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My 2012 Archery Deer Season


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Skipped the Opener in WI last weekend in favor of fishing.

Posting this from my treestand in WI at the moment.

Going to hunt today and tomorrow.

Have a wedding to attend Friday evening and then I have to decide about fishing or hunting this weekend.

Have a few minutes until legal time.

Sitting in a choke point where two secondary ravines come together and form a larger ravine, I am on the tip of a little finger of high ground that separates the two secondary ravines.....think of a letter M I am sitting where the two short lines form a point.

Hoping to put an arrow in a doe or 2 in the next 2 days.

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I'm wondering some of the same questions. How many deer have you seen so far, and are you hunting on your own land now?

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This has all been on my new property.

I spent 9 hours in the stand/ground blinds on Thursday and 6 hours on Friday.

I saw close to 60 deer on Thursday, all does and fawns except 1 4 point and a really wide 6 point with a big body. I am guessing the 6 was an old deer on the decline in the antler department. Almost all the does had 2 fawns.

I successfully let an arrow fly at a big doe at 10 yards, complete pass through and a massive blood trail allowed a really fast recovery. She only went about 50yards. That was at 8:30 Thursday morning.

Had many more opportunities on Thursday but decided to limit my shots to under 15 yards, to make it more challenging. I wanted them up close and completely oblivious to my presence.

Friday I saw about 40 deer, does and fawns again like Thursday. There is no shortage of deer that is for sure. One of the reasons for unlimited over the counter antler-less tags. Saw a what looked to be a 100ish class 8 point as well.

Did not take any shots on Friday. Just spent time in my stands and ground blinds getting to know the land and observing deer movement.

I am in one of my ground blinds now, have been for the last 3 hours. Deer movement has been slow, have only seen 6 deer. Let an arrow fly at a Coyote that walked by 30 minutes ago, it was a solid hit and it is laying dead out in the harvested bean field.

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Let an arrow fly at a big doe with 15 minutes left of legal time. She was at 12 yards broadside. Hit her a little higher than I wanted. mad

She ran off towards the harvested bean field. I hope she is lying somewhere out in the open field.

After the shot I went to where she was standing, have good blood. Found the arrow, it is covered in frothy pinkish blood.

I am sure I hit her higher in the vitals than I wanted. I think it is a high double lung shot. I hope it is not a single lung shot, could make for a long night of tracking.

Waiting for my wife's 2 cousins to get here so we can start tracking.

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Recovered her 15 minutes ago.

She went almost 400 yards according to the handheld GPS.

Found her on the other side of the bean field.

Would have been easier with more light, the darkness slowed us down.

Will be heading home shortly after I get her quartered and in game bags.

Will finish the processing tomorrow after I spend some time fishing.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I will be walking to my stand here momentarily.

Hunting some land NW of Saint Francis that I have permission on.

Not expecting much, but I had a terrible night at work and need some quiet time in the woods to clear my head.

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good luck. nothing like some quiet time with mother nature to decompress after a crappy day/night.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Have not spent any time in the stand in a while.

Been too busy at work and fishing.

Hard to sit in a tree when the fishing is this good.

I am on vacation the week of Halloween and plan on spend the better part of 5 or 6 days in my stands and blinds in WI.

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Spent all of legal shooting time in the stand yesterday except for about 45 minutes when I went back to the in laws farm and ate lunch.

Saw a good number of deer.

Saw a very nice typical 12 point about 200 yards away, tried rattling and a few grunts but he ignored me.

I have a good idea where he came from and where he was going.

Going to try and set up on him this morning.

Saw several young bucks, spikes and forks mostly running around harassing does.

The does basically gave them the cold shoulder.

It is 3:30am and I cannot sleep.

If a doe presents an easy shot today I am going to take it.

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The deer were moving on Friday and Sunday.

Lots of activity.

Only hunted until noon on Friday since I had to get back home to MN in the afternoon.

Spent close to 10 hours in stands/blinds on Sunday.

Noticed a lot of does are traveling alone now without fawns.

Had a group of 8 fawns/yearlings run by my ground blind.

Did not see a buck, except for the big 8 to 10 point that stood in the middle of the road and did not move until I honked at him when I was on the way back to the inlaws farm after dark.

Will be heading out with my wife's cousin this morning to sit in a ground blind. Plan on hunting every legal minute today, with the full moon tonight and the rut heating up, this week could be great.

I am on vacation all week and will be doing nothing but hunting.

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The deer were moving on Friday and Sunday.

I am on vacation all week and will be doing nothing but hunting.

me too! hey mom, pack me a lunch !

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Spent all of legal time hunting yesterday, plan on doing the same today.

Saw the same giant 12 point I saw a couple days ago, I thought I had my stand in a good place to intercept him but no such luck. He was 95 yards away according to the range finder.

Let a really nice 8 point walk within 25 yards while I was sitting in a ground blind eating a sammich. I was tempted to take him, but I am holding out for a 10 point or better. I hope that 8 makes it through the season and stays on my property. He could be a giant next year.

Lots of scrapes showing up.

I made a mock scrape and have a dripper on it. Plan on hunting from a ground blind since the wind is going to be perfect for that spot today.

Hoping to lure in that 12 pointer.

I have become obsessed with him.

A word of advice, always have TP in your backpack!

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After having spent all but an hour and a half of legal time hunting Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I am exhausted. Plenty of does running around solo. The fawns and last years fawns are traveling in small groups.

Put a camera out to monitor my mock scrape with a dripper, a few small bucks checked it out.

Killed another Coyote with my bow Wednesday around 2 in the afternoon.

No more sightings of the big 12 point on Wednesday.

If a yearling doe presents a shot today I am going to take it. Need a young tender deer to make into weiners and brats!

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Since October 25th I have hunted all day/everyday except the afternoon of the 26th and all day on the 27th.

Have let the same 8 point buck walk 5 times, Once on Monday, once on Friday, twice on Saturday and once on Sunday. He is a nice deer but I have taken 2 bucks of similar size and I have decided to let him get bigger. I am holding out for the big 12 point I have seen several times way out of range of my bow.

Dropped the string on 3 more does bringing my season total to 5.

Have 100 pounds of wieners, 50 pounds of Summer Sausage 50 pounds of Brats and 50 pounds of breakfast links being made.

Until Firearms season opens in a couple weeks I am done with does.

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