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Minnesota dentist kills old, domestic, lion.

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A Minnesota dentist who has a practice in Eden Prairie was able to skilfully  track down and kill a lion he had wounded with help from some "guides" and a game farm owner. The lion was well known to locals and tourists and was 13 years old.  Apparently the lion was lured out of the protected area it generally lived in and was then shot once with a bow, wounding it. The next day the dentist was able to find the lion and finish the job. He is claiming it was a legal kill. He is proud of being a well traveled hunter of exotic species. It is not known yet what terrible ordeals he has faced on previous hunts - maybe he had to drive even farther and then walk a block or two-but I suspect that will now be investigated.

There are  more details on this story. If it makes you as a sportsman and Minnesotan angry and disgusted you might want to urge your friends in that part of the State or cancel their appointments with this "great white hunter" and urge others to do the same.  Even IF it is determined the kill was technically legal,  which the facts available so far indicate it was not, this man does not sound like much of a "sportsman" to me. Personally, I'd like to kick him right in the asterisk and take his bow and break it over his bone head.

What do you think?

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interesting,  when I was a young teen I would watch walt and his brother and sister when their mom and dad needed a night out.  grew up down the street from me. his dad was a well respected medical dr in town.  I mowed the lawn also.  here is a link to the whole story.  


the story


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It has been my experience that when a story like this breaks the background and details that come to light will reveal a long time pattern of this stuff. So don't be surprised fellas.

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On the lion hunt....I heard that this lion was lured out of a protected area by the "guides" who had placed a dead carcass outside of the wildlife refuge where the lion lived.  The "hunter" lie in wait in a blind nearby with his bow, made a less than perfect shot, after which the lion limped away, wounded, only to be tracked down later and shot with a high-powered rifle.  Seems to me most wildlife refuges are posted pretty clearly and the hunter would have had to know that the lion was being lured out of the refuge.

The devils advocate in me says.....there are many times that hunters sit on public land right outside a game refuge or private property and wait for an animal to come outside the protected area to the unprotected area and be lawfully taken.  Hopefully no baiting takes place, but who knows what draws the animal out, and really, what difference does it make?  However, if the animal shot has been in the area for a long period of time and some have named it, say "Bambi" or "Thumper" and some hearts are broken when it is killed...?  Maybe the hunter didn't know about that.

But, this was a canned lion hunt and I am sure the guides knew that "Cecil" was protected.

On the dentist or "hunter" as he has been called.......he was previously cited and fined for the illegal taking of a bear in Minnesota.  Seems he shot, killed and tagged a bear over 40 miles out of his hunting area, then tried to bribe guides from the ranch (that he was paying to stay at and use there services) to try to get them to lie for him.

Seems like he doesn't have any problem bending, twisting and/or breaking the law when it suits him.

Just my .02


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Seems this guy is trying to take short cuts for have a trophy room.  The bear hunt was a very dumb move his fault all the way.  But as for the lion hunt, seems the PH is not as professional is he claims,  just out to make a fast dollar (Rand), not knowing what animals are what.

 Hunts after dark for cats are common, but the farm and the PH are as guilty as the denist for beening dumb. I find it funny that PH is the guy that is to be the guy that says shoot or don't shoot.

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