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Never fished a tournament, how do i get started?

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I can catch bass. I have an old boat. I don't have a partner. I want to get involved fishing "real" tournaments to try and take the next step in getting involved in tournament fishing. How do i do this? What steps do i need to take? Do i need anything to be involved? What do I do?

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Not much to it just find a tournament that you want to fish and sign up. Some require that you fish a full curcit others are a one off. Best thing to do is find a tourney that you want to fish and talk to the director. I haven't fished any tournaments in your area but there are alot of good ones in the St. Cloud area.

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What do you mean by "old boat"? If your boat has a functioning livewell and qualifies under the tournament rules, there are a number of circuits you could give a try. American Bass Anglers has some lower entry fee individual tournaments around the metro area. You could also fish that circuit as a non boater if need be.

You could also fish the Silverado Pro Am Bass Tour as a co-angler. You might want to check if they still have openings. Doing the co-angler side is a good way to learn the ins and outs of tournament fishing without the higher expenses that the pro side warrants.

You could also try contacting your local Bass Federation clubs and joining. A lot of clubs have tournaments as well as some really good service projects that they participate in.

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There are many many tourneys around the state and midwest. All species and entry fees. I would probably start at some local ones. Joining BASS or a local association can help alot too.

You will also learn much here in the forums from reading all the great articles.

When I started fishing tourneys a wise fisherperson told me one thing " Bring Money "

No matter how big or small the tourneys, there are alot of serious contestants. For the most part it's a pleasurable experience and you can learn alot.

If you look around you will also find many small tourneys with reasonable entry fees. BASS gives local qualifiers and most are one day events.

Best times I have nowdays is fishing small local tourneys with my grandkids.

Have a great day.

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I think the Co-Angler format that alot of tournies follow is a good one if you are looking to learn. You wouldn't need a partner either. Get yourself signed up and start learning.

I'm personally fishing the Co-Angler side of the FLW Walleye Tour this summer. I want to gain experience and learn new techniques and strategies. This will provide it and hopefully be a good stepping stone towards fishing the Pro side in the future.

Like the other guys have mentioned as well, plenty of opportunities from the Club level to the Pro level to compete. Gotta figure out what works for you but I think being a Co-Angler will teach you the ins and outs and what it takes.

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  • 2 weeks later...


Give me a call. I have been out of town for a couple of weeks. And I have lost your number.



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Yeah Jari...give Josh a call on the above post....we are in the South Metro Bass League.....fun and competitive, and right up your alley for a starter league!

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If you're into walleye fishing, check out the WWA (World Walleye Association) tourney's. They aren't huge so you can stand a chance. They are fairly inexpensive and the top ten teams of the year go to the Cabela's National Tourney. I'm going to try to fish the rest of them this year. I missed Sunday's do to family matters.

The bass league is great to give you a feel and so is being a co-angler. Nothing beets getting out and doing them and gaining experience no matter what you do.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • smurfy
      yeppers......nuttin more aggravating the boat motor issues!!!!!!!   what was the problem the first time???????
    • Hookmaster
      Nice fish Kettle. Hope it's really "fixed" next time.
    • Rivergroup
      Our group will be returning in September as well. Wish we were able to be there now to lend a hand.
    • smurfy
      dang...tough to hear..........hope the good people up there recover soon!!!!!!!!!
    • MarkB
      We just returned this afternoon from 6 days on Vermilion. We arrived Saturday and enjoyed 3 fantastic days of walleye fishing. My cousin, our friend Greg, and myself fished several of our spring spots and found fish on all of them. Water temperatures were pretty much 65-67 degrees everywhere we fished. The wind was variable and made boat control a challenge at times. Bait was not an issue and we had success on crawlers(Tim), leeches(Greg), and minnows(me). If I had to pick one of those as catching the most fish, it would be crawlers. Our best day totalled 48 walleyes, 4 smallmouth, and 2 big JUMBOS. We ended up with over a hundred walleyes, 12 jumbos 11"-13", and 10 smallmouth to 18". Our biggest walleye was 24.5" and the balance went from 13"-22". There are lots of 14"-16" walleyes this year which are perfect eaters. The mayfly hatch was in full bloom in some areas but we found very few mayflies in the water column over rock reefs. We caught our fish in depths ranging from 10' to 32'. I didn't fish in any area where I could see mayflies top to bottom in the water column. Slow trolling in the .3mph to .6mph worked and we caught nothing using slip bobbers. Terminal tackle was a 3'-4' 10# flurocarbon leader, 2 lime colored beads, and a plain #6 Gamakatsu walleye hook . Snags are always an issue when fishing in and around the rocks and when the fish are biting they are acceptable. NOW, for the bad news.......Tuesday was a day I won't soon forget. The area suffered devastating torrential rainfall. Lightning was non-stop for several hours and when things settled down, flood damage was everywhere. We checked our rain guage on the side of the cabin and we got 7 3/4 " in a little over 4 hours! Breezy Point road washed out, Mud Creek road washed out as did several others in the area. Cooke business area was completely covered with flood water. I would consider it a disaster area and should be declared as such. We couldn't find a dock anywhere that wasn't covered with water. People were stranded behind flood covered and washed out roads. Dock decking, limbs and such were floating everywhere in the big water. My group sends our prayers to the people of that beautiful country that lost their businesses, homes, and suffered damage to their lake properties. The people of that north country are resilient and we have confidence that they will recover. We stayed our final 3 days but didn't fish at all Tuesday. Our last 2 days showed the effects of the storm. Water temps dropped to 64 degrees and our premo fishing became 10 walleye days. We did manage to catch a dozen really nice jumbos. We plan on returning in September and we pray the area will have returned to normal by then. I haven't figured out how to transfer photos from my phone to my computer yet so no pictures at this time. Good Fishing and God be with you. MarkB
    • SkunkedAgain
      Word is that the river has peaked and therefore the town can start the process of recovering sooner.
    • smurfy
      Heard that too. Also heard 38 was closed for a but north of rapids due to flooding.    I know the water really came up when I was up last week compared to when I was there in April. 
    • Kettle
      Someone said 4 inches in the past week, more expected this weekend. A few roads, including county roads that are asphalt ended up with sink holes. Lakes are the highest I've ever seen in the 30+ years coming to the area and now living here. Several people lost trees Tues night
    • smurfy
      Dang Kettle  that bites. Great to hear fishing was good though.   How much rain you get up that way?
    • Dash 1
      50 in 6 hours is great. Boat issues really put a damper on a great day though. Hope you get it fixed quickly.  
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