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It's been awhile!

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Had to remake a username and password but am finally back after an extended absence. Looking forward to catching up with many of you and sharing ideas on where they might be biting!

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Welcome back!

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welcome back looking forward to your posts again  Garret 

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Were you minners before or did you go by another handle?

I’m kinda new to watching the St Cloud forum.

Either way, glad to have you logged back In. :cool:

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Bigfatbert
      Hey there T.W , about time you crawled outta your hibernation , something was telling me that this subject would be the one that eventually would wake you from your winter slumber and that you would be spewing out your take on this sometime sooner than later , and in a way that only you can lay down , glad to see your all rested up n b cocked , knocked , and ready to rock doc with a 2020 here I am attitude !! So how’s it feel to be expressing your glory once again while rocking in the new free sick world ?  Yes presently it’s a messed up place to be , much much much more messed up than when you hit the hay for that long winters nap from fishingminnesota.com ! Yes  I would have to say that from my take of the mug pic you look all rested  , Fred Bear n pal seem to be once again in there happy place and ya I know they both have it rough now don’t they , and the T.W and elusive big “V” crappie pose is , well let’s just say in typical T.W fashion , it’s a nice catch but I know you can do better , either that or your saving the trophy pic for another day , only you and Fred know the rest of that story , but that’s ok , it’s allowed ,and I see that you still retained your culinary skills with your feast as the fishies , slaw ,tar tar and your daily bread all look marvelous , yum yum !! Now with that all said I leave the best for last to discuss with ya T.W and it’s got to do with that book that’s so much caught me eye bulbs as it lays next to that geeeeeetar of urs , yes I too know my fair share about Rory who was born from Taste one  , Steve the Humble one , Rick the real McCoy one , and last but by far the least Robin the Poco not loco one  . I mean that just downright gots to be one hell of a read for ya.now don’t it T.W . As I sit and type this out I’m thinking bouts who outta those four rule in the ranks ,goodness such brain stress to get to that answer , and I would bet you would agree on that statement now wouldn’t you , now you may very well have your own thoughts on just who would rule that rank and I totally will accept your opinion on this matter , and I hope that you indeed can agree to disagree with me here , but on that note I’m gonna throw out my yea on this and say that my vote goes to the one , the only , the Irish checkered shirt wizard , now does ya agree or disagree , what’s it gonna be T.W ????? I sure hope you found this to all be satisfactory and written likes you might of done when your just sitting around and social distancing your mind during such a stressful time , and you struck the nail on the head that someday this will indeed all be history . All I want my friend is a agree or a disagree when your in the mood to acknowledge your thoughts to my question , and because as I create this rambling it’s taken me past the 11:59 p.m mark on the clock to the 12:19a.m  mark on the clock I will say “ HAVE A GREAT MONDAY” T.W .... I hope your not thinking that you should throw me over the top rope , haaaaaa !
    • FishinCT
      Just trying to get a little banter going. Figured you Minnesota guys in house arrest would be game 😂. This thing will be under control by the opener. It's already trending in the right direction.    Anyway, I have a pretty good idea for a plan of attack on the opener as long as it's not too windy. If it is, then we'll have to get creative. Just wondering what other guys are planning. I can't be the only one already thinking of this. 
    • TomWehler
      Real deal about virus is people come from all over states that have cabins or homes. Be tricky deal or could be. Don’t rush it. Cabin will be there an so will fish. Only live once so... Total gas n fun living on own island but tricky getting there an doing all it takes to open n drop boats n all that without running into friends an at closer than six feet.  Just might be moot by May .  But ya don’t know.  So relax n just enjoy what ya have n look forward to when all this is just history and yer looking at pictures of my catches an drooling an sputtering usual mumble : “How dose he keep doing that year after year n why at his age n past life style is he so $&&#  Handsome!” 🤩🤩🤩🏒🥅 Ya crappies can be tough .  Find one here then rest over there n move over there the fish moved back where you were or use that tricky mix depth n do use whole water column  but the most fun to us is the hunt. You will do fine. Enjoy it all!   keep on Rocken!   T            
    • monstermoose78
      I like decoys but I am a crossbow hunter. I wonder if a huge spread would draw them in like ducks? like in this photo
    • Borch
      For sure!  Mine isn't put away yet but it will be.  That rain did it's damage and it's time to be thinking about turkeys and getting the boat out.  I certainly enjoyed spending time on the ice with old and new friends alike.   Great memories. 
    • IceHawk
      Mulefarm How was your success this winter on there?  We fished it quite a few times got into some Nice fish  but definitely not the numbers like years past. Caught some big old Catfish through the ice there this winter. WoW some tankers was pleasantly surprised! 
    • IceHawk
      Yes finally today I put the winter gear away.😢 Wont let my fishing buds you know who you are😉 temp me to take it out again. Was a great season cant complain cught a lot of fish on a lot of different lakes.  Only complaint was not getting up to panfish paradise Otter Tail County as much as normal. Snow depths made it interesting as some of us found out 😲 Thanks to all the guys I shared the ice with this year the memories will last a lifetime!
    • IceHawk
      I'm a decoy nut. I have 2 hens a Jake and a full  strutter in truck at all times. The birds I hunt aren't that pressured I hunt 4 big Private pieces with minimal hunters if any, and I hunt a lot of open ground so visuals play key part in my success normally. I do agree in a woods I rarely use one got burned two many times with one. Better off making that lonely Tom look for you. My normal spread is a alert hen feeding hen and Jake combo.  If after a Dominate Tom the full strutter comes out. But there is a time for decoys and a time for none birds will let you know real quick. 
    • Borch
      Yeah, launched a few boats there too when we used smaller lighter rigs.  Was always best when the water was into the woods and hit them there good about 4-5 years ago when it was high.  Tough landing the boat with the river ripping though.
    • smurfy
      Borscht... I would bet it could be good this year. I'm hoping to check it out.   Icehawk... Oh yea, I remember, made a few trips down that hill myself.😆 I'm hoping to get the boat out of moms shed this week.
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