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can you troll rattle traps rattlin raps


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I used to speed troll the big ones for northerns and did very well at about 4-5 mph. the big ones will go deep but they all seem very speed dependant. Also try vertical jigging them over deep water I've taken few that way as well.

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I've trolled rattle traps for pike all th etime--awesoem way to ctach fish--we usually trolled along side the weedline in like 12-15 fow and did well I want to say the 1/2 oz models with firetiger or black/gold working the best

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ive done real well once trolling them. got into the eyes and pike one evening. have had better luck casting them all other times.

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They troll nice. Depth is purely speed dependence as well as how long you let them sink before running them. I usually cast them out on the move when working under 10 feet of water.

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I have been trolling Salmo Zippers for years with great success for walleye and many other species.


Straight trolling or rip and fall presentations both work depending on the mood of the fish.

The "Rip-n-Fall" method works well on suspended fish. Actually a better description may be Rip-N-Fade..as fallowing the lure back on a semi tight line is best to eliminate tangles and for strike detection..often they hit on the drop with this presentation.

Find the school and if you see a baitfish pattern and hooks near bye or below the bait then try to rip-n-fall just below the baitfish. Walleye and other top predators often shadow these bait fish concentrations and pick off the odd ball falling away from the baitfish ball or school. Standing out from the school and being unique in the baitfish world...is a bad plan with hungry walleyes near. smile

Suspended walleye on whitefish patterns in mid summer and early fall is a good example of a Rip-N-Fall opportunity.

Another good lure is the Reel Baits Lytle's Secret Tail Spinner, for trolling and rip-n-fall. This is a flexible casting lure and has a ton of flash and wobble, and thump. Check them out on the net...a super lure for many situations. They come in weights ranging from 1/8 oz to 1.5 oz, several patterns to chose from too.


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I troll rattle traps quite often for pike with good success. Lately I've changed to the clackin' rap which I like better. And then there is the trusty daredevil.

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