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Trail cam Pic's or Video

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I added a trophy rock to freshen up the salt block on Monday and the deer are just pounding it.

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I think they are,it also could be skeeters that are full of blood.

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Looks good Arch! That last one may have some potential this year. Im sure there'll be more coming in.

I think that is skeeters full of blood. I see that sometimes eek doesn't seem to bother the deer though?!?

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Nice pics AS! That one needs to learn how to pose for the cam so we can get a little better look!

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Here are some from around my area. I have seen both of these for 3 years on camera. Ive only seen them once during the day when they were spooked by a sprayer in a bean field.full-33631-35377-photo1.jpg

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I hunt a few properties over that way, but haven't seen anything special yet. No wonder - they're all at your place! smile

Tried to send a PM, but you're over the limit!

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Very happy today when I checked my trail camera. First year that I have really hung a camera, mineral lick and food plots. Got this buck on the camera quite a few times over the past week I have had the camera out. Hope he sticks around. From where these pictures are taken, if you go straight past the buck another 30 yards, the woods open and that's where the food plot was put in. The buck seems nice and wide, decent mass. Hope he grows a bit more before he goes hard horn. full-17731-35454-wgi_0004.jpg






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Weird one. Half his left side is bent back towards his face but he's pretty cool so son or I will probably take him if we get a chance.



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First time trying to post hope it works. Getting excited for the season up here in northern Minnesota!

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First time we have this guy on camera. Had small plots out and some bigger deer have discovered them. full-10022-35776-wgi_0013(1).jpg

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A pic from my mo-in-law's place and a close up from it after. Goofy looking buck that we call "Dangle". He looks like he's trying to pull off a "pirate look". laugh



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I think splitz has been around awhile, the last couple of years I have gotten pics of a heavy 8 that I think is him, but none of my pics get a look at the brow tines. I would not mind seeing either of the other 8s or the nice 10. Debated for a long time on if the wide 8 in the last 2 pics were the same deer but one seems to obviously have a short or missing brow tine, I have a couple of pics of both of them, enough with both brow tines and without to lead me that way. What to you guys think, same or different?

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • gimruis
      I heard western MN was pretty good but it appears that the central area was poor.  I knew there would be more hunters.  Expect more of that when other seasons open.
    • MarkB
      We returned home today from a short 3 day fishing trip on Vermilion. The weather was chilly most of the time and windy during our entire trip. All of the fishing took place on the east end of the lake and we fished from Daisy Bay to Armstrong Bay with many stops in between. The fishing party included myself, my cousin, and a very dear friend. We bought pike suckers and nitecrawlers for bait. We used jig/minnow, bottom bouncer/colored hook and beads, and lindy rigs. We fished water from 15' to 30' and targeted rock reefs and holes. The water temperature varied between 57 and 59 degrees depending on the time of day. During our stay, we caught one fish on a minnow and 80+ on a half crawler. In addition, we caught several jumbos that were incidental to fishing for the walleyes. We found that a bottom bouncer, 4'-5' leader, 2-fluorescent light green beads, and red hook worked best. We found fish at most of the places we stopped at and 20'-26' was the optimum depth. The fish bit lightly and most of the time a hit was indicated by a bump followed by a slight drag on the line. We missed lots of fish by setting the hook fairly quickly after the initial bump in an attempt to avoid gut hooked fish. We found the fish scattered with the larger concentrations on mud bottom. Probably 1/2 of our fish were the 10''-13" up and comers while the rest included lots of 14"-17" eaters and several slot fish from 20"-22" and one 28". We had two fish fries and enjoyed every minute. We reserved the same time slot for next year. I think we hit the fall colors at it's peak and it was spectacular to say the least.   Good Fishing😀      MarkB   This was the largest walleye that we caught during our stay........
    • Dash 1
      For me it’s been slow. Last Wednesday got 2 small northern and a nice bass for 5 hours fishing. Was using shiners mainly. Very little boat traffic and access has been mostly empty as well when I drive by.
    • bowkill78
      This is the quietest forum on the planet.  I'm going back to Clearwater for one last trip.  How has the fall fishing been?
    • muskie-mike
      Beats my banana sized walleyes on leadcore...  
    • ozzie
      Hit up the lake Friday afternoon running around we did not get anything but one 22" eye pulling a lindy with a worm.  We then pulled out of the lake and Saturday went to Winnie.  Stayed dry up there but the fishing success eluded our boats.  
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end...  The traditional fall jig bite for walleyes is in full swing.  There are various schools located across the south shore.  Anglers catching good numbers of walleyes just outside the Lighthouse Gap where the Rainy River enters Lake of the Woods, in front of Zippel Bay and around Long Point.  Depths of 22-28', anchored up and jigging with a fathead or frozen shiners has been successful.  Anglers going through a lot of fish, sorting through lots of smalls to ultimately get nice eaters.  A lot of action.  Some anglers still drifting spinners with a minnow or crawler with success.  Some good walleye reports also from Four Mile Bay in 10-15'. On the Rainy River...   Intermittent runs of emerald shiners have entered the river as have some walleyes.  Mixed reports by anglers, as the big run hasn't happened yet.  Typically activity increases as water cools.  Current on the river is low.  Most anglers are jigging with frozen shiners, although trolling crankbaits or crawler harnesses are still effective.  Sturgeon anglers focusing on deeper holes with a sturgeon rig loaded with crawlers and shiners.  Pike showing hanging on weed edges. Up at the NW Angle...  Until the US / Canada border opens, guests can travel across the lake staying and fishing in MN waters.  There are boat shuttle / passenger services available to the Angle.  Check with your favorite NW Angle resort for options.   The foliage is beautiful and the walleye fishing is good.  Jigging with a minnow on structure in 10 - 15' and 21 - 27' effective.  Gold, orange and glow colors great choices.  Water temps in the low 60's.  A nice mixed bag of walleyes, saugers, jumbo perch, pike and smallmouth.  Muskie anglers reporting nice fish as well. 
    • Muskyhunter73
      I forgot to add all our fish were on a lindy rig with a medium sized rainbow
    • Wishin4Walleyes
      Thanks for the posts all. I've been monitoring this forum for a bit and it had gotten quiet so made me worried the fall bite was off to a slow start.   Glad to hear jig and minnow bite is going as that's by far the most fun way to get em!
    • Rick
      Minnesota joins other states in sampling deer near known PFAS contamination sites Discuss below - to view set the hook here.
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