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Call me crazy!!!

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Well, I am going for dad of the year award! Yes I may be going crazy! Looking to take my first ever Red Lake Trip this coming weekend. My fishing partners are my wife and two daughters. I will be bringing up my own 8X16 shack but I guess you could say I am a Red Lake Virgin. Couple questions:

1) What road accesses are on the South East side?

2) What ones have bait?

3) What is the cost to get on the lake? Do they charge by day or each time you come out?

4) Any place that needs to be avoided on the lake (soft spots or bad ice)?

5) People mark the roads on the lake or is it free roaming with no snow?

Been to lake of the woods in the past but you guys talk so positive about URL I figure I must be missing something when I drive past it everytime I go to LOW.

Thanks a lot for your input and BOY I LOVE THIS SITE!!!!

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Rogers Resort is located on the South shore.

They sell bait, Fatheads, Shiners and Suckers. They also have an assortment lures.

Road pass is $10 one day $15 for two days.

The ice is in good shape no known issues, ask the gals at the counter for updates.

Road is staked to the Center Bar but everyone is free roaming from there.

Thanks for visiting our area, you will find the resorts and outfitters on the lake to be very accommodating we hope you enjoy your vist.

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Thanks a lot Portavilla! I am really looking forward to the trip. By mistake I told the kids about the trip already. Probably should have waited a few more days. I will post when I get back. Hopefully a few pictures of the kids holding some nice fish.

Thanks again!

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five questions and you didn't even include THE question that must ALWAYS be asked?

luckily for you, Portavilla already started a thread with the answer

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Ah to bring an extension or not to bring the extension?!!

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If you are speaking of the extention. I don't know of a time where I don't bring atleast one. If there is another question I missed please enlighten me. wink Sounds like the bite is slow right now. Weather pattern is suppose to start to level by the weekend. Hope it levels out enough to make the fish snap to keep the kids busy and mom not want to head home any earlier then we have too.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • machinist24
      Tried my luck on Lory lake for some pan fish. trying to catch a meal. didn’t find any sunfish over 7” and a few 9” crappies. Not what I was expecting hoping for a little better. Might have to try a littler bigger lake for some better results.
    • TomWehler
      Mmmmmmm~~~~ here's one for ya! For years we have been trying to get our fave Mayfly Rafts & Spikes into a booth at The State Fair. Rafts = ~~~  Honey Waffle coated with Dark Chocolate Glaze n Peanut Butter then sprinkled with Frozen Real Maple Syrup dipped Mayflys.  To die for. Spikes  =  ~~~ Deep Fried Triple Thick Cut of F&D Smoked Bacon dipped into Smoked flavored Pancake Batter an dipped in Maple Syrup then rolled in pile of frozen Hickory smoked MayFlys. Both Killer Pak~ons seved on a stick or in a Deep Fried Walleye Belly Fillet. Power good experience that takes you places you never been before'!! : )   Keep on rocken!   T      
    • delcecchi
      I bet one of those little cans of cat food would work too.  
    • Gone Out Fishin
      @cherokee muskie-mike is spot on the dog food... When I use to camp at hoodoo point campgrounds I tend to use nightcrawlers if I have any to spare (in a minnow trap). Caught too many rusties while fishing.
    • cherokee
    • muskie-mike
      Fish guts or dog food...  
    • Troy Smutka
      6/22/18     West Metro Water temp is in the 70's and sunfish are up on the beds. Look for harder bottom areas inside of or adjacent to softer bottom with weeds. The smaller females will be staging over the weeds--you may see them boiling--and the big bulls will be guarding the nests (beds) on the firmer bottom. Got my son and Dad out to catch a bunch this morning.  Ultralight 7' spinning rods/reels with four pound test Berkley Nanofil works great to cast to these bedding fish from a distance and get a good hook set. We use a 1/16 ounce VMC Mooneye Jig tipped with a 1" to 1.5" soft plastic (minnow, grub, tube, etc.) under a slip float to adjust for beds at different depths. Usually you will be targeting 2-8 feet of water, depending on water clarity. Take care not to keep everything you catch. It is fine to keep a fresh meal once in a while--sunfish is awfully tasty--but put plenty of fish, including the biggest bulls, back. Needed to keep the natural cycle of reproduction going. Good luck, and I will see you out there somewhere.
    • LoonASea
      Fished the lake this morning ,,, water temps were 72-74 and the flys were hatching ,,, unhooking the walleyes they were coughing up fly larvae,,, Need to power wash the boat now ,,, No keepers today but lots of overs and 2 unders mixed in with some pike and sunnies on flicker minnows ,,, Go figure  
    • hayseed
      Thanks everyone for the feedback. I was beginning to think I lost my touch. Took a beating this winter, but hopefully it will come back again. Also would like to see some more restrictions on the crappies. Time to start checking the deeper weed beds I guess. I know the water temps have been fluctuating a lot this spring and maybe they skipped the spawn. 
    • Borch
      Crappies have been hard for me to pin down on other waters as well.  Seems they are not were they usually are and I wonder if the weird winter to summer transition is to blame.  Time to start looking in other parts of the water column.