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Fish house's on rivers & Lakes Feb-Mar

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Soon we will se a rapid warming trend and ice conditions will deteriorate very quickly on rivers an lakes.

This season has seen a high angler use in the headwaters region of the Red River with as many as 79 ice houses in a 1/4 mile stretch of river. Although the numbers have diminished the total is still high but remaining anglers should very soon consider extraction of there houses to be safe.

Run off will float the ice pack almost immediately as temp's begin to rise and this will produce difficult and dangerous conditions.

Wise anglers may wish to remove there houses as soon as possable to be safe!

Please respect the environment and police the area's near your house for debris and litter and dispose of it properly.

Late ice can be good fishing but with the weather heating up we all are safer walking on an fishing in the open.

Thank's and good fishing!

Backwater Eddy.......><,,>

Backwater Eddy...><,,>

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The lower Red River (Manitoba) requires that Anglers remove their ice houses (outside of those they use for a day and move off the same day) two weeks before the end of the season (March 15). I suspect this year with the Red's increased flow will probably see an early break up and probably above average flow rates. This, of course, will make it that much more difficult to get at those big whiskered critters when the season opener comes around. As for the rest of the province ice houses are to be removed by March 31. One last note to those who like to leave the shack out until the very end.... bring out blocks and put the ice shack above ice before leaving. Should melting conditions turn back to solid ice (as it does frequently up here!) you won't have to chisel the shack out ---- or as I had to do one year, "chainsaw it" out of the ice. Get out and enjoy what can be one of the best times of the ice season! Tight lines. Dan

Cat Eye outfitter
[email protected]

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    • Borch
      I will try to make it Nick.  Should be a go unless a I have a grand kid birthday party to attend.
    • delcecchi
      My transducer issue was during open water.   My hypothesis after several transducers was that freezing them after having been in the water damaged them.    Once I stopped letting them freeze then they stopped going bad.   Maybe some water was getting into them and causing damage when it froze.   The transducer in my Minnkota  US2 is fine with freezing.
    • Hunternitz
      I fished by the Lester area yesterday n today. I was in 75-78’ water. Had one school of coho’s chase my jig all the way to the bottom of the ice. I looked down the hole and was amazed by the fish just swarming around my jig and just nipping the tale. That was my very first time out there. Didn’t catch any, but seeing those fish made it all worth it. At Lester there is an Easier way out there if you go to the south side of the river. It’s an easier trail to follow out onto the lake. There must be some open water just north of there. There was a lot of mallards flying around and landing. ? 
    • Hunternitz
      Eagan Mn
    • Bigfatbert
      I don’t have what your requesting , but you can do just as I did to verify such changes by calling the Mn DNR at 651-296-6157 ... 
    • Wanderer
      When you rubbed your hand on the ducer before, did you notice a thin layer of ice on it?  I’m guessing No, with how you described the situation, but that can happen with a ducer that’s below freezing when you dunk it in the water.  It ruins sensitivity.     You’re open ice fishing, yes?  Not in the warmth of a house?  Like the others mentioned, could just be your graph doesn’t like the cold.  And it’s always better to have the depth range locked in than on auto.   Good luck Bob.
    • Walleye Guy
      Do you have a link to an article or regulation that shows the changes?
    • Wanderer
      Yeah, I think we’ve had enough.  The silver lining for me is I DONT plan on fishing this weekend.  But I do have to ready my sled for next weekend in ON.  I’m hoping the snow isn’t as bad up there.  Strange to think it’s a possibility but yeah, that’s how much we have in MN.   I kept my face plastered to the plane window going down to Denver on Monday.  The snow line peters out around the NE/CO border.  The only people not complaining about snow and cold at home were from CA!   I thought there was a noticeable lack of fishouses out on our MN lakes too.  I hope to get a good view of Mille Lacs when we come into Brainerd.  It was amazing how small the lake looked on the way out! 😄
    • smurfy
      so anyone know whats up with snowfighter???????? he hasnt posted in a long long time?????? hope all is well with him. my parents bought the cabin from his dad!!!!!!
    • Dusty
      good news, I heard earlier that it was under consideration.