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Mississippi Backwater Fishing Reports - Winona Wabasha Lawrence Lake

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4 hours ago, Evobassfish said:

Thanks for the reply jlvers


Some general stuff I've found about Lawrence Lake...

I've never fished it very often in a given winter; not when I lived thirty miles from there, and not now when I am almost three hours away. There have been a few winters when I did not fish it at all, but I've been fishing Lawrence through the ice since Reagan was in the White House.

In my experience, Lawrence Lake is best at the beginning and end of the ice season. At early ice the main lake is where the action is, but that tails off. The panfish seem to move down the lake towards the marina and the channel opening (deeper water, more oxygen) as winter progresses; the area right around the docks is sometimes very good right before the ice goes out.

The panfish bite has always been hit-or-miss for me on Lawrence; some days I cannot buy a crappie or bluegill through the ice, but other days when they are practically jumping through the hole make up for it.

My trip up there this past week was unusual in that the tip-up action was pretty slow for me, and everyone else who had one out. When the panfish don't cooperate I can usually count on pulling up some bass and Northern through early ice on Lawrence, but there are exceptions to everything.

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Good ice has been about ten days away for a month now in southern Minnesota.  As of today that means I hope to get up there and hit the ice by New Year's Eve, but that looks iffy at best.  

I work at an area baitshop. Here is what I have at the moment. Willow Creek 4"-6" Silver Creek 4"-6" Fosters (patchy) 3"-4" not recommended to fish here yet backwaters are patchy 2

This is too late to do anyone any good, but here is a picture from my trip to Winona the last weekend in February before the ice went out. The bluegill were hitting early in the morning on Bartle

Posted Images


I fished Willow Creek Reservoir in Rochester last weekend. Caught ten keepers in the afternoon.  Nothing huge, but keepers.  Bite was pretty steady using tungsten jigs with waxworms.  Looking forward to this weekend with the warmer temperatures, and the full moon.  I plan to return to Willow Creek this weekend, but am curious if anyone has had any luck on Lake Zumbro, or near Winona. 

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Ice fishing is done down here in east central Iowa where I am now, and it looks to me like this weekend might be the last with good ice up around Winona or Lacrosse, so I am heading that way this weekend.

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This is too late to do anyone any good, but here is a picture from my trip to Winona the last weekend in February before the ice went out.

The bluegill were hitting early in the morning on Bartlett Lake, and there was a good Northern bite going on tip-ups. A good way to close an ice season that was way too short for my liking.

2-27-2016 Winona Results Morning.JPG

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The upper end of Lawrence Lake by Brownsville has long been a feast-or-famine early ice fishery for me. Earlier this week, Lawrence was a famine. :blush:


I fished the far weedline north of the marina for about three hours, and had no luck at all. Not on tip-ups for Northern and largemouth bass, no luck on panfish. I got out there late in the morning and needed to leave early in the afternoon, which put me there for the worst time of day to fish, but what do you do?

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Jlvers, thanks for the report. Lawrence is a hit or miss and it seems to be getting worse to get on fish there. I havent been down there yet and probably wont until the last couple weeks of last ice. Gonna get set up and head out to winona area to see if anythings biting. 

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Was thinking of heading up Winona-way this coming weekend, but that is a long drive if I don't know what it waiting for me in terms of ice conditions. 


As for Lawrence Lake, if I hit the ice there again this winter it will be at late ice in the marina itself. In my experience going back a couple decades the upper backwater area north of the marina is best at early ice, and goes downhill from there.


I should have noted that the day after I struck out on Lawrence Lake I went up to Lake Onalaska, and spudded my way out to one of the dredge holes. So far as I could tell, only one person had been there before me. I hammered bluegills for several hours, and came away with my limit. In the process I caught a lot of small crappie. That would have made up for the bad outing on Lawrence, except that I can can catch bluegill and crappie down here, and what I really went up to the Lacrosse area for was Northern pike. I've never done well for pike on Lake Onalaska, and that outing last week was no exception.

