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I'm taking my 4yr old fishin tomorrow morn. Either by the wild rice or buffalo from shore, any suggestions? bait?

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First off all inland waters on MN are closed to gamefish yet.

Read the regs closely for both ND & MN to know the full details, it pays.

MN DNR web site.

ND G&F web site.

The MN DNR considers any tributary that feeds into the Red River as inland water.

They see it as a “line of sight boundary” directly across the mouth of ANY inlet feeding into the Red River on the MN side. So you need to stay completely out of the MN tribs or ditch’s if you are fishing walleye or other game fish species is what I am saying. One foot up into the rivers and you are in violation and could get ticketed if they so choose to do so.

You can fish in front of the in flowing MN tributary, and you can also fish the ND feeders up to the first vehicular bridge with a MN fishing license. A ND resident can not fish the inland MN tributaries with a ND license under any conditions, the "line of sight" boundry applys so you need a MN license too, once the waters are open to fish.

With a ND license you can fish the whole state of ND with very few exceptions.

For fishing tips, I would say look for a pocket just down stream from the feeder rivers and fish minnows on short floating snells for walleye.

For cats try fresh cut sucker chunks (1/2” to 1”) on slip rigs just off the shelf you also fish for walleye, right off the channel break. After dusk look for the cats to move up on the shallow shelf to feed.

(There is also a “Spring Conservation Season” on the Red River that starts on the first day of March and runs to the first Saturday of May. This has just expired for the 2002 calendar year, but be sure to know how it works for future reference.)

Good fishing to you and your 4 yr old.

Backwater Eddy..><,sUMo,>

Backwater Guiding
"Ed on the RED"
[email protected]

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