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Twins 57 Fan


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Twins 57 Fan

Bringing up the nephew for some perch and walleye action. Definitely not looking for spots but what depth and structure have people had recent luck on for the perch. My walleye spot is legit, daytime lulls may bring out the bordome in the little guy.

Any info appreciated.

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pm me and can share a cordinate i was doing really good at a week ago where coming home with 9-12 inch perch everyday 3 of us limit out ever day. spot for a spot?

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Twins 57 Fan

Not really looking to give up spots just looking for structure and depths. My walleyes came in 22 feeet rocks last weekend. buckshots with fatheads, tip ups with shiners.

Perch info?

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Troy Smutka
      11/11/18     Winter rolled in early last week. Lots of ducks blew through central MN during the week with the small water freezing up. We got in a good hunt on a large, shallow central MN lake as the migration was happening. Many of the larger lakes in central MN froze up with the single digit lows Saturday morning. We broke some ice at the landing of a large, deep lake and boated through some ice to get out to the otherwise open lake to hunt a main lake point. My son, Dad, and I managed five ducks, though we mostly saw swans, common mergansers, goldeneyes, and buffleheads. My son wanted one nice drake bufflehead, so we took that as our fifth duck. Not sure if any water is going to be open after another night in single digits this upcoming week, but we will check it out this weekend. If not, we will be onto field hunting as a lot of mallards and geese hang out on a river in the area we hunt. Good luck, be safe, stay warm, and I will see you out there somewhere.  
    • 1968
      How about a good old fashioned polaroid camera to populate your board? 
    • 1968
    • Fishing Frenzy
      Update: Grand Lake is froze over as far as I could tell. Someone walked out and drilled a couple holes on Pearl. Did not go out and look how much ice. And Goodner is completely froze there was also a hole made with a chisel. Saw the block of ice on top of the ice. (Looked to me from shore to be 3-4 inch thick, don’t take my word it’s just a guess from what I saw.)
    • dave79
      Has anyone ever fished these lake? Tamarack..Grace..etc.  DNR site looks decent for these, but I heard that some of those lakes out there get some “unexpected” visitors? Trible controlled areas?   Just curious on access of these and whatever other info anyone has.     Thank you
    • AlwaysFishing23
      I wish we didn’t have the warmer temps forecasted for the next week or so. If it was like it’s been the last few days with at night a few degrees below zero and in the low 20s during the day. But nope it’ll be sometime Before even the smaller bodies of water are “safe”. I really wanted to get out this Saturday but looks like that won’t happen. But maybe the saterday after thanksgiving I’m hoping may work out. I hate this time of year having to wait but that’s how it goes! 
    • Glen Thomas
      I Hunt zone 156 and  the numbers are great, even under intense pressure my brother and I bagged two Bucks. We're on the west side of 35E and the are plenty of Deer. On the EAST side we took some drives In the truck at about 3:45 to 4:30 and seen deer everywhere, this is  after the first weekend hunt. We would See 6 to 10 road crossing just driving around. I find many hunters don't sit and flush deer everywhere, They seem to them unload there rifles and come up with nothing.. We sit for 3 to 4 hours a d enjoy the fruits OF THERE LABOR. I find the local usually are not good hunters, the guys from the cities know what there Doing. 
    • Chill62
      Been getting text messages all day from a buddy who has been out checking conditions in the area.  Lakes that have snow have spotting ice conditions  from 4" to 1" and a few have bigger cracks to be worried about.  He strongly suggested a spud bar especially if you find ANY snow because he's finding the thinnest ice is under snow.  Due to my work schedule I wont be able to make it out till Saturday but I'm hoping to find decent ice and have a report on Monday!  Bring on ice fishing!
    • Hoey
      View from Rocky Point.  Lake is ready to freeze up, but I do not believe the winds are going to fully participate.
    • eyeguy 54
      A little fun with photoshop getting us together.