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Anyone have ice report for Lake Ripley?  Really getting the itch.

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seen two people out there today on the way home from work. Be careful the ice in the area like most areas is very spotty. I was checking the ice on star last Saturday found 6" then my spud went through in one hit. 

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    • BDR
      By BDR
      Today on West Rush, in a smaller bay. I Stepped on a unseen drain hole or enlarged old fishing hole today. 1 leg went all the way thru. Luckily other leg and i stayed on top. I was traveling where I knew it was only 4-5 feet deep. All ice I drilled was 13-16 inches but soft. Hot shower and clean undies never felt so good. lol.  Be safe everyone!
    • eyeguy 54
      By eyeguy 54
      First pic is from April 1 2017 in the kayak. Second pic is April 21 2018 on 18 inches of ice. Same lake. Looks like 2020 will be like 2017. 

    • mrpike1973
      By mrpike1973
    • Decanno1
      By Decanno1
      So me and a buddy of mine are thinking about stocking a gravel pit we own with suckers. Mainly white suckers but we’ll happily go with other species!! My question is this: Do sucker eggs NEED a constant flow of water to hatch? Or will they be fine in a gravel pit or any lake/pond that doesn’t have any flow coming in or out? This will make or break our plans for the pit, thanks in advance!!!
    • mrpike1973
      By mrpike1973
      I checked it on Sunday about 25 feet of ice by landing. If anyone drives by could you let me know when the landing is open. Might go here first if possible sometimes the crappies and sunfish will be in the bay there. I could use some yummy fillets. Thank You!
    • ducksnbucks
      By ducksnbucks
      Hi all, my two girls are clawing at each other and its only been a week...… I need to get them outside. Thinking of driving up and doing some tip up fishing for an afternoon on Sunday or Monday. I have never done pike fishing in the winter on Mille Lacs and am just curious if anyone could give me any pointers? Don't need exact spots, just general areas to start and maybe show them a few pike on flags. Any advice or ideas would be appreciated, thanks! 
    • IceHawk
      By IceHawk
      With the social distancing advise going on right now.  I decided to do some tackle organizing and replace some hooks etc go through some of my gear in my office . Just wanted to give a shout out recomendation on some great products and storage options  I've been using for last few years.  I really like them ! One is the Wraptor, (Canvas craft crankbait holder.}They come in a few different sizes and are very slick. I have a few of there X large  loaded with multiple cranks, and some of the medium,smaller ones packed with jigs ,bottom bouncers, slip sinkers etc. Endless uses for them.  They fold right up and you can put them in storage compartments in your boat and out of the way. Leaving the floor of your boat wide open to walk around and  fish. The other ones I recommend are the Clam storage aka spoon boxes. They come in a few different sizes and are great. Perfect storage for spoons larger jigs etc. I have a few different ones couple loaded with jig raps my lure of choice for eyes in open water👍 What I personally like is these boxes keep everything organized and protected. When I head out eye fishing  I pack a couple in my Fish Trap and secure them in a cargo net. With all the bouncing banging my trap takes behind  my wheeler the hooks are always nice and secure yet when I reach my destination. Just trying to throw a few good products out for anyone looking for some new storage options. 😀

