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I drove by Mille Lacs today and it was completely open on the western shore. Ice out is coming to Vermilion soon

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On 4/5/2021 at 6:07 AM, jkrash said:

from what I could tell the lake is full of 10"-12" eyes. These fish will grow into eater size by fall so treat them right, let them go and let them grow.

Unfortunately these are already eaters for far too many people. Hopefully they take your advice

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2 hours ago, FishinCT said:

Unfortunately these are already eaters for far too many people. Hopefully they take your advice

just read article in timberjay.   Great year classes even on west end.    



and about a gazillion little perch on the west as well.  Oh joy oh joy. 



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13 hours ago, SkunkedAgain said:

We still have to be able to catch them Del !



All those little perch should be easy...

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Historic numbers of fish in the lake right now. Should be tons of pressure this year. There is also a creel survey this summer according to dnr management plan. Results of that should be interesting

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On 4/7/2021 at 6:11 PM, FishinCT said:

Unfortunately these are already eaters for far too many people.

People keep 10 inch walleyes?  Please be kidding.

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We caught and released dozens of 10-13" walleyes on the west end last Sep/Oct.  Bodes well for this season as many of them will be keepers in 2021.  Cool to see the article in the Timberjay reinforces our observation.  Can't wait for opener!

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Raven- we did the same on the east end. Going to be a phenomenal year up there. 

Found results of the 2014 creel survey again to back up my claims of people keeping 10-12” fish and this is a screenshot from it. People even keep a small sliver of 9 inchers! It’s not a shock though if you’ve spent much time in the community deep holes on opener. If people want to clean one that small I guess they can go for it, just not my cup of tea. 


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5 gallon bucket is 12" in diameter.  According to the graphic above, about 25% of 12" fish are kept.  Minimum size allowed kept in my boat is 13" and if fishing is good the 13's go back.  Can't imagine keeping 10" or less, but it is legal.


Great to see open water!  Thanks for the pics John.

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