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When we fished Cats it was in the white
water right below the dam..I think we
used frogs as bait.

There were some good fish caught but I havent
heard about anyone even fishing for them
for a long while. If you are fishing over
in the Red River you are probably onto some
better spots.

Curt Quesnell

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i too fish the red for cats. i also fish in crookston for them as well.
since i have no boat i am stuck with shore fishing. so just about anyplace i can get close to waters edge by foot i am there or wishing i was there as is the case right now.
the problem i have found right below the dam (by cabelas) is the amount of snags. sooo terrible. i believe this is the red lake river. we found the other dam late last summer and did not have much of a chance to fish near it. hope to this summer.
so i have no help with that.
i have noticed that some of the normal spots that have produced in the past...did not do so well this past summer. not sure why this was the case. just noticed it was.

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All right guys. I have been catching cats in Grand Forks area for the past 6 yrs. Great fun there. We usually fish with frogs on the bottom. I have heard of some recentl stories about catching some nice cats below the dam here in town. I have some ideas of where, but have yet to try. Anyone know where and how catch cats here?
Any catfish over eight pounds is a nice fight. Who knows, we might have a nice spot to do some cat and release here!

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One of the best spots to catch nice cats in Grand Forks is right below the point bridge. On the Minnesota side on the south side of the Red Lake river where it mets the Big Red. Where the two rivers meet there is a substantial eddy current that flows well out into deep water - straight out from the "point". The big girls move up into that eddy late at night, or especially right after a heavy rain to feed. I can honestly say that I caught the heaviest stringer of fish in my life right on that spot following a summer flood back in 95'. I caught 9 fish from 11:30 pm., to 1:30 am. Measured em' all and let em' all go. I estimated the total weight right around 80 lbs. The biggest was 39 inches long with not a single fish under 6 lbs.. The sad part - I was absolutely alone on the river. Me, a six pack, a fire, and gobs of big cats.
As for the Red Lake River today, I'm not sure if you can catch really big cats in there anymore. I'd guess that there still around, but I think you'd have to do some real huntin' for em'. Try fishin' the upriver end of any deep holes you find, or toss a bait just upriver of any big downed trees in the river. Usually you'll find nice cats doin' those two presentations on just about any river that has whiskers in it.

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    • Bobberwatcher
      I don't see ice going out til April. Some more 50 degree temps on the way, but still getting near or below freezing most nights and an extended forecast I saw is showing highs around 30 and even some single digit lows at night for the last couple weeks March. Little if any rain too. 
    • Bobberwatcher
      I don't see ice going out til April. Some more 50 degree temps on the way, but still getting near or below freezing most nights and an extended forecast I saw is showing highs around 30 and even some single digit lows at night for the last couple weeks March. Little if any rain too. 
    • CigarGuy
      Looks like there's plenty of ice still in Spring Bay! Kids snowmobile racing.
    • BWpineisland
      My wife is in total agreement with yours. I love the quiet and remoteness, my wife hates the ice travel!
    • SkunkedAgain
      There aren't a lot of cabins in the bay to begin with, a whole other bonus! For the folks on the south side of the bay, it's an access issue as well. People in general are less likely to go in the winter when you don't have road access, because now you introduce ice conditions, snow depth, darkness, cold, and other factors into the trip. While I have always enjoyed those challenges, it is much different to drive up on a Friday night and pull up to your place versus get there at 10pm, unload machines and gear, and go across the lake at night with gear in tow. I love it. My wife hates it. My daughter is in the middle.   Enjoy it up there.
    • smurfy
      yea that ice looks like its about on its last leg!!!!
    • Rick G
      Being we had a few hours of weather cold enough to make ice I decided to check out one of the small shallow lakes in the St Cloud area.  Ice was in surprisingly good shape this morning, had about 6-7 inches of hard ice again.   Found a pretty decent bite in 8-11 ft of water.  Crappies were riding high in the water colom while sunfish remained close to the bottom for the most part.  Best bait for me was a 3mm motoroil/chrome with a impulse mayfly. By mid afternoon we could definitely tell the ice wasn't as firm as it was in the morning. By the time we left at 4pm I had put all thoughts of returning tomorrow morning out of my mind.  At no point did I feel unsafe, we were prepared for whatever, floatation suits, ropes and ice picks at the ready😏😁.  Today was definitely my last day on the ice for the yr...next stop, spring carp/suckers😁   VID_20240229_150704553.mp4
    • Rick G
      Just trying to make as little noise as possible once holes have been drilled.  
    • CigarGuy
      I take my sxs all the way down Phillips Rd. road to Cains driveway and turn around at the entrance to Laura's and her son's Brian's driveways, Brian bought Davey Crockett's old place.(I think that was his name). You see them fishing on his dock at the beginning of the narrow part of the channel heading in Black Bay. They have the only 2 driveways that are plowed during the winter down Phillips Rd. My neighbor, whom you met, used to plow his boat house road so we access the lake easier in the winter for ice fishing, but he doesn't ice fishing much anymore, so just sleds down that road. I think I know who lets you access the lake, nice of him. I'm surprised more people in Black Bay don't use their places in the winter. I'm heading up in the morning!
    • chucker1101
      I drove on I-35 over Albert Lea Lake on Jan 5. It wasn't even partially frozen, and it's like 6-8 ft average depth or something like that. Those lakes in Sourthern Minnesota didn't even get 2 months of ice this year.
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