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I've fished muskies a few times over the last few years and have yet to get one to the boat. Well, last night me and a buddy were out fishing on Moose Lake, when I broke my muskie curse.......eventhough it's still pre-season for them. We were walleye fishing when my buddy told me to look at that muskie that was swimming by. I was bringing my chartruse jig/shiner combo in and it happened! The muskie slowly swam up to the combo and gently grabbed onto it. Imagine my surprise when it took off with my jig in the corner of it's mouth. After a lengthy battle on 6 lb test line, we landed it, and after a quick measurement of 40" and a picture, she was let go. Hopefully I'll be able to tangle with her again someday, hopefully on the musky rod this time though. As for the walleye's, we only caught 4 or 5, with one nice 15" keeper, the rest were little 10"-12"'s that looked like footballs. Their little bellies were stuffed full of minnows. Lots of boats out there last night too, but most people were leaving too early. Jig/shiner or jig/chub was the weapon of choice for the 'eyes.


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bmc, congrats on the nice muskie! We were just up there for a week and the muskie were active on slip bobbers and jigs and minnows while we were trying to fish walleye. My eight year old hooked into about a 15 lb muskie on a slip bobber. Scared him when he saw the muskie he had on, he tried to give me the rod. It eventually got off. Also caught a couple small muskie and had others on. Lots of action for them this early in the year.

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    • Spss
      Anyone have any luck around stuntz bay seven sisters area lately?
    • jkrash
      I heard the guides are on to the walleye bite on the west end, finally the fish have returned and it appears there's a few good year classes.
    • Wanderer
      @Tom Sawyer Its not supposed to be that way.  Is it??  It stinks when everything else gets in the way of spending some time on the water. 😒
    • osok
      I couldn't agree more Jarrid,  modifying the possession/ catch limits would probably help preserve and enhance the fishery. Several years ago when I was still living in the St. Cloud area, there was a lake outside of Albany that a  couple of year classes of Croppies came into their own. After  the increased pressure of both one hard and the following open water season  that lake saw, it was like  the Dead Sea after that.  Personally, if I find an active school, I won't keep my limit, just enough for a meal with the family.   
    • Tom Sawyer
      To call this summer "busy", would be the understatement of the year for me.....
    • Wanderer
      Been out of town for most of my fishing as well.  Looking forward to being in the boat around home in the coming weeks.  It’s just never for the amount of hours I get on board for the out of town trips.  More like 2-4, maybe 6 hours at best here.  Never the marathon 12-15 hour days I’ve been blessed to have a few times this season so far. I did just walk down to the river to make a few casts for my evening fix and picked up a 17.5 smallie on a Pop R.  That’ll have to do for today. 😉
    • toddrun
      Was up on the big V for the last week with the family.  First time for all of us on the lake.  And for a newbie, it was really tough fishing all week long.  We did better than every group we talked to in our resort, but that is not saying much.  Because of weather and other things, we fished for on 5 days, and managed just about 5 limits of Walleye total.  Was a great week to be on the lake though, what a beautiful lake, and everything else was awesome.  Just need better information for next visit.
    • Borch
      Thanks for the compliment.  I've been up in the Cass Lake area the past few weeks.  Did very well on eyes but really struggled to find the crappies and I wasn't alone.   
    • osok
      This surprises me Borch.  5-6 years ago when I was  living in the St. Cloud area, if you looked up "Mr. Consistency"  in the dictionary, your mugshot would come up.  Things must be all whacked out. 
    • jmuff24
      I am a catfish guy, but until now, i was unaware that i can legally use small bullheads for bait. However, I have never actually targeted them before, so i am just wondering if anyone knows of any "hotspots" for bullheads (if there is such a thing)