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First sit of the year


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This evening turned out to be the first sit of the year, due to poor weather and not beimg able to sneak out during the week.

The trail cams showed there seemed to be pretty consistent daytime movement all season, to date.

I was pretty excited to get out.  Then I arrived to property to realize, this parcel was super inundated water.  Forcing my lazy but to walk the lenght of this 200+ acre piece sloshing the whole way.  No wonder they haven't chopped the drowned out corn.

As I made my way out, I met up with the neighbor, who was anticipating hunt ducks there this evening.  After a short talk he tells me he will hold off till the morning.  I was kinda please with his decisions.

I arrived at the stand and got set up about 4:30.  The view from the stand revealed the many trails the critters were using to navigate the lake that was once a field.


To my suprise they seemed to want come right my way!

The evening got interesting at 6pm.  To the west about 400 yards the ditch that drains this property has come over its banks and made a killer duck pond.  There must have been 200+ birds on all afternoon.  This must been too much to pass up for the neighbor, as he busts the pond and sets up his decoys.  Not sure this going to be a good thing.

Not 15 minutes later, I about jump out of my stand to the sound of 3 shot gun blasts and fleeting flock of Canada geese.  This evening may not work out I start thinking.

A short couple minutes pass and I hear splashing the west.  I look that direction to see a large doe and 2 fawns start coming between me and the neighbor!  In short, they turn and work quickly to within 20 yards but not giving a good shot, not sure i was interested anyway.  Just as they enter the woods behind me another doe and a single fawn fly out from the same spot the first 3 came from and run straight into the corn, Seconds later another, this time it is a young 8 point buck, he works directly to me, to within the same 20 yrd area the first entered my woods.  No shot was offered, he wasnt big, but he definitely would have made me proud to call him my first.  It just wasn't meant to be.

Now the neighbor is gathering up his geese it appears.  I sit and watch him hoping he doesn't spook any deer that may still be wanting to come out.

To my surprise, I turn and look directly in front of me to see a nice lone doe working out of the tall grass in front.  I get ready as if she stays on that trail, it will bring her right to me!  And it does,  she quickly walks to within 7 yds when I try to stop her, unfortunately she sees the Neighbor at the same time.  She spooks but stops about 20 yrds out, perfectly quartering away.  I let the arrow fly, finally for change, not questions about the shot!  She never made back to the woods she came from!  I actually watched her crash into a big old splash! I have rarely see my bow kill tip over.  Still only 6:30.

I sit until dark, seeing 2 more deer, a doe and a fawn.  I leave to get my reinforcements, son, his friend, and my wife.

We return about 8, to recover her.  It is really the first time i was forced to dress a deer in water over my boots, as there just was high ground to do it near by.  It was quite the experience to recover, and drag out(and carry until we found "shallow" enough water to drag)a deer that far through that much water!!  It was a first in many ways today.




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What an interesting evening of hunting!

Congrats on a real nice looking doe!


By the way, the neighbor you talked to kept his word.  He didn't go out there till Monday morning.  His brother didn't know you guys made a deal though! ;)


Small world....

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So you know George then?  I have a difficult time remember who is who in that clan.

Good guys, I am sure we will cross paths again. 

It is a small world after all.

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9 hours ago, ANYFISH2 said:

So you know George then?  I have a difficult time remember who is who in that clan.

Good guys, I am sure we will cross paths again. 

It is a small world after all.

Yup, George.  And yup, a good guy.  I haven't met the rest of the clan.  I shot clays over the summer with him.

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Tell him thank you for being accommodating to me when I got out there.  

I wish him good luck as well with the ducks and deer.

We may see each other again,  I will be back out again looking for a buck, and the wife looking for her first deer ever.


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    • Tom7227
      I can't figure  out how enough heat would form to cause a problem. What part could be getting hot?  That sort of makes sense but then it will start and quit again quite quickly.  I don't  know what engine it has and that's a problem with it.  Finding the parts is troublesome even with Jack's Small Engine.
    • smurfy
      thats the engine on the one i have.
    • delcecchi
      The not restarting for hours....   Could it possibly be an ignition thing where as it gets hot it stops providing spark and has to cool all the way down to start again?     That's the only thing besides flooding I can think of.   Typically, isn't the spark on small engines produced by magnets on the flywheel going by a coil?    So when it quits and won't restart, is it getting spark?      And is the plug wet when it quits?        Has it got the Honda motor or something else?   
    • smurfy
      That's odd Tom, I have a power washer from northern tool also. Not sure which one but only issues I've had with mine is I had to replace both tires???🙄🙄
    • Tom7227
      Full throttle before I even start to spray.  When trying to restart it pulls easy and I keep the wand open to assure it doesn't get backed up.  I agree it has to be a fuel issue.  But the tank to engine line is a straight shot except for the fuel shut off valve.  When I was replacing the carb the fuel would run out of the fuel line quite a bit until I remembered to shut off the fuel line.   The gas has been brand new non-oxy every time I have tried it.  
    • Wanderer
      When you try to restart it does it pull easy or hard?   When mine has water pressure built up, it pulls hard to start.  I trigger the wand to release the pressure so it starts easier.   Maybe the hours for yours is due to pressure that needs to bleed off?  Hard to tell not being there.     I can kill mine at low throttle just by spraying.  Are you running yours at a high throttle position?  Again, hard to tell without hearing the RPMs of the engine.   Otherwise for fuel, it could be a blockage or venting issue anywhere in the system. If there wasn’t a change in performance with the change of carburetor, the carburetor is probably not the issue.  If it sat with old gas for a while something could be varnished up and the engine starves for gas until it quits.  Taking hours to get enough fuel flowing again to run seems odd if you actually get to run it hard enough to spray for even a few minutes.   Hearing the way it behaves would help a lot for me.   I’ve had pressure washers that you’re not supposed to let idle for extended time without spraying and others like my current one that bypass just fine while it’s running.  I’m just wondering if your killing it on high pressure AND low idle.  Mine will die every time that way.
    • Tom7227
      It is a Powerhorse, the northern tool house brand.  It dies while I am spraying.  If I replaced the carb what more fuel issues could there be?  The carb replacement took about 5 minutes and was extremely simple.
    • JerkinLips
      I retired 2½ years ago.  My wife finally agreed to move up north after she retires the end of 2021.  When she retires there is nothing that would keep us in the cities.  Blaine has been very peaceful over these turbulent times, but I have a lot of buckshot for my three 12ga shotguns just to be safe.  Anywhere from Barnum to Soudan would be fine for us (easy day trip to Vermilion).  Would go as far west as Grand Rapids.  Would love to live on Vermilion but the prices are just too high now.  Best of luck to you.
    • smurfy
      How far north?????🤔😅
    • leech~~
      Wife just retired. I retire next May. Hope to follow you north before the next round of riots and lotting in Brooklyn Center! 👍
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