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Fresh Meat...Pet Deer Shot in FL...

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I live near here and have come very close to hitting these deer numerous times. Anyone else ever see them?

FOREST LAKE, Minn. (WCCO) — A Forest Lake homeowner is demanding answers after he said a police officer came onto his property and shot at two deer, without warning.

The Forest Lake Police Department said the officer was acting on behalf of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, who believed the two fawns posed a health risk to other animals.

On Jan. 3, police say they received an email from the DNR advising them of two collared deer near the area of Highway 97 and North Shore Trail. The email advised officers to shoot the deer if they were located, saying they were likely captured and collared illegally.

Around 7 a.m. on Jan. 14, an officer said he nearly hit the two deer while driving near that location. The officer noticed the deer were wearing collars, as stated in the DNR email. He removed his department-issued shotgun and shot the first deer. The second deer ran into the backyard of a home on North Shore Trail.

The officer said he followed the deer and shot it. He said both deer were shot about 50 to 60 yards from the residence.

At this point, the homeowner, Jeff Carpenter, came out of his home and began yelling at the officer, saying the deer were pets.

The DNR is conducting an investigation on the incident.

Carpenter said the DNR should apologize.

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I have 2 deer that I have raised since fawns they are legal and registered with the DNR and the state. The rules are really clear if my deer get out I have 24 hrs to capture and return them to their enclosure,after that period the DNR must be contacted and can use any means possible to keep the deer from entering the wild. If they were my deer I would have no hard feelings towards the officer or DNR. They have our wild herd to protect which is much more important then a couple domesticated collared deer. 2c

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Well is it ok to shoot the neighbors dog with a collar? I think it may have rabies. Sounds just like the DNR/FL Police shooting the deer cause they could have TB or CWD. TOTAL [PoorWordUsage]! Might as well shoot the deer in my backyard now for the same thing.

This guy lives down the road and I find it [PoorWordUsage] that they shot the deer. The deer roam free just like all the other deer around here.

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Nah, I had no problem with the deer. I was surprised to see them with the collars on though. As far as me almost running them over, I'm sure they spent no less time on the road than any other resident deer.

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Feel kinda bad for the guy whose pets got shot but keep em under control not running around the neighborhood if they are "pets". 2c rather have a healthy deer herd they probably did whats right

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I watched this on the news tonight the way I understood it was the guy for some reason put collars on wild deer. Regardless bad decision.

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