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2017 season in review

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Well the turkey season has now passed.  Once again, the birds did things they havent done before, and really made us hunt for them.  Here are few observations from my area in Morrison cty.


•  very little gobbling past the first hour on the ground.  


•  birds remained very woods related, not a lot of open country contact.


•  first 2 points, made it difficult to locate and contact birds mid day.


•  birds seemed to be "henned" up most of the season,  had a very difficult time separating the birds.


•  LOTS of jakes.


•  All said,  a very successful season for my family.  I harvested a jake, both son and daughter had unsuccessful opportunities, and i finally got the wife out for a few days for the first time.  1 bird and alot of fun.


●  I do have one growing concern.  I am finding that the season long archery license is starting to be a negative for me.  I bow hunt deer, but have yet to want to take the challenge of hunting birds with it.

There are a lot of bow hunters in this area, now because of the season long license.

Land that once we could organize for orderly access, by way of the former seasons, has now essentially been locked up by bow hunters.

They have no rush now, a month and a half VS. 5 days.

It is possible to get firearm permission, but the bow hunters come and go as they please, as they should be able too.  

This is a problem for ME.  I do not like stepping on others toes when i hunt.  I like to move, locate and stay on birds over the course of a day.  Share the same woods at the same time is not my idea of a good idea.

So now i have long standing permission, thar i do not use until the bow hunters have tagged or moved on.  It has become a bit frustrating.

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I would agree with most of what you said about the birds, other than I did find them in the open fields during the day quite a bit.  Most of the toms I saw were with or very close to hens.  I had no gobble responses other than early in the am.  I have not had the trouble with archery hunters, but most of the places I've hunted don't have any.  Generally it's been an early gun group & then I get a gun tag for C or D & it's always available for the late season.

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My season was pretty short and sweet. I tagged out my first morning and my son tagged out his second time out so we were done the first Saturday of the season. That was great as it gave me lots of time for other projects, but also bitter sweet as I really enjoy turkey hunting! Pretty glad we got done early as there were just not that many birds around. I had cameras up from a month before and about a month afterwards. A few birds came through but the numbers appear to be way down around up here. Co-workers and friends really struggled to find turkeys. I switched to bow hunting a few years ago for the benefit of the longer season... I really like it. Yes it is quite challenging and admit tingly very frustrating as it is very tough to stalk a turkey with a bow, and tough to draw on a bird unless you are in a blind. For me I have been very successful with being patient and just sitting in the blind in an area I know the birds want to be or where the cameras show them moving through. I am fortunate as the land I hunt is all private and my son and I have sole permission. 

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    • nytelyter
      i am in. please . has been a slow year for me to be getting out Annie had her ankle replaced new years eve and been "nursing her" keeping her offf her feet. she is doing great now and i need some ice time.   oh and i have "pie" ready  
    • Dakota Loing
      Hey I was curious to see if there were any active fishing clubs near whitebear lake or forest lake 
    • Dave S
      I think the largest was maybe 10". Didn't notice any tullibee cruising through but it's very possible.  Just surprised that if they were there, that we didn't get any.   There was a small walleye that came top side as well.
    • IceHawk
      Well before light. Try to be on  ice fishing  before daybreak normally. Early bird gets the worm has always been my philosophy. 😉 Nothing better IMO than  watching the sun rise a ,hot cup of coffee and fish on my vex its like a dream I never want to end 😀 I will  fish in midday afternoon if Im on a more relaxed schedule. We can make anything work. 
    • IceHawk
      Well done Dave ! Get any 13 inch Plus? Hook any tullies or see any in that area ?
    • IceHawk
      Smurfy that N end is always busy in winter very productive area easy access. Been like that for over 30 plus years that I've fished it. Pretty consistent bite in the N bay every year unless they go on a freshwater shrimp kick then they can be tough to entice at times 😲 A bunch of untapped water on that S end but a few guys venture out there and find fish. Town bay area is generally a good spot as Millers bay. 
    • leech~~
      Me too. once he moves a house over that 60' hole! 😄
    • jlang_04
      Well I went out tonight for a short amount of time before dark. I had my son(2.5) and wife along so didn't have a lot of time to scout or fish. There were only two other permanents on the lake that I could see from the public landing. There was a plowed road and 4 trucks in the parking lot. We set up in 14' of water but never marked anything. I'll head back another time. Thanks for the tip Rick!
    • Tom Sawyer
      Passed you up workin those docks today, figured I'd throw a chatter bait around the pads down that shoreline ...... Purple was good today 😉
    • Dave S
      We started in the area I mentioned to you this morning but the small perch were relentless and saw nothing else there. We made a move again and couldn't believe my eyes. 60 FOW and suspended  20 feet up. They didn't just cover the water column between 40-50 feet. THEY SMOTHERED IT. As you can see from the pic, we had a Garmin Live Scope with us. Holy Cow is all I can say. It helped us mobilize and follow the fish but the lure choice and color selection was critical. It sure started getting busy out there by the time we left 😆.
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