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Hello. I plan on fishing Deer Lake within th next couple weeks, mainly for Musky and walleye. Can anyone give any tips to make my trip successful? This will be the first time I've fished for musky, and my first time on Deer Lake as well.
What colrs work well on deer Lake? I would be grateful for any info or tips. Thanks!

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I can't help with muskies, but for 'eyes, try the rock humps off the north tip of battleship island after dark. Find 24-27' of water and use a slip bobber to put a jumbo leach or good sized shiner a couple feet of the bottom. I've had the best luck with a plain red hook. Good luck and let me know how you did.

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Gordon Fothergill


Deer has a good fall "Ski" bite as you probobly know. This bite can be on all the key elements humps etc. Open water trolling becomes popular this time of the year until ice up (on Thurs. approximately eight boats were doing this). The key thing this time of the year is to fish high percentage spots such as main lake points etc. Do this also when open water trolling, occasionally swing your trolling pattern into the humps or points you are fishing and make contact with your lure. This will no doubt up your catch and size. The bite has been a little off as off lately but should bust open soon as the tulys begin staging etc. Good Luck

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Don't worry about the weed spots right now. Stick to the rocky stretches of shoreline and the bars with rocks on them. The Muskies will be keying on Whitefish and Tulibees that are staging for the spawning run which is only a week or two away. Cisco Kids are a prime late fall bait. Be sure to fish the open water adjacent to the structure as well as the structure itself.

Walleye fishing has been spotty on Deer, but there are some signs of improvement. The majority of Walleyes are on deep structure, so you have to do a lot of cruising and watch your graph like a hawk. Watch the points in 25 to 45 feet and vertical jig when you locate a school.

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Early Bird Fishing Guide Service
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North-Central Minnesota
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    • imhatz
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      Del, No I did not troll the spinners and Raps at the same time. I kept switching rigs just to see what would work. I used a 1-1/2 oz. bell sinker on the 3-way rigs and a 2 oz. bottom bouncer with the spinners. Cliff
    • Bigfatbert
      Got 8 nice keeps today in 26 to 36 feet of water in Big Bay from 8:30- almost noon , plus one throw back dink . Six keeps on jig n tiny shiner , and two keeps on jig and small leeches. 1/8 oz jigs . The small shiners were trapped by us .. I pretty much fish a jig all summer long . Although I do realize other methods do have there times out there, I just like jigs , and usually always manage fish on them with either a leech , crawler piece , or a minnow ..
    • Tom Sawyer
      Mother Nature sure has had it in for you the past week, she's making you hone your fish catching skills for sure. Good luck the remainder of your stay Jeff.
    • delcecchi
      You didn't troll them at the same time, right?   How much weight were you using?  
    • delcecchi
      The rusties hadn't gotten to wakemup or Norwegian bays yet, but they are through oak narrows and on the march, from what the DNR said last summer.   I've got my trap waiting. I haven't seen anyone have much success fishing walleye on merry go round for years (and that includes me).   It is like the reef bite pretty much vanished some years back.    But who knows, it could come back if we get a couple good year classes of smaller fish.    The area around the little island (two little islands) where the osprey nest was, to the east of goodwill island, used to be good also but hasn't done much last few years.   Maybe this is the year...
    • Parmer
      It may or may not. Everything i have read is the initial surge from starting it up is close to 2600 watts. And after that it runs at 1600.
    • Borch
      I never have.  Waded in when the kids were swimming.  Nice sunfish and I hear a good bass lake.  A person could portage a boat in there if it weren't too heavy.  I've never stayed there but can see people down at the beach when I fish there.
    • Gone Out Fishin
      On Island lake, I typically had luck fishing smallies near Rice Lake Road. Then the chain of islands east of the bridge has a good reef studded with boulders, moderate side rocks, and timber. Depending on the wind those islands can be good for bass or walleye. Use to use creature baits and crawdads to fish thoroughly.   Gone Out Fishin
    • Naturboy
      It’s not totally remote but I found an app for my phone called “all stays” and it has filter settings and you can find small camp sites where your not surrounded by 30’ rigs. So you don’t feel like your camping on a sidewalk in Chicago.  I found the county park ones are nice without driving 4+ hours away.