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Hammer down

Thoughts or advice?

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Hammer down

OK guys so these past couple days it's got cold it's been snowing and blowing now today it's sunny no wind but it's still holding at about 22 degrees and tomorrow it's supposed to be in the the low 30s so I was just wondering do I start in the basins for panfish or do I go deep?

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I’d go basins or transition type areas ( 15-35 fow) start shallower and work your way out. Panfish will most likely be on the deeper end of the depths but maybe suspended out deep since were approaching mid winter now. Hope this helps you out. Good luck. 

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Look for where they will be feeding to find the most aggressive fish. I like to look for feeding flats soft bottom or weeds in 8-20 feet of water. I will go chase deep basin fish but only after checked the areas I mentioned before. Don’t be afraid to up size you tackle as that can eliminate some of the small fish. 

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It greatly depends on the lake.   Some lakes there is a shallow/weed panfish bite all winter long.  Others, the basin is where you want to be from the start of the ice season.  I like those mid depth flats near basin areas.  The fish using these flats tend to be larger and more aggressive more times than not.

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    • bassbouncer
      I actually worked on wiring that lab when it was built in the late 80’s
    • Sorgy
      Wakemup - I sent you a private message.
    • Wakemup52
      Question for the group, next weekend I will have two young ones in the boat and am looking for some August panfish/crappies.   We can always catch some little ones off our dock, but wondering if anyone here has picked up on a pattern they’d be willing to share to keep the kids interested! My goal is to turn them both into lifelong anglers
    • Wanderer
      That’s the round a friend of mine uses.
    • Herman Hauglid
      Hey; Just reaching out to others who have or may have a greater knowledge of where to locate a good source for trapping crayfish in the Twin Cities Metro Area.  I have been working the rivers and have found some good locations, but the population of people in those areas have created challenges.  Mainly, not leaving things alone that don't belong to you.  I had found a good resource for the invasive Rusty Crayfish and was doing well trapping those, but as the weather got nicer and more people were looking for places to fish along shore lines, my traps were being disturbed, and worse yet, some stolen or the contents robbed.  I thought I was doing good getting the Rusty out of the water since it is an invasive species and quite delicious, but the travel distance and human disturbance is dictating that I look for other waters.  Any help in locating new sources would be appreciated.  BTW, I have no watercraft so I am also forced to shore access only.  Thanks for any help.
    • PRO-V
      I would buy Federal Fusion 158 grain.
    • JBMasterAngler
      Fall is always best. October is best for stocked lakes up north. And no, nothing keeps the chubs away. You can upsize lures, and they’ll still go after it. Ditch the worms, they’re more hassle than worth while. Tiny rapalas (dark natural colors) work best.
    • JBMasterAngler
      Apparently vermilion has a very healthy population of whitefish? How come they never show up in the DNR surveys?
    • jeff_s
      Jim Curlee  Absolutely everything you said about the SunMar is true for the Biolet. Experienced it all.  
    • Joe
      Much of MN has been seeing strong storms every couple days over the last week but that hasn’t slowed out Leech Lake Walleye Guides from getting on the fish. Not a ton has changed since last week fishing Leech Lake out of Walker MN. However, we did notice a pattern change in the bait of choice. Both Lindy rigging and pulling cranks have changed a bit.   Much like last Week we are still focusing on Lindy rig fishing. The water temp has dropped back into the lower 70s which has the fish looking for leeches again and less likely to hit crawlers.   The humps of Walker bay have been producing numbers of Walleye but not the best for size. Most of our fish have been coming in the 10-17 feet of water.   One tip we did pick up on is using a pink hook for your leech rig. This set up has been out fishing others 3-1. Try to keep your boat in the .5-.7 mph range. This can be tough on the windy days but the new Ulterra has pulled its weight on the guide boat.   Our Walker MN Walleye guides are still pulling cranks with success.    #5 Rapalas in perch and Bleeding Copper flash have been good for us as of late. As you can see from the picture the perch are ripe for eating and the walleyes are chasing them. Target the 9-12 feet of water range and just about 2 mph has been a sweet spot for us. Like always the lake and the bite is the best when you have cloud cover or a breeze. This time of year the fish spook easily when the viability is good similar to calm and sunny days.   We do have a few openings left for August and September so give us a call to book your next trip or to stay up to date with our latest reports   Visit LeechLakeGuideService.com
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