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Twins in 1st Place - It's been a while

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Wish Ervin Santana was available for the playoffs if we get in, these games lately feel like playoff games, just win however, 1 more run then the opponent.

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twins are still in it, should be a fun weekend of baseball.

so what does a MN sports fan do if the Twins are still in it come Sunday. Do you watch the Twins for the Vikings lol

I was hoping the twins would have been up big last night so they could have plunked Jose Ramirez  from night before




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1 game out of the Wildcard with 3 games to go. Who would have thunk this at the beginning of the season.

I'm going to watch the game against KC tonight with my daughter and grandson. Should be fun.

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I believe they need to run the table for a reasonable shot. Personally, I hope they don't make it.  It will be embarrassing and deflating to lose to the Yankees. Again.  

It's a great experience for all the young up and comers we have to be playing meaningful baseball this late in the season. For once, the future looks bright.

It's been a good run, maybe next year...


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I am very happy with the progress the young Twins have shown. The future looks good if they can keep improving. The team batting average needs to come up and a few tweaks on the pitching staff should put us in contention again next year. KC is a solid team.

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    • Getanet
      Yeah, but man I bet the walleyes were on fire!   That weekend was crazy. First time I can recall Metro Transit pulling buses off the road. We took videos of the kids sledding down our ice covered driveway and down to the neighbors driveway.
    • nofishfisherman
      Absolutely, we were pretty bummed out the day before the trip when we officially pulled the plug but the morning we planned to leave we woke up to the roads in the twin cities covered in a solid layer of ice so just getting out of town would have been hard.  Then we saw the amount of snow falling up north and it was obvious we made the right call.  It simply wouldn't have been safe to go.
    • bnegs23
      I also had a neighbor who had the same issue with a jiffy auger. It was an older model so he didnt bother to have it repaired. He eventually replaced it with a eskimo propane auger.
    • Hookmaster
      If I fillet using option 2, I usually lose some belly meat. Option 1 I get all the belly meat but I take the ribs out a different way than most. Rick at Highbanks Resort showed me. I'll have to post a video because it's too difficult to explain. Now I'll have to go fishing!!
    • BobT
      Thought I'd post pictures of what I did. I used 1" PVC pipe and designed it so the bottom of the portable is about 7" above the bottom of the skis. I would guess the sled doesn't weigh more than 15 pounds and that might even be exaggerated a little.
    • eyeguy 54
      An example of some crappies smoked yesterday. Call me crazy but I will just eat another fish instead of the thin slice of meat 😁
    • eyeguy 54
      Few years ago I started cutting the rib totally off meat and all on panfish. Gets the tiny bone out also that I don’t like to chew up. Such a small amount of meat is wasted and mostly breading any way. 
    • leech~~
      Yeah, never implied they weren't, or suggested someone should be ashamed. I did offer a solution, I thought? 🤔
    • eyeguy 54
      Lol. 80 seconds and full of bones. I would have two done and boneless 🐟🐟🐟
    • Harmie343
      Went out to Spring Lake on Wednesday evening. Lots of trucks out on upper prior and spring. Saw a 3/4 ton coming off prior. Probably 14” of ice on spring, left my truck in the parking lot and traveled by car from the winter access. We were targeting walleyes but no cigar. Picked up some perch along the way. 
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