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harvey lee

2016- will the Twins be any better?

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harvey lee

Signed Tory, guess that ok as he will be help in the dug out pumping up some of the players to get hopefully better production out of them. Issue I see, they need pitching more than anything could put 8 Hunters in the line up but with next to no quality starters, can 't see much for improvement for 2016. Fine Gardy went but I believe Jim P may need to go also and get a owner who wants to win and not just fill his pockets.

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You're right about the pitching Harvey. I think they'll be better though, especially with a new attitude and coaching philosophy in the dugout. The pitching staff should benefit greatly with a new pitching coach too. That being said though, they still need at the very least a good number one starter which probably won't happen. It looks like they're already starting to get rid of some dead weight from the staff and the changes we should see next season should be pretty interesting. We're going to need patience because at the moment they don't have the talent to go from worst to first like we've seen in the past.

I'm optimistic about next season's improvement.

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Looks like we will have an ok four starters and a battle for that 5th spot. If they stay healthy maybe 2nd or 3rd in the division. Sox are not holding back and KC will still be tough.

Sox just keep on signing more players. Santanna will help but we still need a center fielder. Maybe Buxton can come up but man he just keeps getting hurt.

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If this team gets even better for 2016...watch out.

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    • bassbouncer
      Kitchen staff is a big issue. The cook got fired recently but overall it’s owned/managed by not the brightest people. Same owners at moosebirds. I think they’re in over their heads. They had good pizza imo until they switched to the stupid wood fire pizza oven and created their own crappy crust recipe. They’ve been changing menus weekly and jacking prices-I’m sure some of that is reflecting the increased cost of groceries but not impressed at all lately. I know someone who works there and the help isn’t very happy either. Wolf bay is where it’s at lol. 
    • Trump 2020
      Thank you for the help Muskies. I will check those places out...
    • james_walleye
    • delcecchi
      East end, right?    
    • chucker1101
      August bite is pretty good.
    • james_walleye
      BigV..... how things can change in a day. I fished from 8:15 until 11:45 this morning when I caught walleye #50. Probably the best morning ive ever had on the lake. Lindy rig and half crawler was the method. This morning when you graphed those pods of fish they bit.  As far as the lake in July and August? Personally August is my favorite month. Typically when you locate fish they bite. Wind blown areas holding perch minnows is what I concentrate on. Quite often it's sand pockets for me. That was the key today as the fish were coughing up perch minnows. Fishing always snaps back into shape when they get off the bugs. Soon the basin will be alive with the trollers. I really like the leadcore bite. Usually the quality of the fish caught is quite good. I'll be fishing walleyes the rest of the week hopefully continuing to report an improved bite.
    • BigVTim
      Same! It’s been terrible for me. I always blame myself but I feel like rumor around the lake is that it isn’t worth fishing for walleyes after June or before September. I hope that’s not the case and it is just me lacking knowledge. 
    • ManBearPig
      Excellent report Muskies!  Thank you!  Also really appreciate the pictures that you include in your posts.  We are looking forward to being on the lake boat camping in 16 days.
    • ManBearPig
      Fished Whitefish both Sunday and Monday from about 6AM until 10AM each day. Used only artificial lures.  Trolled  weed edges some of the time with Shad Raps #8 size, and then a little deeper with the #9 size Flicker Minnow.  Only caught one 29 inch Northern trolling.  Spent about 1/2 of the time casting  a jig and soft plastic into about 12 ft to 18 ft  where there were decent, but not great weeds.  Caught  several small Northerns plus 2 more that were 27" and 28".   The bonus was a 17.5" Largemouth.  No Walleyes either day.   Monday had several "bite offs" on the soft plastics.  That is kinda the problem with using them where there are Pike.
    • Phosphene
      Timber Bay Lodge is a good spot, I always go there when I go to birch lake.
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