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Just returned from Lockport and the St. Andrews dam on the lower Red River this morning, it was piggy city man!

My buddy Shanon Bredeson and I hosed the Sumo Piggys big time! We caught 50 cats that went PAs in 3 days and NIGHTS, many more piglets too, nights were very good to us.

We caught so many 25 to 30 pound plus Piggys that you wouldnt believe it if I listed them all, so I will just say this..... AWSOME......ARRRR----ARRRRR----ARRRRRR!!

Bad deal was on Sat when they shut the dam down it slowed things a lot. This may change again fast at night as soon as they adjust again.

The frogs were hot, so were shrimp at night on 6-8 inside bends down from the diversion. Some hot float action on sand points with scattered rock near the channel.

Had a blast! Hooked Shanon on cats for good I think?

Thanks for fishing with me up North Eh ther "Big Bud" Eh.

Shanon can you say "Hay Eh, its a SUMO Piggy?




Backwater Eddy.........><,,>

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Sounds like you had a good time up there. Congrats.

I went out to D+H to get some frogs but they were spoken for so got some large suckers instead and a thing they call a waterdog thrown in. It looks like a newt to me but has gills. I was thinking a mudpuppy but I don't know.

They were selling them for bait so is very common but I couldn't bait him up and put it in my aquarium. Too cute to bait up for me.

I guess I'm a softie, aye

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    • ANYFISH2
      Love it!!   Great video and fishing partner.
    • History_Geek
      https://www.pca.state.mn.us/water/tmdl/sunrise-river-north-branch-fecal-coliform-tmdl-project It's the DNR, Just Look at this link, It Isn't as bad as it could be but still. 
    • partyonpine
      Any smallmouth reports?
    • Barbelboy
      Well I went out Sunday of opening weekend. Ugh. I felt like I was hunting the Congo! So darn hot and buggy. Thank god for thermacell! I did pass on a small 3 pt. It was fun to watch him, he was making rubs on trees all over around me. I'm actually glad nothing else came out, dealing with it in that heat would have taken a lot of fun out of the process. 
    • Barbelboy
      i've been up on Sandpoint a number of times that late in the year. I always focused on main lake drop off. especially sand if you can find it. Walleyes, big crappies and smallmouth will all be congregated in those areas. One spot I fished dropped off into 70 feet. I usually fished 20-30 ' depths oh, I should mention. Usually we used lindy rigs with minnows. Jigs did work too. especially if you slowly drop it and feel the strike on the fall. 
    • JBMasterAngler
      Unfortunately that’s the norm at just about every popular community spot on lakes/rivers. I fished the zumbro river this past opener, and filled up the back of my truck with discarded bottles and cans. While litter certainly isn’t pretty to look at, it doesn’t mean the river is polluted.
    • gimruis
      There is a new scale introduced this year by Rapala and it is better than the other ones because of one simple change: instead of the metal hook there is a clip.  This is what they use in tournaments.  It has a locking mechanism that hooks to the lower jaw.  The hook sucks.  Always has, always will.  Sticking a metal hook up inside the gills of a fish to weigh it is a terrible idea, plus they can shake off and then smack on the floor and die.  Skip the hook, use the clip.
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      Both types of minnows are working. Crawlers are still getting most of our fish in some locations. Cliff
    • History_Geek
      Guys what I was trying to say with my last post was, That I was in the wrong place, Because this is about Vermilion Lake. If you scroll to the top. Under that blue strip you can find the topic of this form It says Quote "Vermilion-Pelican Lake-Chisholm-Cook-Ely-Eveleth-Hibbing-Orr-Virginia Fishing Reports  Water Level"  That's how I know I'm in the wrong Place!    -Best of luck Fishing.
    • partyonpine
      You guys catching them on pike suckers or chubs?  Hopefully the wind dies down this afternoon.  Coming up with a big group to help me do the docks and 2 of the hoists.  I have the requisite adult beverages need to get them some fish for the frying pan.