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Hello I just moved back to minnesota and am living in owatonna as a kid I used to catch great size bass out of lake kohlmier in owatonna I have been going out all last week early mornign and caught a 14 ich eye lost about a 18-20 inch one at the bottom of the hole and missed 3 others but other then that am having no luck I am fishing right by the beach and found a spot that I had one hole in 5fow and the hole next to it in 7 fow I moved over 15-20 yrds and hit 11 fow in the shallower water I would bring weeds up with my bait at times so I feel its a good area with the dropoff at all I have heard of 1 or 2 20+ ft holes in the lake just dont know where they have the aeriation system going by the fishing pier and its open water around that other then that one day I have had no luck any tips or advice about where to try either closer to the aeriation or as close as I can safely get or if you know where the deeper hole is maybe that is the ticket.

I know alot of people dont fish it and I have even got a little [PoorWordUsage] from peopel for hitting it so hard but I just got a great feeling that I am gonna shock my friends and pull out a lunker or 2 out of there something tells me and I have seen a 4 lb eye caught out of there years and years ago so I know they are there dnr have stocked adult and fingerling walleye in there so I know they are there just dont know where if anyone knows anything about this lake that might help me I would appreciate it if you feel confortable emailing me my email is [email protected] thanks

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Most of the walleyes are caught in winter. Keep after them I guess. You could sort through 1,000 sunfish and not find one keeper! There are some nice bass in there...Check out the area by the bridge in the spring...sometimes they cruise through there after opener looking for a meal.

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13-14 ft. is the deepest you'll find anywhere in that lake & that would be in the North & N.W side. Sounds like you've had some fun though. L2f

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thanks for the advice like I said I havent fished that lake in probably 15 years but I used to catch 3-5 lb bass regularly I would come visit my dad on the weekends when I was a kid and I would just walk that shoreline but I talked to someone out there yesterday that said years ago the lake died out its a shame to hear that cuz there was some great bass in there I guess the dnr were shocked to see the size of some of them but they are working on getting it back to a decent little family lake. I just go out there when I dont have a ton of time mainly cuz I would rather be on the ice then sitting on the house so hopefully I can get some luck again exept that one good day its been nothing I know what you mean about the sunnies gonna take my nephews out the next week or 2 I think they will have a blast

Thanks for the replies

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I to used to catch nice Bass out of ther consistantly as a kid, but it did have a bit of a winter kill off about 6-8 yerars back. I remeber walking around the shore after the winter kill off in the spring and seeing some dead fish thinking this cant be All of the fish that were in this lake. I visited the web site and the DNR still privately stocks it with a vireity of fish from fry to adults. I had a ice house out there a few years back and i never targeted bass during the winter because they (in my opinion) are a very inactive speices in the winter.

But the jist of my post is to tell you i agree it is a fun place to fish when crunched for time. Also to tell you i had very good luck fishing the northern pike on that lake/pond/puddle with shiners i never got skunked it was a blast.

P.S. Cabela's dose not have shiners but Johns bait and takle in faribualt has them and anything else you could ever need or want and his prices are great i sometimes wonder if can even make any money at all selling some of that stuff so reasonably.

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The lake was drained, killed off and restocked. The deepest hole is actually closer to the center of the lake slightly to the east and south.


It's a great lake to take kids and get after the small sunfish. Sight fishing for them with your children is a blast. A great way to get them into ice fishing.

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    • DavidJo23
      Of cource, one of the good composting toilets will be quite expensive https://www.amazon.com/Natures-Head-Contained-Composting-Quarters/dp/B009Z7EKIC . May be, you should pay for it and just be sure that it will serve for good. 
    • redlabguy
      Jkrash is right. There’s a repeater for CBS, NBC and another channel  that runs old TV shows and judge Judy type shows near Chisholm. A good antenna can pick them up in Frazer Bay Area.
    • Uncle Rico
      They've got the dam pinched down to almost nothing, hence the lack of progress.  I dont see much changing until they start opening the dam up, unfortunately.
    • Luzaich
      Odd year.. open water was still just past loman as of noon today.. if you look at the satellite it looks like the whole river is open, but it’s just water on top of the ice and dark spots.. royal Dutchman says 14 inches of ice at vidas 
    • CigarGuy
      The Landing, Richie Bay and Partridge River. 52 degrees! If we don't get some moisture this spring, the water level is going to be low!
    • Wanderer
      You have some replies on your first post.
    • smurfy
      Just read a Jeff sundin report he updated today. On winnie done resorts are only letting quests out, some are still allowing trucks but that's on a daily basis. Most if not all are strongly suggesting ATV.   Haven't seen anything about bowstring.
    • CigarGuy
      Might be all gone by the end of the day. I'll take some pics when I get back, in Virginia now.
    • Kettle
      Have not fished there, there's so many lakes up there. Looking forward to June and taking the nephews into Kramer though. Yes west of 169 on Pokegama is a lot of water 🤣
    • macgruber
      We’re heading up to Lutsen area for the first week of April and I was looking for fishing ideas with kids.  Options I was considering: guided ice fishing if the ice is still decent, panfish on smaller lakes or walleye on Sag or shore fishing on superior.  I go up steelhead fishing every spring but that’s typically early for upper shore- maybe casting around river mouths?  I also haven’t done any shore fishing off break walls so I wouldn’t know where to start- if that time of year is worth it or would hold kids attention, depths to try, etc.  They do love climbing around rocks and beaches on shore and exploring.  Any ideas (even stuff I haven’t thought of) or advice would be most welcome!  Thanks in advance.
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