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The Gathering 2009

Tyler Voss

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April 18th & 19th in Perham

Anyone Going ?

I'm sure it is too far of a trip for some of you guys down south, but is anyone around the area going ? My grandpa, brother, and myself are going on Sunday. Should be a good time. This will be my first time going so I don't know what to expect. Hopefully see some nice decoys and maybe get some pictures.

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I went last year and I thought it was a good show. First one I ever attended. The main reason I went was to meet my dealer from MI. He can’t make it this year because of other obligations. Didn’t think I would make it last year being I was seeding wheat till the 12th. Sounded like a good crowd last year to. Little variety for everyone. Some of the decoys actually look alive.

Haven’t decided if I should go this year or not. I’ll know later in the week. It’s the closest show I know of. Get there early so you don’t have to rush thru it. Hrs are Sat 9 to 5. Sunday 10 to 4.

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I made it back from the show.

I saw EyeSlayer21 and company there.

I tried to help him find out more about his spear, but no one really knew much about it (other than it is nice, a couple guys were drooling over it laugh ), I couldn't help him with his Grandpa's lure though. crazyblushgrin

I looked for Wayne there but didn't see him.

Not sure how many others from here made it up there, but it was a good show for sure.

I saw some "floating" decoys that were pretty cool I am not sure how they would work. I am sure B-N-S would think those are out of control too. grin

Some guy had a decoy rig with a hole though the decoy so the decoy could be on top of a live decoy. What a great idea! laugh

As Elwood said we picked him up a John Petters for his fish mount and I also picked him up a Brad Lange finless decoy that does loopty loops in the water. (yep outta control there too! grin)

It was fun hagling and B.S.ing with all the carvers.

Larry Lange wouldn't give me a deal on his decoys (I guess you can't B.S. a B.S.er shockedlaugh ) but I bought one from him too.

It is good to see the younger guys getting into the sport.

I bought a few decoys from them (all workers) so now I have an even larger decoy collection. crazy

I have pics and some videos from the show I will post them here some time this week.

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Glad to see your back merkman! It was nice meeting you and I thank you for trying to help in finding someone who knew about the spear. While leaving the show, a guy actually approached my grandpa and bought that special lure for 30 bucks! The Big Mommas will love that! :P

As for this being my first show, I enjoyed it! Alot of clever ideas. My brother bought some of the flipper decoys and can't wait til next year to try them out. I wish I wouldn't have forgot my camera, because there were some amazing looking decoys. Hopefully I will be able to go next year!

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I got to get one of those for the HILLBILLY spinner cause then I can look at more than just pike in the hole grinlaughwhistle

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didnt know there was a decoy store in st cloud. those are some awesome decoys merkman posted. looks like i saved a ton of cash staying away.

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Dang it if I would have know there were going to be more members there I would have taken part of the day off from work and went to the show. Welcome back to the forums merkman. Thanks for the nice pixs. Being my dealer from MI couldn’t make it I didn’t really think the drive would be worth it but reading this forum I should have went.
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I am finally getting around to posting a photo of the new decoys I picked up at the gathering.

Here is what I ended up with.


The top 4 are all Jim Dorance decoys.

Even 2 spinners. laugh

The blue and cedar one is a Brad Lange

The larger red, yellow, cedar and white is a Cody Zitzow.

The bluegill is a Rick Whittier.

The two silver decoys are Adam Hammes.

The gold fish is a Larry Lange.

The natural fish is a Rick Wirth.

And the little red and white is a Bethel.

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that bluegill is out of control! Thats a awesome looking decoy!
then you should see the one sham made for me. AWESOME!!!
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ya i think i seen that, hes out of control as well! I want him to make me one like my bear creek red and white!

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    • leech~~
    • redlabguy
      We got .5” last night. Hasn’t affected the lake level yet. It’s been steady the past three days here (Frazer Bay). RLG
    • MikeG3Boat
      Water Levels I believe are now at a record high with all the rain last week, and more fell last night.  I hope it stops raining soon for all the people who have businesses and live in the area.  Water can do so much damage.
    • MikeG3Boat
      MarkB, Where did you find the perch?  I would love to get into some of those.  MarkB are you fishing more on the east or west end?
    • MikeG3Boat
      Where are the water temps now with all the rain?  Coming up for a week on Friday and want to see what I can find out.  I have had a very poor fishing so far this year.  New to the area and just can't figure it out.  Home is on the west end of big bay.
    • smurfy
      👍 dang that walleye is dark?????they all that dark out of that system?????
    • leech~~
      I think you got it! Nice Eye and hog Perch! 👍
    • MarkB
      I'm gonna try this picture thing again. Please bear with me.      Our buddy Greg with his best of the trip.     Above: Pike River bridge the morning we left.        Below: My cousin Tim caught these the morning after the storm.  
    • redlabguy
      Mark, Glad your crew had another great outing. It’s always good to read your reports. Just wish there were more of them like the old days. Sorry you hit the storm. One of the worst in our 14 years. We’ll be dealing with dock issues for a long time but nothing like the good folks in Cook have.  The fishing has come around a little since the storm. Definitely nightcrawler now. I don’t get far out of Frazer but the reefs are where the action is. Looking forward to hearing from you in September.  My best to you and Linda, RLG p.s. Our good old red lab, Ole, cashed it in last summer, but we have a 6 month old lab now who is learning the ropes up here (and teaching us we’re older than we think we are!)
    • Mike89
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