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Here's another question for Ed about the Red river. I'm only asking because I was reading some earlier posts on musky fishing at the species specific sites, and one of your posts sounded like you've got some experience with these toothy critters.
Quite some time ago the ND Game and Fish Dept., and the MN DNR did some test netting in the big red to see what was there. The results that they published were really encouraging - they even reported catching a couple of pretty nice muskys. I was just curious to know that in your time on the water in the Red have you ever seen, or caught a musky? Have you ever fished exclusively for them in the Red, or do you think that there are probably to few to really justify fishing for just this species? How about big Northern Pike? I would welcome anybody's input on this. The forage base is certainly enough to create potentially huge pike and musky. Wouldn't it be somethin' if the Red River of the North were to become a great musky fishery! I would guess that except for the times when she's runnin' really muddy this river system has got everything it needs to support a good Esox population. There are numerous other dirty rivers that have monster muskys. Kinda makes me go Hhhmmmmm.. Let me know what ya' know.


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There were two large Musky caught in the Fargo area last year and another near Wahpeton.

They are there just rair for now. They don't get fished for specificly, and most catch's come as a acident while fishing for walleye or pike.

Interesting enough is that all the musky that I have seen caught from the Red have came from dams. I find that odd but very interesting.

I have caught 2 on the Otter Tail River and one ALMOST caught on the Red, almost! LOL

Hope to see them continue to stock more in the rivers of the region.

Great fish!

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    • gimruis
      There is a new scale introduced this year by Rapala and it is better than the other ones because of one simple change: instead of the metal hook there is a clip.  This is what they use in tournaments.  It has a locking mechanism that hooks to the lower jaw.  The hook sucks.  Always has, always will.  Sticking a metal hook up inside the gills of a fish to weigh it is a terrible idea, plus they can shake off and then smack on the floor and die.  Skip the hook, use the clip.
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      Both types of minnows are working. Crawlers are still getting most of our fish in some locations. Cliff
    • History_Geek
      Guys what I was trying to say with my last post was, That I was in the wrong place, Because this is about Vermilion Lake. If you scroll to the top. Under that blue strip you can find the topic of this form It says Quote "Vermilion-Pelican Lake-Chisholm-Cook-Ely-Eveleth-Hibbing-Orr-Virginia Fishing Reports  Water Level"  That's how I know I'm in the wrong Place!    -Best of luck Fishing.
    • partyonpine
      You guys catching them on pike suckers or chubs?  Hopefully the wind dies down this afternoon.  Coming up with a big group to help me do the docks and 2 of the hoists.  I have the requisite adult beverages need to get them some fish for the frying pan.
    • monstermoose78
    • Ruslan_fisher
      I've been using the "modern step" scales for about a year now. I bought them on Amazon. They have very good reviews, and the scales are very convenient and suitable for weighing anything.  Here is the link https://www.amazon.com/Professional-Accurate-Reloading-Modern-Step/dp/B01N25OC6P/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1536218450&sr=8-1&keywords=fish+scale
    • delcecchi
      The Vermillion south of MSP is spelled with two "l"s. The one in this forum only has one.
    • leech~~
      It's always nice when you have a week to get everything nicely packed, organized and ready to go. 🙂 It's just that few hours when you get home tired and dump it all in a big dirty pile to sort out that suk! 😆   Gook Luck!
    • monstermoose78
      Good luck and many the ducks fall after you shoot!!
    • Wanderer
      For all the stuff I thought I had at my fingertips to pack, I sure am taking all week to get it done!  At least I have all my supplies.  I just keep tinkering on this and that, not getting it bagged up!   Leaving tomorrow morning around 9 and should have the entire afternoon to scout our top areas.  We’ll land somewhere in the northern third of the state.