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I'm going to be making my first trip into Johnson Lake. I'm wondering if anyone here has done any camping on this lake and/or has been in recently fishing.

From the map I've got it looks like there are a few campsites here and probably at least one on Little Johnson as well. Appears to have some big walleyes and a decent smallmouth bass fishery.

I'm planning to portage a canoe back into the lake and stay for a few nights in September. I was going to rent a boat at the lone resort on the lake, but he told me he pulls out the first week of Sept.

In my minds eye, this lake seems like a pretty secluded beautiful lake to fish, but I've been fooled by my minds eye before smile

Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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It just happens I just got back from a weekend of campimg on Big Johnson Lake.

The trail is in excellent shape, you can easily pull a 14' boat down but I highly recommend a tilting trailer because coming out of the water is another story without one as I just found out.

When you go through the marsh, turn left and there are 3 islands. The one closest to the east shore, has a nice site.

Turn left around them and there is a beautiful site on the mainland on your left. With that site to your left and by where you should turn left to head towards little Johnson creek, there is another island in the center. It has a picnic table and a toilet which was clean. There are 2 other small Islands in front of the campsite on mainland that you cannot camp on, too rocky and steep. I would recommend any of the three places but on a windy day take the mainland site.

Now for the fishing, Fishing was excellent for Pike & Smallies. We caught some beatuful Pike. I only got one walleye, was 5bs 13oz. The mayfly hatch is just about done at Johnson which is what I think made the Walleye fishing tough. I didn't go in Little Johnson because it was too windy.

You should have a great time here, it is just like being on Kab with less traffic. I have fished here mainly in the winter and found fishing for walleyes to be good. You don't get a lot, but they are big. There is also lake trout in the lake.

Well good luck, and post back how your trip went.

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Thanks very much Hibbingite,

Sounds like you had a nice trip. That was exactly the info I was looking for. I was a little worried that it would be hard to find available campsites, but from your explanation I can see that there are at least quite a few options there. The mainland site sounds like it may be the best fit for me if its available that day.

That's the kind of walleye fishing I enjoy. I'd rather catch a few nice ones instead of lots of smaller ones. That's what I like about Little Long Lake, a couple of big ones lurking in that small lake.

Did you fish any of the deeper water or did you stick to the islands/points/and shoreline?

I'll get a post on here when I get back to let you know how it goes.

Thanks again

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I have fished Johnson, Little Johnson and Spring Lake. You should enjoy your trip. They are very pretty lakes and you enter at the very end of the road. The hike in with a canoe should be a nice trail but a little long. If you take some left turns out of the entry bay you should find some nice camp sites on Johnson. Had good success on a windy day once on a back (keep making left turns) bay. Nice rock to jump off near the entry in Spring Lake if you have kids. I am going into the BWCA this year in August but would consider Johnson again for sure. Have been about 5 times. Well worth the trip and you will probably see very few people in September.

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      Not many old hockey players here it looks like?   Probably all video game players! 🤭
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      gonna try chasing them too!!!!!!!👍 i gotta list of lakes i wanna hit next week.......just not sure what order yet!!!!!!!!!!🙄 decisions.......decisions!!!!!!!🥴
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      The water Temps on most lakes are low 60s. Crappies in the shallows on just about every lake. Best time of year
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      what lake!!!!!🤪🤗 i'm headed up tomorrow afternoon till sometime memorial weekend....... mabe head back home sat or sunday to avoid traffic!!!1 
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      Muskies? Lol
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      On the south end...   This year's MN Fishing Opener weekend was not only great weather wise, the walleyes and saugers were caught in good numbers.  A main fish gut hauler working with a number of resorts commented it was one of the most productive opening weekends he has seen based on the amount of fish guts collected after the weekend. The goto presentation was a jig and frozen emerald shiner.  Emerald shiners are a staple in LOW and walleyes love them.  Other minnows worked also, but emerald shiners are a favorite of anglers for good reason.   Four Mile Bay held good walleyes in 12 - 18'.  Not a surprise as the walleye bite on the river during the spring season was good and as of late, sturgeon anglers have been reporting catching walleyes on sturgeon rigs.   The Lighthouse Gap area, Morris Point Gap and just in front of Pine Island held nice fish in 12 - 15'.  Across the south shore, 18 - 22' was holding good numbers as well.  As you can see, there are lots of fish around.     A quarter ounce jig in gold, glow white, pink, orange, chartreuse, or a combo of these colors tipped with a minnow worked well.   As a reminder, the limit of walleyes and saugers is a combined limit of six fish, up to four of the six can be walleyes.  All walleyes between 19.5 - 28.0 inches must be released.  One fish over 28.0 inches can be kept.  The possession limit in MN is one daily limit of fish. On the Rainy River...  Some nice walleyes were caught on the river this weekend, although most anglers hit the lake.  10 - 15' of water was the norm.     Sturgeon fishing on the Rainy River has been excellent.  The catch and release season continues through May 15th and then closes until the keep season starts up again July 1st. Up at the NW Angle...  Some nice walleyes were caught in 18 - 25 feet of water, a little deeper than anticipated.  Points were good as were areas with structure.  The morning and evening bite was best.       As water continues to warm, go to spots for walleyes will be neck down areas, shoreline breaks, points and bays.     The goto presentation was a jig and minnow.   
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