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Current river levels (Red Lake River)

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Overnight the spillways in TRF appear to have been closed up a bit more. This morning the river below the dam is as low as I've seen it in the last 4 years.

Rock piles and sand bars are all exposed in the main river channel, and the current is barely moving at all. It's only July 20th. If we don't start getting some significant rainfall soon I'm afraid we're going to see our river drop down to nothing more than a little trickle of water by late August or September.

This heat and ceaseless dry weather is depressing. Yesterday, while doing some work in the gardens, I noticed our normally lush green buttercup squash plants wilting and almost on the ground! I hurried to get the sprinklers going, and managed to get everyone back up and happy again, but while doing so I also noticed the north side of our sweet corn patch dry and wilting as well.

Quickly got water to these plants as well, and now everything seems to be back on track...for now at least. I've never seen drought conditions like these before. I've never seen CORN wilt for lack of moisture and excessive heat.

My heart really goes out to the region's farming community. I'm fortunate to be able to get water to my gardens, trees, and flowers, but most are likely not so lucky.

As a front approached last night I prayed for significant rainfall, with no wind or hail damage. Not surprisingly, very little rain reached the ground. We did get a few sprinkles, but there's no doubt it dried up almost immediately along with the strong winds.

I reach out and ask anyone and everyone reading this to join with me in prayer for an end to the drought conditions affecting northwestern Minnesota, parts of west central Minnesota, and the Red River Valley. Please pray for significant rainfall without stormy damaging weather. Thank you. smile

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Thanks go out to all of you for your prayers! Not certain of rainfall totals in our area, but we've received enough rain to at least get things growing again!

Had a little scare last Sunday. After watering the gardens most of the day Saturday, on Sunday afternoon, after only routine household water usage, our well pump stopped delivering water!!! Don't know for sure if the pump just sucked up a bubble and lost prime, or if indeed we did run the well down to a dangerously low level, but praise the Lord I was able to re-prime the pump on Monday morning and restore water to the house.

With the very low river levels, and us owning a shallow well, I've made the wary decision to ration water for the remainder of the year, or at least until we see really significant precipitation return to the region, and river levels come back up a bit. Absolutely no watering from the house spigot!

The major drainage ditches in the area are all dry to the bottom.

It's truly an eye opener to lose water to your house. We really do take it for granted everyday. My wife walked over to the sink 3 times on Sunday afternoon and turned on the water only to remember we didn't have any!

We're not out of the woods yet. We can still use a good soaker every few days to return things to normal, but at least the good Lord gave us a little breather! Amen.

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Can't believe how low the river is up there.... I can't recall it ever being as low as it is, naturally anyway. Was through this past weekend, and ate lunch at the park on Sunday. Unreal...

The mushrooms in the area sure loved the rain! Lots of fresh fungi to eat this week thanks to a very short walk on Sat. eve.!

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Howdy Matt.

I've seen it this low before, but only for a very short period of time...like when they're trying to reserve a bit of water above the dam.

She's been droppin' a bit more each day, and I really wonder how low it's going to get if we don't start getting regular rains.

I can see every big boulder in the bottom of our hole from shore. Interestingly, the water clarity has become clear as a bell. Suppose the almost complete absence of current has added to that?

Two nights ago we had a real gully washer blow thru at around 11:00 p.m. I think a small storm cell formed just a mile or two west of us and passed on east while only covering a small area. I'd guess we got roughly a half inch of rain in only a few minutes, which was a great blessing, but again it only covered a small area in our region.

This brief rain didn't do a thing to the river level.

More weather in the forecast for our area in the next few days. Gotta keep those prayers going up for more significant rainfall!

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Water should start going up tonight/tommorrow, Agassiz is dumping water, 900cfs, not sure how long it will last and i'm sure it will be dirty.

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Sure enough, Zero! The river below the dam she shot up several feet over night.

This sort of thing really messes with the fishing. Especially if they just shut her down suddenly, essentially pulling the plug outta the bath tub.

Wonder why they're doing such a profound drawdown up at the refuge? Planning a big controlled burn? Would think it a little dangerous to draw off excessive water during a moderate drought?

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smile Yesterday my boys and I were walking across the river behind our house on a natural rocky riffle that crosses there. We were casting baits into the hole downstream...just like the good ole' days.

Today she's a raging torrent! Glad we didn't set up camp on the rock pile last night! blush

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Well, maybe not a "raging torrent", but at least a couple feet higher, and way faster than she was a few days ago! whistle

I'd like to see this last a little while. Get a few fish back up river again, maybe?

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Walked down with little boy #2 this afternoon to take a good close look at the river. Water's risen between 1 1/2 to 2 feet with last nights opening of the spillways. Surprisingly, water clarity isn't all that bad.

I stand corrected on the earlier statement of "moderate drought". According to the local evening news we're now in the region considered to be stricken by "severe drought".

Hopeful news is that we are also in the center of some on-coming weather for tonight and tomorrow evening. News out of Grand Forks quoted the possibility of 1.35 inches of rain by the time she winds up tomorrow night. I can't even put to words what a blessing this would be.

Please, Heavenly Father, please let this rain fall in our area, and please protect us from stormy destructive wind, hail, and damaging storms. Amen.

Hope to squeeze in a little catfishing this evening ahead of the impending frontal boundary, and with the raised water levels. Will report back tomorrow on success or failure (see regional fishing report). Honestly though, is there ever really "failure" in a simple fishing excursion? wink

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We have been thru there twice this week and haven't been offered any hotdogs or smores so we decided to leave you some aluminum on top of the rocks for you:)

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Ha ha ha!!! My eyesight must be going bad. I saw that the other day and thought there was some kind of dead critter hung up in the rocks with it's feet stickin' up in the air! crazy

Appreciate the gifts!

River started droppin' fast again yesterday afternoon, and then, following the heavy rain, she jumped back up a foot or two!

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