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Just returned from Lockport and the St. Andrews dam on the lower Red River this morning, it was piggy city man!

My buddy Shanon Bredeson and I hosed the Sumo Piggys big time! We caught 50 cats that went PAs in 3 days and NIGHTS, many more piglets too, nights were very good to us.

We caught so many 25 to 30 pound plus Piggys that you wouldnt believe it if I listed them all, so I will just say this..... AWSOME......ARRRR----ARRRRR----ARRRRRR!!

Bad deal was on Sat when they shut the dam down it slowed things a lot. This may change again fast at night as soon as they adjust again.

The frogs were hot, so were shrimp at night on 6-8 inside bends down from the diversion. Some hot float action on sand points with scattered rock near the channel.

Had a blast! Hooked Shanon on cats for good I think?

Thanks for fishing with me up North Eh ther "Big Bud" Eh.

Shanon can you say "Hay Eh, its a SUMO Piggy?




Backwater Eddy.........><,,>

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Sounds like you had a good time up there. Congrats.

I went out to D+H to get some frogs but they were spoken for so got some large suckers instead and a thing they call a waterdog thrown in. It looks like a newt to me but has gills. I was thinking a mudpuppy but I don't know.

They were selling them for bait so is very common but I couldn't bait him up and put it in my aquarium. Too cute to bait up for me.

I guess I'm a softie, aye

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    • Surface Tension
      How about a digital photo frame in the shack.
    • leech~~
      I remember the picture you are talking about, but I think it was last year some time and I just don't think I could wad through all of Duff's politic fall out to find it!  😵   One of my buddies put up those adhesive backed thin cork-board squires on two of his cabin walls. Pretty fun idea of his family growing up at the cabin.  With fishing, hunting pictures mixed in.
    • leech~~
      Looks like their still running the small motel. Hope they rebuild it was a pretty nice place when they remodeled a few years ago.
    • Raven77
      Head-O-Lakes and Wakemup were pretty much ice free this past weekend.  Spring Bay has ice as it's really protected.  Some ice in Richie but the west wind on Monday pushed it all to the east end.
    • Wanderer
      Sounds like cost/benefit analysis is underway...
    • Wanderer
      I tried finding the pic @Duffman posted of the board he put together for his basement/bar I think it was but no dice.  Too much for me sift through.  It was pretty cool though and maybe in line with the OP’s idea.   @leech~~, got some time and mad search skills to dig that one up?
    • SkunkedAgain
      How is the ice build-up coming along? I can't wait until Head-O-Lakes and Wakemup freeze so that I can get to my place across the ice. I'm hoping for another low-slush year.
    • SkunkedAgain
      Jim Zupancich, who works out of the flagship store in Ely, said the Zup’s in Cook has been in business for more than 20 years. He added: “We do OK there. It’s a living. We’ll get back on our feet.”   Jim didn't give much of an endorsement but I understand the economics. One of the early articles had the store manager saying that they would rebuild. A later article quoted one of the Zupancich's saying that they would assess the possibility of rebuilding. I think that we all hope that they will rebuild, and hopefully they had good insurance to make it an easy choice.
    • smurfy
      As of mid July nothing was going on there. I drove in there, think I parked in the bar!
    • Wanderer
      Picked up a new supply of pretreated cleaning patches and some Blackhorn loading tubes tonight at Shooting Sports.   I’m just dabbling with getting things ready but the more I do, the more motivated I get to go.  Too bad you’re so wrapped up in hockey this time of year that you can’t really get into it now!  Good to spend time with the kids but ignoring the call is tough.