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Just tryen to find out what others find to be the best bait. Casting plugs or live bait, what have you been using scoot or should I say Cuz. I'll let you know when the pigs start hitting, I'd like to take you out since we missed them last year. Kolby is fishing the Cats Incredible with me this year and he can't wait to get on the river.

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Hey Cuz,

This time of year I've primarily used three types of rigs- slip rig 2-3 foot snell (either a floater or a straight hook), jig, and crank.
It's minnow time on the Red so I use both large fatheads and/or mid-sized suckers. One trick that I've found to be really helpful is a single hook stinger rig, particularly when I'm using a sucker. This helps the hook-up rate given the longer bait.
I'll probably use a jig and minnow 3/4 of the time now- not because I think it'll outfish the other presentations 3/4 of the time, but because it's my favorite way to fish.
One tip- using a floating jighead vs. a straight hook may seem like a small thing, but I've found large differences in productivity with one vs. the other on some days. I've not figured out a patern for which one will work on any given day, but I mix it up to see what works better when I'm on the water.
I've used cranks the least on the Red, but Backwater Eddy insists that they are a hot ticket quite often. That's enough for me to concede that they are effective. I have caught some fish using cranks, just not a lot because I'm too **** cheap to lose $6.00 cranks very often!
Hope to see you on the water soon,

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I know what you mean about losing cranks. I was down that a couple of weeks ago and I lost two in the rocks. I worked and works the second one but couldn't get it, so I broke it of. After that I put on a jig, after casing and working the for about ten minutes guess what I seen float up to the surface. Yup a crank, I worked and worked to hook up but never got it before it slipped under the ice down stream. AAAAHHHH three ways and floaters from here on out. Good luck let me know when you get into them I will do the same.

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Don't aim for the middle of the river with cranks from shore, your just asking for it then.

Cranks work best in areas where the walleye are hunting and not holding tight. This time of year they try to avoid strong currents and most often hang tight to shore or structure near shore.

Faster the flow the tighter to shore they go. You will loose less by casting parallel to shore, and catch more fish. If and when you do hand up reel up to the snag and try pulling it free from the opposite side of the lure travel. Most will come free if you work them from a different direction and avoid jerking them into the snag you found.

Don't expect to keep many cranks for your box if you choose 6-8 pound test for casting in tough areas. Use FireLine (10/30 or 8-15) and you will retrieve more crank baits. The walleye and pike won't care what color the line is; they see the plug not the line.

Slow and easy & never pull into a snag, always pull away from them. Same deal with jigs, the center of the river is too darn fast in cold water, keep them close.

These tips will save you time, cash, and produce more fish.

Backwater Eddy..><,sUMo,>

Backwater Guiding
"Ed on the RED"
[email protected]

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    • SkunkedAgain
      How is the snowpack and slush looking these days? I'm looking to walk into my place on the west end one of these weekends but don't want to make the trek in knee-deep powder or thigh-deep slush!
    • SkunkedAgain
      That would be a lot of work to get done in three months, assuming that they can even get a GC to line up all of the subs. October sounds more realistic. Looks like I'll have to find other ways to support the local businesses in town. I might have to send Mrs. SkunkedAgain and Miss SkunkedAgain to the girl store a few times with a wad of cash.
    • SkunkedAgain
      As soon as humanely possible. We have a seasonal cabin that we use year-round, an no road access. Therefore like PSU, we are bound by the ice-out to determine our first open water trip. If I had road access, it would likely be determined by other factors such as snow on the driveway, etc.   If you have plumbing pipes, that is another concern. We haul in our water so I don't have to worry about pipes bursting. About six years ago, I did hook up my lake pump at opener at left it filled with water. When I came back for Memorial Day, the iron housing had cracked due to water freezing.   My general advice is to not avoid the in-between times. They are often the best. Less people are around, you get to see the land and the lake change, when the ice goes out you get to see eagles and other scavengers pick up all the floating winter-kill fish, green starts popping up everywhere, etc. It's a fun time to be in the woods and around the lake. Canoeing through ice or boating through black ice is always a hoot as well!
    • Mike89
      the way things going for him that is most likely true!!!!  🤣😝
    • merc
      Smurfy has fish with his name on them. He must have put another order into Morries.     
    • smurfy
      I know!!😊 but I ain't got anyone to shovel.😞 and after tomorrow's snow I'm hearing grumbling of a huge magor storm for the weekend.
    • BobT
      Does the handle fit otherwise? If so, rather than wait for the OEM to send a screw, I would most likely have gone down to my local Fleet Farm or Menards and found a SS screw to fit. I wouldn't get my shorts too much in a bunch over it. 
    • eyeguy 54
      but are the northerns making flags go up? 
    • Hoey
      Brokie - Without knowing where you are located, I can not recommend a reel shop, is what I recommend doing.  A reel repair shop should be able to help you with your problem.  West side of the TC, Wayzata Bait and Tackle, for example.  
    • Bigfatbert
      I will also add to my above post that the discoveries of this disease in new areas like crow wing co. should not become a panic in that area and the whacking of deer in these areas is truly nonsense. What if one deer survives the mass killing that happens to be infected ,, well then what ? In a herd that annually is around one million in our state , having a handful of sick deer from CWD is not the end to our herd .How many deer actually do test positive from these stupid massive killings when all the bullets are done flying ?? Sooner or later with the now implementation of CWD testing , ,it’s gonna pop up  in new areas either naturally or by the existence of poor oversight and improper management of deer farms . So if this time it’s a deer in Crow Wing Co . So the DNR says let’s whack them all in that area , how bout when one happens to test positive next month in Lake of the woods co  , well let’s whack them all there too , and when one happens to test positive in Itasca or Hubbard co , well let’s whack them also . Before long we won’t have any deer left in our state with this stupid thinking , it won’t be the he disease itself that eliminated our deer herd , it’s the DNR that just eliminated our herd .. killing as many deer in a positive test area does nothing to help the problem..  on another note our DNR management of deer is terrible and many times quotas for upcoming seasons are determined by auto  insurance companies who pressure the state that these areas are carrying to many deer and the herd needs to be thinner in these areas , and thus lowering  the payouts to insured motorists who happen to hit a deer and make a claim. So then the state ups the permits and harvest in these areas to thin out the deer , ahhhh money the root of all evil. Nothing to do with a Biological stance whatsoever. And when these numbers don’t fall within quotas by permits to harvest these extra deer , well then find a deer in those areas that has CWD and kill them all , then the state says “there now we lowered those numbers “ and the insurance companies say thanks . Nooooooo dat don’t happen , does it ??? Hmmmmm !!