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2014 upland game pics

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Trick or Treat Halloween Roosters.

Perfect point. Walk up past her nose. Pair of roosters flush. Pure Double.

Done in 30 min. Too fast for the dog and time driving.


Collar is the Garmin Astro

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One from this morning, a limit from last weekend. Have eaten pheasant twice already this year. Seeing and getting lots of birds. All public land.

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My 6.5 mounth old Setter, she has been a Grouse finding machine !


Found a fresh trail was done in an hour


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been seeing birds every time we go out. today was the first time I got to pull the trigger tho! first rooster after knee surgery! we've only been able to go since the 11th. she is a bird finding machine this year.

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This one was from earlier in the year for me, my first Minnesota limit! Came pretty close to the Metro area. I went to this spot again last weekend and it looks like it has had pretty constant pressure since that day, lots of vehicle and foot traffic, and trampled cover.


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Thought I'd get one last hunt in yesterday before this cold blast came through. I'm very thankful I did!


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All Mn Birds getting the itch season is approaching soon.

2014-11-27 11.19.03.jpg

2014-11-09 22.52.49.jpg


2014-11-09 20.03.54.jpg

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • leech~~
      Thanks for the update. May give it a try soon before it goes away. 
    • ozzie
      drove by it yesterday and it looked fine in the morning.  in fact we saw 3 deer walking across the lake as we drove by...
    • ozzie
      I was in the Hackensack area yesterday and there did not seem to be any issue with driving around the lake or getting on or off, but the time is coming especially with the temps in the next week or so.  It was more like walking in white sand yesterday than snow.
    • ozzie
      drove by it yesterday and it looked fine in the morning. 
    • Better Than Working!
      I have only fished Kab in September, but I will be up there the same weekend. I have caught multiple large pike there with jerk baits around weeds and rocks. I have also caught large pike trolling leadcore over deep structure in September. I would think, and this is highly dependent on the water temperature, that the larger pike will still be in the shallower bays. If the water warms up a little earlier they will be transitioning out to deeper structure. I would start in the bays, especially around weeds, and use what you are comfortable with and have confidence in. 
    • smurfy
      Great advice Rick!!!👍
    • Fishing DA Range and nort
      slow ice melt, better May fishing in my experience.   The year vermillion was froze on opening weekend we caught the most walleyes on other lakes early in the year, spawning seemed to collide with opening weekend.   Last year was the first time I fished vermillion in may, not opener however.        
    • Rick G
      Just a heads up. Ice conditions, and specifically access points have deteriorated rapidly since last weekend. I think our days of driving on to all but a few of our area lakes has come to an end for the season. I have been spending my week in the Annandale and Richmond areas. Most of the access points that are on hills with runoff or have south facing shoreline are gonna take a beating first.   The good news is, there is still plenty of ice on the lakes, although they are starting to get sloppy..... and the panfish are starting their yearly push toward the shallows.  Stay safe and good luck this weekend!!!
    • DavidJo23
      Hi! I have a fish finder and it usually really helps. I love having one in my kayak. where I live the water is always muddy, so you have no idea what is down there without one. Me and a couple friends fished an area not long ago that was 3 to 10 feet deep pretty much everywhere, but it was super hot out and I knew fish would be in deeper water. Paddled around and found an area that dropped off to 20+ feet deep, dropped some bait down in the hole and pulled up 3 black drum over 15 pounds. So, personally, I don't know why it doesn't help you...  
    • Lucca
      Hey guys and gals. I am going up to lake kabetogama around June 18 for 2-3 days targeting pike. I have been up several times and not caught anything over 25 inches. I want to try and locate a true monster this time. Any spot recommendations and or lure recommendations? Thank you!
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