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Pocket gopher trapping question


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Pocket gophers have invaded my property in the last several years. I didn't pay them much mind until mounds started showing up on my septic mound a couple weeks ago. So, I bought a couple traps and gave it a whirl. I caught that one. Then I went after the ones along my driveway. I've tried twice and they have foiled me both times. It seems they find the trap and then plug the run without getting caught. Is it a scent issue? What can I do to fool these critters?

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I don't know what traps your using but with the death clutch traps we use, I'll sometimes dig it down a little deeper in the hole and then sprinkle dirt over it to cover it a bit so it won't feel it when it crawls up. I also make sure the trap is pulled up tight to the stake and put some dirt on the frame so it won't move when he pushes up agianst it. If it keeps burying it just leave the hole open and go to another. It seems that when we get a buried trap it's easier to just relocate and catch him in a different hole. Hope this helps.


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Thanks for the reply! I'm using a Victor gopher trap. I've been digging just enough to expose the run and then pushing the traps in the holes in each direction. I will do some extra digging so I can bury the trap in the run instead of blocking it. Is scent an issue? Should I be careful about human scent on the traps? Thanks

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human scent is a bad thing when trapping any thing. make sure to boil your traps to clean them then always where gloves when handling them and i have found no matter what kind of trap i am using for gophers i seem to have way better success when covering the set with a piece af ply wood then put some dirt on it so no light gets thru. good luck i hope this helps.....

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Here is how we used to do it.

Take a piece of rebar or another narrow pointed piece of metal that

you can push into the ground.

Go out 1' from the mound and find a runway with your prod.

Continue to prod until you find a second runway.

Now, find where the two intersect and dig a hole to expose the intersection.

Dig the trap down a little..in the runway. Place dirt around the

edge of the trap and a little on the pan. I ran the chain up out of

the hole and anchored it on the outside.

Place a board, a few inches larger than the hole you dug, over the

top of the trap.

Cover the board with dirt and all of the edges so no light or air gets

into the hole.

Come back in the morning and bingo...there is your pocket gogher.

We never found it necessary to boil traps to catch goghers. This

way worked to catch hundreds of gophers.

Good Luck and keep us posted.


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That is how I used to do it back in the day. If I had a real tough one I would put 2 traps in the hole. One of them might be a conibear.

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i've trapped pocket gophers on and off for nearly 20 years. its really not rocket science once you get a system down. first, you clear the dirt from the mound to expose where the plugged hole is. open up the hole. either reach in with your hand or peer in with a flashlight. if the tunnel is longer than the length of your arm from your elbow to your wrist without any off shoots or intersections, you set a death clutch and leave the hole uncovered.

if the hole has an intersection or split near the entrance, set a pan trap (leg hold) and then use a mat of grass and dirt to cover the hole. i've literally paid for trips to florida and the east coast by doing a 2 week run of pocket gopher trapping in the spring and these methods have worked since my grandpa was a kid.

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Thanks for the replies everyone! The help is appreciated. I checked with the township where I live, there is no bounty.

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Don't worry about human scent with gophers as it don't make a bit of difference. Try not to make the hole any bigger than the gopher had it. I know not always possible but it does make a big difference.

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    • gimruis
      I'm quite shocked to hear that a walleye tournament is still doing a live weigh in.  Virtually every event these days around here is doing a catch, photo, and release format.   Regardless, nice work.  Congrats.
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end...   A great week of fishing with walleyes and saugers caught in good numbers.   The go-to presentation, again, was a jig and frozen emerald shiner.  Emerald shiners are a staple in LOW and walleyes love them.  Other minnows worked also, but emerald shiners are a favorite of anglers for good reason.   The Lighthouse Gap area, Morris Point Gap and just in front of Pine Island held nice fish in 17 - 21' of water.  Various schools of walleyes and saugers across the south shore.     A quarter ounce jig in gold, glow white, pink, orange, chartreuse, or a combo of these colors tipped with a minnow worked well again.   Some big pike and jumbo perch being caught by walleye anglers. On the Rainy River...  Some nice walleyes were caught on the river this weekend, although most anglers normally head to the lake.  12 - 15' of water is holding some nice fish.   Sturgeon fishing on the Rainy River is closed until the keep season starts up again July 1st. Up at the NW Angle...  Some nice walleyes being caught along with a mixed bag.  12 - 25 feet of water.  Points, neck down areas and bays with warming water were holding good fish this week.    The go-to presentation was a jig and minnow as on the south shore.  A mixed bag as is common around the Angle.  
    • leech~~
      Nice work!   Here's two words you hardly ever hear anyone say anymore.  "grateful and humbled"   
    • Brianf.
      RLG, thanks for the shout-out!     Jeff and I are still trying to wrap our heads around what happened this past weekend.  We are humbled and full of gratitude  for having won 'The Classic' for a second time.     We practiced through all the rain on Thurs and the wind on Friday and found six different spots holding big fish.  Fishing was good on both days with several 'overs' in our catch...but would it hold up for another day?   We didn't know.     On tourney day, we made a long run to our first spot where I lucked out on a 26.5"er on my second cast.  Jeff followed up with a thick 27" er a few minutes later, which turned out to be the big fish for the event at 7.26lbs.  We finished out our limit and weighed-in at 10:30 am for the welfare of the fish in our livewell.    There were some big weights in this event which would have won in most other years, but - for whatever reason - this was our day.  Everything just went our way.  Again, we are just super grateful and humbled by this success.  We also want to congratulate all the other anglers who did well and give a big 'thank you' to the tournament organizers who put on such a great event!  
    • SkunkedAgain
      I had a good start to the season on opener. Fishing was slow but consistent. I had four eaters in the box by lunch dragging perch raps. Crappies were biting. I haven't been up since so don't know how things have changed since then, but I'm sure the walleye continue to migrate out into the main basins.
    • redlabguy
      Let’s start this by congratulating Brianf and son for winning their second City Autoglass Walleye Classic last weekend. These guys know how to fish.  We just got to the lake for the season. Chores are almost done and I’m ready to fish.  red(new dog is more yellow)labguy
    • Jetsky
      I tried starting a 2024 Lake Vermilion Fishing Report topic but it doesn't show up on this board.   Maybe somebody else knows how to do it?
    • Mike89
      then use the BB gun after catching them!!!    and then enjoy rabbit dinner for revenge!!!   
    • leech~~
      Yep crazy. 🤪 I played goalie in HS and my two grandsons play hockey now.  
    • gimruis
      Hockey gear in general is very expensive.  I was in a Pure Hockey last month to get my skates sharpened and while they were doing it I looked around at gear.  A new pair of CCM/Bauer customized skates can easily top 1000 bucks.  Then you need everything else.  It would be several thousand before you had everything.  And then your kid grows like a weed so you need to buy bigger gear.   Then there's goalie gear.  That's enough to buy a small boat.   Nothing cheap about that sport by any means.
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