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Area fishing tourny?

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Do any of you guys/gals fish this tourny this weekend? Comments about how it is run?

I am thinking about entering to see if I can get those big sandy walleyes on the charts?

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I'm going to give that contest a try.I have never fished it before,but I'v talked to people who have and they say its fun.We'll be registering at Eagle Point early Sat. morning.Maybe I'll see you there.I heard there were about 100 boats at that resort alone last year.

I'm going with the northern pike category.
I know I can catch those fish consistently in Big Sandy!!

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Yeah I was thinking the same thing....
If I do it I will be the guy there with the 16 year old kid that is jumping around. My usual partner has to work.

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My brother-in-law does that one. I can't I have to work. Good luck to ya.

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I have fished that tournement 3 or 4 times. My dad and I have fun. We have weighed in about 4th at our weigh in point each year. We start at Eagles POint as that is where my parents keep their camper. The first year I fished for Northerns and ended up with my limit of walleyes, next year went after the wallayes, and you guessed it, got my limit of northerns. I just try to see what is biting and then thats what I concentrate on. I will pre-fish on Friday. It seems to be a well run tourny, but I have never really entered any others.

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Anyone heard the final results from the tourney? We caught alot of northerns,but nothing worth registering.

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Sand Burr,
Right back at ya!!
I did see those guys coming under the bridge.We overheard the guy driving tell his buddy when they got through the bridge to: "Hold on ,I'm gonna open her up!!" We must have laughed for 10 minutes on that one!!We ended up going to Hillcrest to watch the weigh-ins.I saw a couple nice walleye stringers.
I'll be up this weekend and hope for some walleyes like that.See Ya!!

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I was great meeting you this past weekend! Do you remember the guys sitting next to us in the little 14' with the older 9.9 merc and the brand new minkota mounted on the piece of plywood? They won the heaviest stringer (pike) and biggest fish (pike). I was accross from them in fishermans and they landed a really nice pike. It weighed 15lbs out on the water, it weighed 17lbs at eagle point and 13lbs at the official weigh in. Sounds like there was some contruversy at the weigh in but have not heard much since.

I landed quite a few little pike and one walley that was weighable. Went back out in the evening and just about took a limit? Go figure.....

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Brianf.
      Saw on MPR that this year had been even warmer than 2012.  If this weather pattern continues, Lake V will be ice out before the March 28th date from 2012. 
    • Dash 1
      Awesome fish. Way to go.
    • gimruis
      That is a true giant slab around here.
    • chucker1101
      I did a lot of crappie fishing in 2012.   I'd say April 1 is a conservative guess. March 25 seems doable. Depends on the rain and the wind in March. 
    • CigarGuy
      Do you park at The Landing or have someplace closer? That would be a hall from The Landing!
    • SkunkedAgain
      I hate to start this thread early, but this ice doesn't have much of a chance this season. It's about half as thick as it should be, there is no snow cover to protect it from the March sun, and it continues to be abnormally warm. Let's hear those ice-out predictions.   I expect the smaller bays to be open by the last weekend of March with the main lake soon after, likely prior to April 1st. Earliest ice-out on record is March 28th, 2012.   On the plus side, the spawn be done long before fishing opener. Combine the reduced walleye harvest with the longer growing season, and this should translate into a better walleye class for the lake.
    • SkunkedAgain
      I walked into my place late Friday night. It was beautiful - a full moon, no snow and single digits so the lake was making all kinds of noise, wolves howling, and the kicker.....no wind. The only difficult component to walking was the ATV and snowmobile impressions left in the ice. Every once in a while my foot would catch a rise in the ice and I would stumble and almost fall. Besides that, it was a perfect night. Unfortunately I had a schedule to keep, otherwise I would have started a midnight bonfire to stay out and enjoy the evening even longer.
    • Mike89
    • Kettle
      Maybe a replica but it's still swimming 
    • smurfy
      So is it going on the wall??
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