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New laws & possession limits for panfish.

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What are your Views -/+ on the new possession limits for the ND, SD, MN, region.

My opinion.....

The new 20/40 possession plan is a much better conservation minded model. I would also like to commend the MN-DNR, ND-G&F and the SD-GFP for there rethinking of crappie slots and limits.

A blanket limit is not a good way to manage a diverse and changing system of lakes and rivers but a reduced creel and slot is a good way to temporarily see that long term damage is averted. We are likely to see many more system specific regulations developed in years to come to fill the needs of the management goals on the particular system while insuring a healthy long term fishery for the public.

Placing controls on daily creels & possession limits will prevent the feast and famine cycle we all to often see in systems were a resource gets extreme angling pressure, such as panfish often do on the ice.

I have seen too many "Gold Rush" scenarios for perch or other panfish turn emerging or healthy populations of fish to scattered strays & stragglers, all in just a matter of months or even weeks. Such over harvest rapidly results in years of slow fishing before it recovers, that is if it ever recovers, a no win deal for everyone.

It was time for a change and to make it all work it is up to us as anglers to see it is obeyed & enforced.

Fish for today, fish for tomorrow, fish for life.

Backwater Eddy.................><,,>

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • BartmanMN
      Thanks Cliff. I am coming up for my week of paradise tomorrow as well.
    • tacklejunkie
      The last two times on the river have been slow to say the least. Trolled Shipping channels, river channels, and all the flats. Crawler harnesses and crank baits. Anybody having any luck out there?
    • gimruis
      If the water is that clear and you can see 17-20 feet down, the fish will be very spooky.  And if the sun is out, they will be looking for relief from the sun in the form of shade.  Night time might actually be a better option.
    • gimruis
      Not terrible.  But they can be merciless, I will tell you.
    • Mike89
      below the darn is a park there too if I remember right, Plus Garden City has a park by the river too I think..
    • Rick
      Good fishing in the Blue Earth river too. Also, a short drive to Rapidan can be productive.
    • Wanderer
      Welcome to the site @eg_gophers2124 I have never even seen the lake but these screen shots might help. Navionics Judging by the Lake Finder report, it’s a super clear lake; 17-20 foot clarity but with plenty of weeds. A couple shots of the weed report. Starting from scratch, I would head to the southwest area.  The southern basin has better looking structure too. You might do well simply working edges of the emergent weeds with spinnerbaits in low light and weedless frogs or spoons up in the weeds when it gets to be mid day.  Crawler under a slip bobber on the weed edges could do well also. It’s purely guessing on my part.  Hopefully someone with experience on the lake will chime in. Good luck!
    • Mike89
      walked that creek to the river many years!!!  again home area!!!!  
    • Rick
      Bring your spinning rod and fish for walleyes or white bass at the confluence. Wherever the river is pounding the shoreline fish the current breaks for big flatties. Heavy fiberglass rod with a sturdy baitcaster and 50 lb power pro line will be effective. Fish the head of snags for channels. Setup just like a Lindy rig for them with 1 oz to 5 oz no roll sinker and a big live bait like a 7" bullhead or even larger sucker for flatties. Use cut strips of bait off a large sucker or something similar for channels. Frogs can be good too. Have fun.
    • ifishwalleye
      Thank you Vermilliongold. This took care of the problem.