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What have you been tying lately?

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I did too. I saw a guy do it that way once. I always thought mine looked sloppy with that thing sticking up. If my description doesnt help here is a vid of a guy using that technique on a prince. Obivously It would work with any biot wing though

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That's a great tip Ic3. I'll definitely put that method into use next time I'm tying flies w/ biots.

I was inspired by ichmeiser's Brassies, so here a few I tied up this evening. (The glass bead obsession continues...)




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your tying is indeed coming along nicely. Here is a tip for those biot wings,If you tie them in backwards so the pointy ends are pointing towards the eye of the hook make 2 wraps then fold them back and secure them it does a nice job of eliminating that little white tag next to the bead that gets left when you trim off the excess. You can take that or leave it though. Thats more about making them look good to you. The fish wont care either way

thanks for the tip.. have seen/done this technique.. usually i remember as im already tying up my biots though ha!

nice brassies there ted!

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Those were 11/0 seed beads from Jo Anne fabrics on a #16 TMC2447 hook. The dubbing is UV Brown, which looks more purple than brown. The ribbing is fine red wire ~5 wraps up the fly.

Also, the beads are as close to purple as I could find. It;s kind of an iridescent blue color.

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Here's a few more I tied up a while back in preparation for this summer's carping season.

Carp Carrot - Creator John Montana, very effective



Hare's Ear with Soft Hackle


Giant Pheasant Tail


This is something new I tried. It's pretty basic, just a dubbing loop of olive brown woolhead dubbing with a soft hackle collar. I'm hoping it hits the water a little more softly and has lots of action.


Here's a steelhead nymph, what I've known as the x-factor nymph. We'll see how the long rubber legs do with carp.


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All very nice. The dubbing you used for those carrots is a bit more drab than others I've seen. The carp I've tangled with in SE minn seem to favor more natural drab colors over the bright flashy ones so I bet those will nail em.

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I tried using the brighter dubbing once and it was like a big orange danger sign being waived in front of the fish. So, I took some of that, mixed it with some finer tan dubbing and squirrel fur to give it some extra bugginess. I like how it turned out and apparently the fish did too. I did well on these the few times I got out last year. This year I should have a little more time.

I really want to test out some variations of that woolhead dubbed fly, but they don't make a burnt orange version of that dubbing blend. I might have to resort to making my own blends again. If it lands as softly as I think it will(and still catches fish wink ), it should be an improvement over my current go-to fly, the Carrot.

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I bet it will, I have also had a ton of luck with rusty burn orange and carp. Maybe its crayfish? I dont know but they sure seem to love it. My go to carp fly is a rusty orange clouser swimming nymph

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Here has been the "go to" fly so far this year for me.. nothing fancy or special.. but the trout love it...


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What kind of dubbing is that made out of? You're fly tying is definitely progressing nicely.

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thanks.. its "Custom Angler Rabbit Dubbing Orange"... ordered it on the bay.. got 1.. and then 2 days later i got another one.. must've forgot they sent it out ha!

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SCORE! haha. Love when that happens. I had it happen with an Abu Garcia baitcaster a few years back. Unfortunately, I felt so bad about it, I had to send it back. It would be different if it was a $2 bag of dubbing though.

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Not much tying going on lately... but I'll throw one pattern I tied up earlier. It's a very simple beatis nymph. I got the pattern from a local off a different forum. Once these temps start picking up, I'm hopeful that this pattern will find the jaw of a hungry trout or two.


Miracle Midge - for tomorrow


Anyone else been at the vise lately?

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I like that beatis, haven't used one like that before. Looks cool.

I've been tying up pike flies, nothing fancy, just weighted and unweighted bunny flies. I did tie one onto a circle hook, we'll see how that goes. I think it will help my landing percentage on fish caught further away. I'll just have to remember not to strip set, just lift the rod.

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I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on those circle hooks once you get a bit of fishing done with them.

I've been putting together a list of materials I need to pick up for some warmwater flies and some hopper and popper patterns. Been doing a bit of practicing with deer hair patterns, but just haven't tied anything up that actually resembles a pattern yet. There is definitely a learning curve that comes with tying deer hair poppers. My biggest challenge right now is shaping the flies. I'm ordering a new kayak soon from Freedom Hawk that is specifically designed with fly fisherman in mind. A very cool product that will get lots of use chasing LM and Smallmouth bass, and northerns on some of the backwaters around here.

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I've seen a hook made by Tiemco which resembles a circle hook crossed with a caddis hook. I remember guys were raving about their hookup percentages going up. Hopefully this will do the same.

I remember those Tiemcos costing about $8 for 25 of them sick

I've never been good at the deer hair thing. If I want poppers, I go with foam. Though, cutting it is probably not as easy.