    • Eric b
      By Eric b
      Riffle dam should improve fishing in the near future being the fish can now migrate up stream from the white fish chain on norway lake pine river
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      By LakeofthewoodsMN
      Ice fishing is still happening on Lake of the Woods.  Some resorts / hotels / outfitters are open and have adjusted their business model to adhere to the new rules with COVID - 19.  Additional cleaning and disinfecting is in place.  Fish house rentals, lodging, ice roads and take out or delivered meals are available by some resorts.  Contact resorts directly or look at their Facebook pages for helpful info.
      On the south end...  Some great March ice fishing continues. Anglers fishing anywhere from 27 - 33' of water.  Ice conditions on LOW remain excellent with freezing temps keeping ice firm.  Some good colors overall, pink / gold, glow, red glow, green glow.  Work lures on jigging line with a live minnow on an ice jig or plain hook on second line.  Electronics a big plus.  Try mixing it up with small lures, swim baits, rattle baits.  Keep baits active for best results.  Pike fishing very good this week with many fish over 40 inches.  Tip ups with big baits on quick strike rigs the norm.  Fish houses can be left overnight on the ice through March 31st, walleye and sauger season is open through April 14th and pike season never closes.  
      On the Rainy River...   As spring approaches, extra caution needed on the river.  Thin ice around the International Bridge in Baudette.  We are watching open water line progress from east to west.  No open water fishing as of yet due to colder temps.  
      Up at the NW Angle...  A good week of ice fishing reports up at the Angle.  A mix of nice walleyes, big jumbo perch and pike in the mix.  Resorts in 20 - 32' of water targeting both structure and mud.  Glow colors, gold and pink effective.  Plain hook on the deadstick.  The snowmobile trails groomed and are still in good shape.  

    • Chill62
      By Chill62
      Well I've been busy and finally home to fish locally!!!
      Saturday we hit a lake I haven't been on since deer hunting. Second spot we tried we found them! Gills and crappies were in 12 feet of water 2-3 feet below the ice. Ton of fish. Had to increase our size of presentation to deter smaller fish. 
      Saturday night after a great lunch and most taking a nap we got back out. At the access guy flew buy us as we unloaded and dropped his suv into the ice. Had to get out his passenger side door to ask me to pull him out. Hey I made $5 pulling him out, $4 in quarters lol. Fishing was slow but if they came through the crappies inhaled the lures. I set the ladies up in the house but Katie was on fire, heard minnows were her secret. 
      Sunday tried lake 3 of weekend. Drilled ton of holes from 5-12 feet and that 7-9 feet we found the huge gills and crappies. Kristen got a 9.75" gill and right as we were tearing down Scott landed 13.5" crappie. Color made huge difference and when I lost my pink plastic and put green on I quit catching them, switched back to pink and boom back to catching. 
      Sorry if too many pictures. Scott and Kristen took amazing pictures and I stole them lol. The colors are amazing!!!

  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Kettle
      There were guys out on wheelers today when I drove past
    • Borch
      Ice is fading fast on Osakis.  Losing about an inch or so each day.  I would say it's down to 15-17" with 5-6 inches soft and water logged ice on top.  Some accesses are still good while others will require an 8' plank to get to the ice.   Bite has been fair to good for panfish.  They have started to make their shallow push but there are still guys fishing basin areas for crappies.   With the forecasted rain and wind tomorrow its gonna get iffy quick.  Be safe out there.  Think I might be done fishing until softwater starts.  Time will tell I guess.
    • Rick G
      Have heard of some of the pelicans leaking or breaking where the top and bottom are ultrasonicly welded. Not as huge fan of the type of plastic they use either.  Plus side is they are light, track well and are priced a little lower than the competitors models with same options. Overall, you should be happy if you decide to ho this route   
    • smurfy
      Especially if mrpike reads this. 😉 I may need to take a drive tomorrow.
    • BDR
      Today on West Rush, in a smaller bay. I Stepped on a unseen drain hole or enlarged old fishing hole today. 1 leg went all the way thru. Luckily other leg and i stayed on top. I was traveling where I knew it was only 4-5 feet deep. All ice I drilled was 13-16 inches but soft. Hot shower and clean undies never felt so good. lol.  Be safe everyone!
    • Rick
      Welcome to FM @MJF.   Let us know how it goes.   Pics are great too.   Don't be a stranger.
    • Rick
    • eyeguy 54
      Looked at that one also but not a fan of the material. I went with the 10.5. Cockpit looks really roomy and really good reviews. Both good probably but I thought the pelican looked tippy. 
    • IceHawk
      Don Thanks for the report  👍 Last few days noticed  its really opening up there. Access doesn't seem to flooded yet. Might see a few boats in the next week. 
    • IceHawk
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