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Buck / deer activity


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I live in the west metro and drive about 15 miles each way to my job each morning and afternoon.  I'm a high school Biology teacher and avid outdoorsman.  For the past 3 weeks or so straight, I've been seeing deer moving during daylight about 3-5 times per week during my commutes to and from school.  I've seen small bucks (1.5 - 2.5 year olds), (different ones) 2-3 times per week.  This tells me we are in the ramp up stages of our mid west rut.  Yesterday at 3:30 pm in broad daylight, saw a buck pushing a doe about 300 yds out in a picked corn field, and last  night when driving my daughter home from her drama / play practice saw a decent 8 pointer standing on highway at 9pm in that same area that I saw the buck and doe, about 6 hrs earlier.  I was only about 10 feet from clipping that buck as he and I both hit the brakes to avoid an untimely collision.  

Wondering first - why are these forums so slow, and second, if anyone else is seeing a steady ramp up in rut (buck) activity.  I only fire arms hunt due to 3 kids and time conflicts.  I'm wondering if folks in the north land have seen what I'm seeing around here in the in the southern (west metro) part of Mn.  With the very mild (little snow) winter we experienced last winter - I'm wondering if our mild fall is contributing to what might be a great fall hunt.  The moon phase and foretasted weather change for this coming weekend may contribute to a very active gun opener across our state. 


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I'm surprised these forums are slow too, have been for a few years now. I hunt north east metro. Been out for 16 sits with my bow since Oct 1, spent 25 hours in the stand this weekend, and I haven't seen much of a ramp up in activity yet. I've seen more bucks this year than ever before in my three years hunting this spot, but I saw them this weekend at the same time of day that I did a month ago. I was thinking the warm weather and the wind when I've been hunting has been a factor. Looking forward to this weekend as temps will drop significantly

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  • 'we have more fun' FishingMN Builders

Lots of buck movement around at this time.  Traffic is good just need to get people posting. Thank you for posting

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I have lost and remade account a few times. When I first stumbled onto this site, it was very good, knowledgeable people, helping each other. More and more people came on, and ruined the site. Lots of wrong information. People just not smart, people who have not put in the work, always looking for an easy way. I understand you have to know how to do something, but veterans put in thousands of hours of very hard work to learn how to do it. Sad to see this site crap out, but that is what happens. Something starts small, but good, grows in people and is not good, then empties out, and might get good again..  

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • SkunkedAgain
      Last year was the first time that I remember seeing any plowed roads out of the west end. I agree about chains making a huge difference on ATVs, but not if the snow is deep. Sleds ride on the snow. ATVs need to get down to the ice or packed snow.   It has been a while since I have heard of any guides setting out sleepers. If one did, they would need to do some good advertising to make it worth it.
    • leech~~
      And all of them the same size. Like they came right from Morey's!  😄
    • smurfy
      Hah, callem, only 14 fillets, 7 fish 🤣 and there's 2 of us here with a license.🤭
    • leech~~
      That looks like a pretty big haul!   Got any T.I.P  s   🤭
    • smurfy
      Another batch of Itasca county snot rockets thru the smoker.
    • JerkinLips
      First year I put it out I went 3 miles out from the closest plowed road.  Used the lake snowmobile trail for a few miles, then packed my own trail before dragging it out.  Slush could be a problem but you could do the same thing (pack a trail with your sled the night before and let it freeze overnight).  Portables are much easier to move, but not as comfortable as a wood house.   Vermilion Ice Conditions - heard there was still open water on Big Bay Thursday and Friday.  Not sure if I will go out 7 days from now.
    • opsirc
      Has anyone been out on lakes around duluth and how was the ice.
    • Mike89
      sorry for your loss...  prayers and thoughts to ya all...
    • Mtnman
      Happy Holidays Muskies !! I've been off sight for a long while. My Son died in July at 45 from a heat stroke while working in Knoxville Tn. I've had a hard time with that.  We did not make our fall trip to Rainy Lake, and the effects of it all are felt now.  How was the fall ?  A friend with a guide service there told me I didn't miss anything, and the lack of post tend to support that. We appreciate all post and fishing chatter shared on this forum and especially all you share. Best wishes for a great winter. CHEERS to all !!
    • Mike89
      that's what I thought but it threw me!!   
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