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(1st Timer) Spring Turkey Hunting


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This spring will be my first time turkey hunting ever. I've come to learned a little about turkey behaviors in the fall, but i have no clue as to there spring behaviors. Any tips or guidelines would be great appreciated.

Planning on scouting a couple of weeks before the opener.

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Be prepaired to be humiliated! Not because this is your first hunt but because this is turkey hunting! Find a call that you can work. Watch some videos of hunts and read a turkey hunting book. This is my 11th year hunting and the birds still send me back to preschool. You are in for an adventure! Good Luck fellow rookie.

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One thing that you will come to realize is that every question has many answers. It's enough to to keep you up at night. Turkey hunting is a disease that only grows and grows. The only answers I have confidence in are the ones I've experienced. When it seems like there are no turkeys even alive in the area, don't give-up! These are the times that test me. Patience=confidence. Bring at lease 2 seat pads. I also bunch my raingear in the back pouch in my vest. It acts as a pad that fills in the gap between my lower back and the tree I'm setup on.

Comfort is the #1 key in patience, hence confidence. You will be finding yourself wanting to make something happen when all is quiet. Turkeys are more than likely nearby, you just don't know it. Moving too much in my first few seasons did me no good. Searching out for birds only works for me when they are far away.

Glass a field and get in front of the birds. Set-up and wait wait wait. Sometimes it takes an hour for a bird you're working to close those last few yards. Don't rush the shot. 40 yards or less is the standard kill distance. Just be aware that their superior senses keep them alive. Sit still and be patient. I've had birds spook hundreds of yards away while approaching a glassing spot. Most of all, Don't get discouraged!

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  • 'we have more fun' FishingMN Creators

When you're sitting pretend you have a deer looking right at you and you might be sitting still enough. When turkeys are in sight move even less unil they walk behind an obsticle. Thier vision is unreal as is their level of parania.

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These guys have good advice. Patience is a virtue big time. Remember though things can also happen in a heartbeat and often do. Your hunt might be over in the first ten minutes of legal shooting time. Like my buddy always says, "You can go from a zero to a hero just like that."

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I guess my advice to a new turk hunter would be to hunt out of a blind. You can get away with movement in a blind that you can't when next to a tree. You can always bring camo cloth to put in front of you as well. Call sparingly...if the turks are headed your direction after you call to them....don't call again, they know exactly where you are. If you do call call REALLY quiet. Are you bowhunting or gun hunting?

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Thanks for all the great advices. I will keep in mind all everyone has said.

rbs, since this is my first time i'll be gun hunting until i feel comfortable moving up to a bow. I've done both for deers, but will hold up on turkey.

Also, what kind of calls would everyone recommed? a Hand or mouth operated call? or both?

and what about decoys? does it work? is it worth it?

Thanks again for a the great advices!

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I have about every type of call...But my go to call is a slate. It just sounds good and I have killed some birds using it. I guess my next choice would be a box call. Go to cabelas and try them out. Pick the one that sounds the best to you. Thay come out with new and improved ones year after year.

Decoys...now thats a tuff one. I like to use decoys but some days they will come to them and others they will run away from them. All depends on their mood. Buy a jake and a hen decoy if you are going to buy.

Good Luck!

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Are you hunting public or private land. If you are hunting public land you probably should have scouted before April 15 out of respect of other hunters that will be hunting already. If private, you should start as soon as possible to better pattern their movements and don't stop there, scout year round. When deer hunting or small game hunting this fall, look for turkey sign too. As far as calls, you'd be better off starting with a box or slate since they will be easier for a beginner to learn. A mouth call can take some folks years to master and others will never learn how to use them but start practicing with a mouth call soon. By next year you may be able to use one and it'll free up your hands for soft calling when the bird is closing the distance. Like NoodleSalad said, purchase some DVDs on turkey calls and turkey hunting and read as much on the subject as possible. I've hunted turkeys for over 20 years in the Southeast and now the Mid-west and I'm still learning.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Tripp_315
      How’s the the smallie bite? I’ll be up on Friday 😎 ~Tripp
    • FishinCT
      Culling is not against the law in Minnesota unless you have a limit. (Which obviously applies in this case.)   They finally cleared up the language about it in the regs this year. 
    • delcecchi
      Since culling is against the regs in Minnesota, weighing in early is a great thing to do.   Congrats.
    • Rivergroup
      We're heading up tomorrow. Hoping for walleye but looking to mostly relax. We'll have leeches and minnows and any tips would be great. Just looking for enough for a good fish fry. Thanks in advance.
    • Jetsky
      Caught a lot of small ones yesterday in 20 -30 ft.  A couple of eaters.  Minnows on Lindys clearly out fished the leeches on Lindys.
    • Hookmaster
      Kudos for doing this. I'm sure a lot of fishermen would not have.
    • MikeG3Boat
      I know it has been raining all week but anyone have any walleye reports?  Heading up for the holiday weekend and want to do some fishing.
    • MikeG3Boat
      Partyonpine, Would you be willing to share in what areas you were getting some nice Bluegills?  I am on the east end on big bay and would like to find some good panfish.
    • partyonpine
      Opener and the week after were good.  Not the numbers we normally get but better quality in the East End.  Not surprised on the weights for the Auto City a.  Usually for us we only catch a few slot fish but we averaged 3 a day for 10 days.  2 overs, biggest 27 inches.     Our best luck was 12-16 feet for quality.  When we went deeper we caught more but smaller.  Bass were really starting to heat up.  For me little earlier than normal.  Found some nice Bluegills the day we went after some panfish.  Dock fishing was as many as we wanted per usual.
    • Shulsebus
      We will be up on June 8th for the week. It will be our 13th year in a row staying on the lake.  I hope the walleye are hitting the bobbers by the time that we get there. 
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