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  • Similar Content

    • Rick G
      By Rick G
      Just a heads up. Ice conditions, and specifically access points have deteriorated rapidly since last weekend. I think our days of driving on to all but a few of our area lakes has come to an end for the season. I have been spending my week in the Annandale and Richmond areas. Most of the access points that are on hills with runoff or have south facing shoreline are gonna take a beating first.  
      The good news is, there is still plenty of ice on the lakes, although they are starting to get sloppy..... and the panfish are starting their yearly push toward the shallows. 
      Stay safe and good luck this weekend!!!
    • leech~~
      By leech~~
      Anyone been by the Big Trout landing up by Cross Lake, MN in the past week.  Wonder how it's holding up? 
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      By LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end...  Fish houses can be on the ice through March 31st.  Walleyes are open through April 14th, pike never close.  A good week of fishing despite a number of temperature changes.  A variety of walleyes, saugers, perch, pike, tullibee and eelpout being caught in 29-33 feet.  Jigging spoons with a glow stick or rattles tipped with a piece of minnow for the jigging line.  On the deadstick, a colored hook with a live fathead has been effective.  Electronics are helpful to show suspended fish.  When suspended fish are spotted, reel up quickly before fish swims through.  When your lure is 2 feet below the fish, reel up to the fish slowly so you don't spook the fish.  The suspended fish have been larger walleyes overall. 
      Big pike being caught on tip-ups with a quick strike rig and either live sucker or large dead baitfish in 5 - 15' of water.     
      On the Rainy River...   Morning / evening bite continues to be the best.  Remember, March 1st - April 14th, catch and release only for walleyes on Four Mile Bay and the Rainy River.  The snowmobile trail on the river from Baudette to Wheeler's Point to the NW Angle staked and groomed.  
      Up at the NW Angle...  With the border closure, there are four ways to travel to the NW Angle without crossing the border.  1.  NW Angle Guest Ice Road from south shore up to the Angle.  2.  Snowmobile trails across the lake.  3.  Lake of the Woods Passenger Service (bombardier).  4.  Lake Country Air flying service.
      A good number of walleyes caught this week up at the NW Angle.  Walleyes in 24 - 31' of water.  Jigging with a lure producing noise with rattles is effective.  Tip jigging spoons with minnow head, tail or whole minnow.  Experiment until you figure out what the walleyes want.  Plain hook or a glow jig with a live minnow on deadstick.  Communicate with your favorite NW Angle resort for specifics.  Ice fishing on LOW through March.  Remember, a new MN Fishing License is required March 1st. 

    • Sue Baker
      By Sue Baker
      I am new to this site and was intrigued by some of the conversations.  Sounds like a good time gathering in Richmond, wish I could be there but I am in Missouri and wanting to come up for one more ice fishing trip this coming weekend. ( Mar 5-6, 2021) I fished at Cedar Lake in Faribault with my son about a 3 weeks ago and had a blast.  I can sneak away one more time this weekend but would like to know what the ice conditions look like now.  Can any of you offer me any suggestions as to the thickness and conditions?  Looking forward to one more trip to MN this season.  (We just do not have good ice in Missouri, will not even hold up a mosquito!!!!)
      Thanks and enjoy your adventures.
    • smurfy
      By smurfy
      any idea when the tullibee might star biting off stony point on leech............i'd sure like to give that a go again.
    • Bryan P
      By Bryan P
      Been awhile since I posted. Hope everyone had a great season ice fishing. I have been chasing pike mainly with the Aqua Vu this year and trying different baits. Pulled out the 5 of Diamonds to end the season. Who remembers this one. Anyone use it ice fishing. Thought I Share.
    • Luzaich
      By Luzaich
      It’s coming fast! I’m guessing March 26th for birchdale
    • Hookmaster
      By Hookmaster
      A little long winded but I'm excited to share.
      Got out on Tonka 4 times this week. Yes, I'm retired. 😀 Bought the Milwaukee 2803-33 and put it on a 6" lazer hand auger that I've had for 20 years but have never used it since I have a gasser too. Very impressed by that set up. Also gave the LiveScope a good work out.
      Monday afternoon found the sunfish and crappie suspended over a 40-foot hole. Saw fish with the LiveScope with the first set of holes and drilled a few more to get on top of them. Kept 3 of each for fish sandwiches.
      Tuesday afternoon in the same hole but near the ridge that connects shore to an offshore reef. Mostly sunfish there but a few crappie too. All released.
      Yesterday started an hour before sunrise and fished a small 12 foot-hole that I started fishing around 1970. Caught sunfish, crappies, largemouth and lost an ~8# carp at the bottom of the hole. Had it played out and laying sideways at the bottom of my 6" hole. Trying to get it started up the hole and my 4# test line broke with a new 4 mm tungsten glow wonder bread jig in its lip. Looked at the flasher and they was another fish. Grabbed the other rod with a 1/16 oz jointed pinhead minnow on it and fired it down the hole to be immediately consumed by a 12" crappie. All fish released.
      This morning fished the small hole again at the same time. Sunfish and crappies. Largest crappie was 11 7/8. No sunfish over 7". Just drilled 3 holes in the spot with the most fish from yesterday. Two for fishing, one for the LiveScope and set the house up. It's fun seeing fish creeping in from 8 feet away and you can definitely tell the different sizes of fish on the LiveScope.
      Reminisced on some of the times I've fished this hole over the years with friends and family.

