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Ice Fishing.

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That sucker would be great muskie bait. You and the kids have some good catches.


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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Wanderer
      My best crappie yesterday came on a tungsten jig/wax worm dead sticking on a noodle rod.  I could just see the pressure on the rod tip.  Let the rod lay on the ice so my hand couldn’t even shake it the slightest.
    • Wanderer
      I think ice thickness right now is more dependent on snow cover.  When it fell compared to ice being made on a certain lake and how much.  20 below for a day won’t cure the thin ice/slush blues with 10 inches of snow on the lake.     Thanks for pics Nick!
    • tfin
      I didn't say your data was wrong.  I said it was incomplete.  Comparing the number of lbs taken and allotted in two different years without stating the lbs of total fish in the lake was a non point.  Wasn't trying to add a whole lot of new data but was referencing the fact that non natives have the right to use our land for any commercial business we se fit as mandated by our gov't but not allowing the natives to do the same with their own land and waters is hypocrisy.  We pollute waters with factory and farm runoff and destroy fisheries all over the US and my guess is that there are close to zero post on this site saying boo to that.  When do we decide to do something about that?  When the impact is noticed.  When did the Band start to manage the lake better?  When the impact was noticed.  Enough said on my account.
    • smurfy
      I just looked at them again, the second picture down. narrows facing east, now looks like the snow is wet...…..want like that yesterday!!!!
    • monstermoose78
      I was local be careful of some lakes but the lake I was one I found no less than 9 inches and up to 10 inches
    • monstermoose78
      I love it Royce it is sensitive enough for 3mm jigs and has back bone to land big fish.
    • Tom Sawyer
      Slow way down, and even deadsticking presentations
    • IceHawk
      Fish are doable in cold fronts but can be tough. One of the keys I have found that works is downsizeing everything. If fishing eyes try small fatheads or crappie minnows small spoons light line etc. For panfish going down to 3 mm tungstens and a single spike can be killer. Look towards deeper water and fish tighter to bottom. 
    • Wanderer
      It can be a surprisingly touchy situation.  Plow or no plow.  I’ve been on both sides and have heard many stories like @HunterFisher11 stated.   Like Jerkinlips, I used to only travel by snowmobile and drag a portable around; back when fishing trips were always with “the guys”.   The plow berms were hazards; you can’t see a lot of them until you’re on em.  And I never understood why guys up north plowed 1/4 acre lots around their houses when they set them down.  I did always appreciate the guys who marked their berms with pine boughs so they could be seen but it also looked like they were staking claim to a pretty large space on the ice.   Fast forward to buying a wheel house so my wife would go ice fishing and we could maybe have some family with the grandkids out.  Plowing almost becomes necessary.  And it isn’t easy or cheap.  Plus I figured out the extra plowing around the house is to fight slush from forming.  There becomes a game you have to play to keep everyone who drives off that access from coming to your fish house door.  And they will.  And even if you plow past your house, you just put in a new road and suddenly have traffic and create problems if it just dead ends.  It’s best to make a loop so people can turn around to get out.  Suddenly you feel responsible like a resort operator for all the people who just wanna fish “somewhere”.    I try plow the minimum needed and don’t drop my blade until I get a ways off the access hoping the two rut road will deter most from following.  When I do put the blade down I don’t scrape the ice either and keep a single-wide width.  That helps lessen the berm.  Usually that’s enough to stay semi private.  Don’t forget the loop though. Don’t plow right to your final spot. Drill out the area enough to fine tune the location of the house, Then plow your house spot out.  Put it down.  Then consider if you need to block the spur you’re fishing on.  Either with the truck or a snow pile. It’s more work than dragging a portable out by snowmobile, that I’m sure of.   Is there a wrong or right way to plow?  I think it’s only there are safe and unsafe ways to plow.  And there’s just differences in how people use the lakes these days.   Help a brother out on the ice.  Sooner or later you’ll need it if you spend enough time ice fishing.
    • Dan85
      Were you somewhere relatively local? Been thinking about going out, but didn't know what to think of area ice yet. 
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