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Lower RED RIVER RISING- (Piggy Time?)

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(This most likely will get a big cat bite rolling up North.)



The River Forecast Centre of Manitoba Conservation reports that the Red River will experience a gradual but steady rise over the next two weeks due to heavy run-off from last week's rain and last night's torrential downpours in the Fargo, N. D., area. The river will remain well within its banks unless additional heavy rainstorms develop.

Additional rises above today’s levels will range from 16 feet at Emerson to 10 feet at Ste. Agathe and eight feet at the Floodway Inlet. Within the City of Winnipeg additional rises will range from seven feet in Fort Garry to five and a half feet downtown and three feet in North Kildonan. The Forks walkways will likely be flooded during the last week of June and the first two weeks of July. Levels will fall two and a half feet just south of Lockport due to gate operation and will rise close to three feet from Lockport to Selkirk.

The River Forecast Centre also reports that additional heavy rain is expected in the Whiteshell area of Manitoba tonight and Wednesday. This will further increase levels on Whiteshell area lakes, which are already above flood stage due to last week’s heavy downpours.

The present storm system is also producing significant rainfall in the Westlake area as far north as Swan River. Streams in that region will rise significantly but flooding is unlikely. The Assiniboine River, Souris River and Pembina River will rise somewhat but no problems are anticipated.

Little further rise is expected on Red River tributaries in Manitoba, except the Roseau River, which will rise several more feet. Levels of the Seine, Brokenhead and Whitemouth rivers, and Cook’s Creek will continue to fall from last week’s unusual heights unless additional heavy rain develops.

This forecast is based largely on a quick assessment of rainfall and run-off conditions in the Fargo area where up to 175 mm (7 inches) of rain fell last night. The U.S. National Weather Service will be doing further analysis of this situation, which may lead to some revisions in the forecast for Manitoba points in the next few days.



Rises at various points along the Red River since June 10 and anticipated additional rises and crest dates are as follows:

Actual and Predicted Levels in Feet


June 20 a.m.
Rise Since

June 10


June 30

July 1

Ste. Agathe
July 2

Floodway Inlet
July 3

Bishop Grandin
July 3

James Avenue *
734.9 (7.3)
740.5 (12.9)
July 3

July 3

Lockport u/s
July 4

Lockport d/s
July 4

The James Avenue level is given in feet above sea level and, in brackets, feet above average winter ice level. The normal summer level is 6.4 feet.

Backwater Eddy..><,sUMo,>

Backwater Guiding
"Ed on the RED"

[email protected]


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If venturing out on the river north of the 49th I'd suggest caution. There is a lot of trash in the river right now (I've seen whole maples and ash trees going down the river) and it seems to be drawn to props and lower units like steel to a magnet ( I lost three props and a lower unit last year to trash --- AT NIGHT --- my fault). Both Selkirk park and Stu Mckay's Cats on the Red have pulled their docks. Launching is still possible but you'll have to pull your boat up to shore. I suspect the levels won't be up for too much longer but until things stabilize a bit go carefully!

Dan Kiazyk
Cat Eye Outfitter
[email protected]

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Very wise advise Dan!

I too have seen stuff WAY larger them a boat bobbing on the Red under such conditions.

CAUTION is critical!

High water on the lower Red can often mean hot shore fishing too, so consider that if you go North.


Be safe out there folks!

Backwater Eddy..><,sUMo,>

Backwater Guiding
"Ed on the RED"

[email protected]


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • JerkinLips
      There were a lot of ATV/SxS running around the lake but I found it quite slippery even with AWD engaged.  I did see a couple of snowmobiles crossing the lake.  There is enough snow to keep the slides lubricated, especially when the temperature is above freezing.  If your track is studded that would help traction and slide lubrication.
    • SkunkedAgain
      It looks like it's ATV/SxS season on the lake. Snowmobile season is on temporary (or permanent) hiatus.
    • JerkinLips
      Was back Tuesday-Thursday this week after I discovered that walleye season ends on Sunday, February 25th.  I thought that the season has closed the last day of February in recent years.  I see that I fished on Monday, February 28th two winters ago so lucky I didn't get busted then.   The ice was in very good shape.  I found 15-18 inches of solid ice in the areas I checked.  There was no standing water on the ice and very little snow as shown in the 3 pictures of the McKinley Park landing from Thursday afternoon.  When the temperature was below freezing, the ice was very slippery.  When it warmed up mid day it wasn't as bad.  The landing was starting to deteriorate today, but with the cold weather on Friday it should freeze over.  It may start to get bad again by Sunday when it warms up.  Full size vehicles were still driving out close to Birch Island so apparently that path is still good.   Fishing was very good for late season.  Most of my walleyes were again 9-12 inches, but I did catch a 21, 24, and 27.  I was lucky to catch my limit of 14-15 inchers today to bring home for a meal.  The walleyes preferred small rainbows, but also liked lively chubs.  I caught four fish on the same small rainbow today when I was running low on small ones.  I finally gave up on that minnow when I went 20 minutes without a bite.  I had 3 rainbows come off the hook on their own; one when I dropped it in the hole and the other two when I dropped them to the bottom.  I think that happens when you hook them in the soft part of their body.  I caught my first tulibee of the winter (15 inches) and it really stunk up the house.  I also caught a lot of perch for the first time this winter.  I only caught 1 perch the previous 14 days I fished, but I caught 11 perch in these 3 last days, including six that were 11-13 inches long.  I wish I liked to eat perch so I could have kept them.  The hardest bite I had this week was by the pictured 8 inch walleye.  This little guy grabbed that full sized minnow and pulled it quickly to to bottom of the hole.  (However the 27 inch walleye did peel off a bit of drag bringing her in).  Morning bite from 830 to 1230 was best.   If you venture out the last weekend of the season, good luck.  Be cautious of ice conditions since the sun can really melt some holes in the ice this late in the season.
    • smurfy
      i cant speak for out that way but check the st cloud thread.......Rick gavee a pretty decent report on the ice around the area. he fishes a ton in the winter and is thinking of calling it quits............that tells me something!!!!
    • Mike89
      be careful!!  
    • mulefarm
      Thinking about one last outing, any information on the ice?
    • Brianf.
      There's not much snow left from what I can see on our Ring cam.  This is facing North across Niles Bay.  Also, the temp is 44 at this moment so what snow might be left is going fast.  
    • rundrave
      @Rick G   have you changed your approach or how you are fishing with no snow cover this year? It seems to really have changed things. Fish are spooky to  any movement above the ice.  Even just jigging a rod with your hand etc. spooks fish. Weed lines are not dying off etc., fish are staying up shallower etc.   I have had a lot more luck just dead sticking and bobber fishing and being away from holes or intentionally drilling holes in slush pockets or drifts to eliminate shadows etc.
    • smurfy
      Awesome cause Rick!!👍👍👌
    • Rick G
      Fishing has been pretty good for the most part with the exception of a slow day mixed in here and there. Been on a few different lakes in the last week. Ice conditions continue to fluctuate depending on warm and cold spells.  Right now there is 7-8 inches on the lakes I have been on. Snow cover is just about gone again, and with the warm days coming I think our ice season might be coming to an end locally.  Today I fished with a good buddy and we were on a mission... To find enough fresh fish to feed the folks at a local veterans home Friday dinner.  Mission accomplished!!!   Found a good mix of perfect eater size fish😁.   
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