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What a TOUGH week of fishing


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I'll be the first to admit that I'm no pro on the water, but man oh man, was it ever a tough week on the big pond. I tried bobbers, lindy's, crawler rigs, pulling raps, 3 way setups with crawlers, leeches, worms, and rapala's; save for lead core, I don't think there's much I didn't try. I was on the lake as much as the weather would allow (no I didn't go out on Sunday - I just don't like taking the pounding anymore).

What's funny about my time on the lake was how many fish I had halfway or so up, only to lose them and my leech. All of these were with a lindy setup. I'd let them suck on the bait for 15 to all the way up to 35 seconds. I'd have my rod bent, but at some point, they'd get off, sometime with only the leech sucker attached. I hooked the leeches in the sucker, in the middle, in the tail. I used a double hook and a stinger hook, something I've never tried before.... same results; they'd get the leech and I'd get no fish.

The only fish I caught was a 17.5 incher (my first morning out) with a spinner and a half worm. This fish, I hooked right below the eye (yes, I tried doing it that way!).

I had a great week and look forward to my next time on Mille Lacs. Hopefully, next time we won't have a cold front followed by wind from 3 different directions, the last of which was from the East.

If anyone had good luck out there this last week, please feel free to enlighten me as to what I may have done or tried differently. And BTW, I tried anything from 6 to 31feet, rocks and mud, from the tops of structure to the sides and bottom as well as off the beaten path. I only fished where I graphed fish.

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I was stuggling on Sat. also! I only picked up 2 -21"-23" in 6 HRS of fishing.

I talked to a few fellow fisher people and the bite was tough! I caught both on on a SlowDeath set-up. Its fishing, not catching sometimes!

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I caught both on on a SlowDeath set-up.

Ahhh.... I read about that set-up just before leaving on vacation, but forgot all about it. Maybe that woulda put another fish or two in the boat?... Oh well, I still had a great week and will be back up as soon as I can.

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Was up on Sunday afternoon. Pulled Leadcore in the NE corner by shore, 1 mudflat, and 3 mile Reef. 2 perch, 1 of which was JUMBO, and 1 14" walleye. Slow for us too.

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i dont fish over there much any more

but even when i did about mid july was when i give up over there

it gets tuff til fall and i never really went over there then either fishing is good right here with 10 mins of home lots of options

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We had about 20 guys on a launch out of eddies Saturday nite, caught about 16 fish, with the biggest being 27, and an average of 22-24. Kept 4. Not bad for 4 hours of fishing during the dog days I thought.

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