to the Governor’s Residence! Foresters from the Department of Natural Resources and the Conservation Corps of Minnesota harvested the official state Christmas tree Nov. 16 from the Nemadji State Forest. The tree, which is approximately 60 years old, will decorate the Governor’s Residence in St. Paul. “This year’s tree is absolutely gorgeous—tall, full, and almost perfectly shaped,” said Jean Mouelle, the DNR forester who selected this year’s tree. “It’s an impressive example of a balsam fir.” Each year, DNR staff chooses the Governor’s Christmas tree from one of Minnesota’s 59 state forests. Although the tree is always harvested on the Friday before Thanksgiving, the search for the perfect tree begins months beforehand. DNR foresters keep an eye out for a tall tree that’s nicely shaped and well filled out. The tree also needs to be in a location where it will not be damaged when dropped, and where foresters can easily remove it from the forest and load it onto a trailer. The tree will be set up at the Governor’s Residence, 1006 Summit Ave., St. Paul, at 9 a.m. on Monday, Nov. 19, and lit Monday, Nov. 26. Information about viewing the tree can be found at www.mn.gov/admin/governors-residence/tours/schedule. Half a million Christmas trees are harvested from private tree farms in Minnesota each holiday season, contributing about $30 million to the state’s economy. For each tree harvested, one to three trees are planted. Real Christmas trees provide an environmentally friendly decorating option during the holidays because they store carbon during their lifespan and can be chipped for mulch when the season is over. Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
    • eyeguy 54
      Should get the hangers today and will post info. I see that mountain Mikes has them also. Built to fit in the hole in back. The ones I ordered are for the bone skull so hopefully, dont have to send them back. Just got Marks done.  16 inch inside. Mine is 15 1/4. Not monsters but pretty neat. Marks biggest so far. 
    • jgrimmz
      I typically mount with a wire hidden behind the brain cavity routed through holes in the plaque to a screw behind the plaque.   Curious about this angled hanger, it tilts the nose of the skull away from the wall? Do you have a link? I like that idea, might have to rig something up when my euro is ready. 
    • rumeye
      Was around both lakes yesterday and they appear to be locked up. Shouldn't be long now.
    • eyeguy 54
      I hate when I am walking back to vehicle and they have roosted partway and I didnt know it, then they explode and I freak. LOL 
    • paceman
      Bow hunting the other day I had a flock of about 20 come in at last light to roost in a nearby tree. No way a deer was going to come in with all that racket! It was kind of odd to see them hop from tree to tree but at the same time cool to see! Graceful and quiet they were not!