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7 days and counting!

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7 days till I'm on Gull. I just got my lakemaster map last weekend, great looking lake! I've never been there so it will be interesting. I see a couple spots that have several humps in a line with the tops in the mid 20' range. I would think these would hold a few eyes?? Most threads tell that folks are using rigs with redtails or spottails (different bait?) Sorry never used them.:)

Has anyone been vertical jigging them with these minnows?

Thank you for any info!


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I'm thinking about the spots that match your description and yes they could have walleye's on them but any point, turn twist off of shoreline structure can as well. I'd start by looking right next to the weeds out to 20'then begin to search deeper (down to 35'or so). Last week was darn right tough on Gull (and I know not just for us). Did put some fish in the boat but that wasn't without many hours/day on the water. Most of the fish we did get acutally came on Leeches and not minnows (I'll explain the difference further down). Fish we did get were nice quality fish however. Smallest was 16" and the largest was a 24" (with anything 20"+ released).

Cold front that came in Sat./Sun didn't help things out any and more stable weather can only mean better fishing. I'd at least start out with a plain old fashioned "Lindy" rig. 6' or so snell. They can be caught on jigs but that's just what I'd use. Tip it with a big leech or a minnow...now to the difference in minnows.

Redtail = Redtail Chub

Spottail = spottail or silver shiner

Yes, two different baits. I'd stick with the redtails. somewhat easier to keep alive but have a hefty price tag (what the heck, it's vacation right?).

Good Luck


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Yes, it is vacation and I'm always glad to support the bait shops!

I did make up some 6' snells yesterday with #6 hooks, the pretty colored hooks in CH, Red, Glow, and for the daughter, Pink! nothing would tickle me more than to get her tied into a few eating size eyes, she's just 10 but she broke her leg two weeks ago sliding into third base, yes, she was safe but out of SB and swimming for the season, she will be my boat partner most of the time. I'll get some bigger hooked snells made before coming up or when I get there.

I did see the wind is suppose to switch to the N and NW next week but 7 days out is a ways to be 100% accurate, would rather see W for the next 15 days but, what-a-ya-do?

Thanks for the tips and the education, 15 years ago all I ever heard of was the bigger shiners and fatheads for minnows. It has been a while.

A friend is letting me use his GPS and we downloaded all the waypoints off the map. I should be in good shape for places to try. Hopefully we can present the bait right!


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I would also suggest throwing out a slip bobber with a leech or a redtail on some of those likely areas you are thinking about. The bass fishermen are talking about catching a number of walleyes up in 6-10 feet of water. So it might be worth pitching a jig and Gulp minnow or a Northland Mimic minnow. For minnows redtails are now the bait of choice by far. The temps are starting to get pretty warm now so for keeping bait alive I suggest an aerator along with adding ice to the bucket. Have fun on your week.

Jason Erlandson

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