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Yuck! It really starts to hurt when those hook prices go up. I've got a few packs of Gamakatsu hooks that are $14 for 25.

The foam is interesting. It, to me, is a bit easier than deer hair. Definitely takes a still hand. I try to avoid playing with the foam most of the time since I like to have an adult beverage while I'm tying. I want to keep all of my fingers, and keeping them away from razor blades is the best way I know how.

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i have not been tying anything.... waiting for my terra vise to come in the mail... also picked up some unibobbers to try tying with them.. and maybe using them as indicators on skinny water.. super cheap right now with 0.01 s/h @ the big C... a bakers dozen of unibobbers are under $3 too right now if you're interested in checking these things out

nice looking nymphs there ted.. is that basically a skinny nelson with an epoxy back?

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My first pike streamer


- using heavy bass/pike fly white thread

- 1/0 straight streamer hook

-Some krystal flash and two peacock herls in the tail

And starting at the bend, working my way up the shank of the hook:

- white strung hackle wings, one on each side

- collar of red fur (bucktail)

- red strung hackle wings, one on each side again

- white strung hackle wrapped around the shank

- another collar of red fur

- white thread built up for a head, and whip finish

I'll add some eyes when I get out to the store for some epoxy.

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Chartreuse pike bunny fly


Just a simple bunny fly.

-1/0 streamer hook

-black kevlar thread

-Tie in a loop of 20lb fluoro behind where the shank starts to curve to keep the tail from wrapping the hook during casting.

-tie in zonker strip for a tail.

-tie in cross cut bunny strip.

-advance thread towards the eye

-wrap cross cut bunny around the hook shank up towards the eye.

-Tie off and trim cross cut bunny strip

-Build up head of thread

-I'll add eyes soonish laugh

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Nice looking flies Butter... I have a bunch of rabbit strips/zonkers and such coming in the mail so i can start tying up warm water flies

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So i finally got my rotary vise in.. i cannot tell you how much easier it is to wrap materials around the hook shank instead of trying to wrap it around myself with my chunk vienna sausage fingers... fly tying just got that much simpler laugh

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • leech~~
      Thanks for the update. May give it a try soon before it goes away. 
    • ozzie
      drove by it yesterday and it looked fine in the morning.  in fact we saw 3 deer walking across the lake as we drove by...
    • ozzie
      I was in the Hackensack area yesterday and there did not seem to be any issue with driving around the lake or getting on or off, but the time is coming especially with the temps in the next week or so.  It was more like walking in white sand yesterday than snow.
    • ozzie
      drove by it yesterday and it looked fine in the morning. 
    • Better Than Working!
      I have only fished Kab in September, but I will be up there the same weekend. I have caught multiple large pike there with jerk baits around weeds and rocks. I have also caught large pike trolling leadcore over deep structure in September. I would think, and this is highly dependent on the water temperature, that the larger pike will still be in the shallower bays. If the water warms up a little earlier they will be transitioning out to deeper structure. I would start in the bays, especially around weeds, and use what you are comfortable with and have confidence in. 
    • smurfy
      Great advice Rick!!!👍
    • Fishing DA Range and nort
      slow ice melt, better May fishing in my experience.   The year vermillion was froze on opening weekend we caught the most walleyes on other lakes early in the year, spawning seemed to collide with opening weekend.   Last year was the first time I fished vermillion in may, not opener however.        
    • Rick G
      Just a heads up. Ice conditions, and specifically access points have deteriorated rapidly since last weekend. I think our days of driving on to all but a few of our area lakes has come to an end for the season. I have been spending my week in the Annandale and Richmond areas. Most of the access points that are on hills with runoff or have south facing shoreline are gonna take a beating first.   The good news is, there is still plenty of ice on the lakes, although they are starting to get sloppy..... and the panfish are starting their yearly push toward the shallows.  Stay safe and good luck this weekend!!!
    • DavidJo23
      Hi! I have a fish finder and it usually really helps. I love having one in my kayak. where I live the water is always muddy, so you have no idea what is down there without one. Me and a couple friends fished an area not long ago that was 3 to 10 feet deep pretty much everywhere, but it was super hot out and I knew fish would be in deeper water. Paddled around and found an area that dropped off to 20+ feet deep, dropped some bait down in the hole and pulled up 3 black drum over 15 pounds. So, personally, I don't know why it doesn't help you...  
    • Lucca
      Hey guys and gals. I am going up to lake kabetogama around June 18 for 2-3 days targeting pike. I have been up several times and not caught anything over 25 inches. I want to try and locate a true monster this time. Any spot recommendations and or lure recommendations? Thank you!
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