    • papadarv
      By papadarv
      Son and I decided one last trip before ice melt on Rush. Lots of slush at access, probably unpassable by next weekend with 40 to 50 deg. temps next week. 25" ice with 4" packed snow on fishing area. No hot spot just area with 30 so wheel/skid shacks. Drilled a few around orange marker found nothing, flasher lit up at blue marker suspended 15 to 28 ft. 36 FOW. Bite non existing put everything down, colors, plastic, variety. Got 3 at 9 to 11 inch. Talked to several anglers, same results. Love the floor I built for the flip no water/slush everything dry. 

    • gimruis
      By gimruis
      If you intend to fish past Sunday, you'll need a new 2021 angling license.
      Additionally, the deadline to remove permanent/overnight fish houses is Monday in the southern half of the state.  If found unattended over night beyond the deadline, enforcement officials can confiscate the house itself.
  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Wanderer
      I’ve only fished Kab once but I can imagine it behaves a lot like other shield lakes.  Try to spend time near current and use large baits; either live or artificial.  I’d never go pike fishing in that area without some F18 Rapalas.  The good old Original Floater in silver/black back being a top color choice.
    • knoppers
      well nothing is biting, I did catch 2 very small perch in 15 FOW, had all kinds of activity in deeper water, but no takers. my locator would lite up with fish, but nothing bites.
    • IceHawk
      It's just about go time smurf 😀 I didn't wish for this weather but there won't b any complaints about it for sure. Been a great ice season but honestly ready for it to be over. I  plan on picking up the boat soon getting it ready and doing a little pool 4 fishing and maybe a rainy river run yet. Probably got a couple ice outings left next week maybe some last minute runs to ottertail county. Had a epic day with some buds today locally, fish were right under the ice was a blast 👍
    • smurfy
      rumor has it an ATV went thru on Pokegama by grand rapids..........sounds like the guy made it out ok. not sure how accurate it is?????
    • PSU
    • FrazerBay
      let me know if you get a hold of them.Maybe they can can come back and finish the job they started 4 years ago on my boathouse after getting half the money upfront
    • smurfy
      I'm blaming icehawk.🤪🤣 thinking he wants to go back to work and is doing his summer dance.🤭
    • Wanderer
      Sure is a beautiful day out today though.   I swung by a local lake today with a more sheltered access and saw it’s still drivable but won’t be for long - like probably not by Monday at best, especially if it gets any heavy use this weekend.   I wouldn’t care about missing a walleye weekend either.  Besides, there’s walleyes in the chain one could go after outside of a GTG.
    • nytelyter
      yeah i do not like early spring. sad to not have the event again this year but as the forcast was forming after the event date set. i had kinda resolved this would be the outcome. but while i have done the polar plunge event a few times i have not as of now done an unplanned drop into a frozen body of water. thank you for starting it up and fyi i would not care about missing a saturday of walleye fishing.  maybe end of Jan or first Sat of Feb. just a thought. i cook up pie a couple of times a year. so will always have some ready. keep collecting them prizes and plan on a good event next season . ann and I willl be there. thanks for trying.  
    • JBMasterAngler
      Dark spinnerbaits or Muskie killers. We’ve never dialed in any particular pattern, we’ve pretty much caught them in anywhere...rocks, weeds, drop offs, bays, islands, and everything in between.
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