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Just returned from Lockport and the St. Andrews dam on the lower Red River this morning, it was piggy city man!

My buddy Shanon Bredeson and I hosed the Sumo Piggys big time! We caught 50 cats that went PAs in 3 days and NIGHTS, many more piglets too, nights were very good to us.

We caught so many 25 to 30 pound plus Piggys that you wouldnt believe it if I listed them all, so I will just say this..... AWSOME......ARRRR----ARRRRR----ARRRRRR!!

Bad deal was on Sat when they shut the dam down it slowed things a lot. This may change again fast at night as soon as they adjust again.

The frogs were hot, so were shrimp at night on 6-8 inside bends down from the diversion. Some hot float action on sand points with scattered rock near the channel.

Had a blast! Hooked Shanon on cats for good I think?

Thanks for fishing with me up North Eh ther "Big Bud" Eh.

Shanon can you say "Hay Eh, its a SUMO Piggy?




Backwater Eddy.........><,,>

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Sounds like you had a good time up there. Congrats.

I went out to D+H to get some frogs but they were spoken for so got some large suckers instead and a thing they call a waterdog thrown in. It looks like a newt to me but has gills. I was thinking a mudpuppy but I don't know.

They were selling them for bait so is very common but I couldn't bait him up and put it in my aquarium. Too cute to bait up for me.

I guess I'm a softie, aye

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    • Tom Sawyer
      We've been big fans of the 3" minnows, and 5" leeches, along with crawlers, great color combinations, with floating versions ta boot.👍👍     Found the pinched half crawlers to work great for adding spin to "slow death" presentation...
    • redlabguy
      Okay, I’m not into gore. I’ve only had to do surgery on one hook and that’s enough. PSU, I’m wondering how you’re doing. Cliff offered good advice. In the Frazer Bay Area, bobbers are my only means of catching fish of size. I t seems like the dinks are dominating the reefs. Spinners can pick up fish near structure. I was looking back at my logs recently and late July has always been tough.  Dick
    • riverrat21
      Ive been out a few times as well..have tried from the harbor all the way up to boyscout...have been getting a few everytime out but has been slow for me....been trolling crawlers with big colorado blades..have caught fish on flats by barkers,between the bridges,and out from clyde area....got 6 cats accidentally while trolling boards by the community hole south west side of spirit lake...water clarity still sucks in the harbor..a bit better the farther up river u go...has it been kinda slow for everyone?????ive been doing better on fish lake.lol
    • Grainbelt
      And they are big, feels like you have a bass on! We thru them all back.
    • delcecchi
      I haven't done it on all my stuff, but I don't avoid using a bait because I mashed the barbs.   It would probably be a good idea to mash more of them, even if just to make it easier to get them out when they get hooked on something like clothing or a rag.  
    • monstermoose78
    • Wanderer
      Manitoba requires the same, and I agree, we didn’t notice a difference either except for keeping bait on the hook.  It’s just a hard mental block to get around. @LBerquist, ouch!  Unfortunately I know what those are like.  Both getting them out of myself and helping others!  You can pinch the barbs down on any hook though.  Some lay down nice and others will break off, leaving just a little bit of a rough bump which I kind of like better.  There’s a little bit of grip left that way.
    • whateverisbiting
      Thanks for the tip something new to try 🙂
    • LBerquist
      I wish barb less hooks were more available. I'd switch, heard they come out easier....
    • Borch
      The gulp crawlers in packages are tougher than those in the alive container.  The one in the picture is from the alive container.  Both versions work well on spinner and slow death rigs.