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Cleaning out garage....few items for trade most brand new...


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Cabelas power auger cover- used once. I got a topper for my truck now I really don't need it.

stay n charge system that hooks up to the truck and boat and charges your batteries while trailering your boat new, but no packaging.

Strikemaster lazer hand auger, used but not much. blades are in real good shape.

Looking for -

planer boards

VHF marine antenna

Spotlight for boat

Or pretty much whatever you think a guy might need....

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I'd be interested in the Ram mount.

I have the following dvd's:

Just Big Muskies Volume 1

Just Big Muskies Volume 2- Just Mille Lacs

Just Big Muskies Volume 3- Just the Shield

I watched these 3 one time each.

Simply Fishing's Best of 2004 Pure Muskie featuring Bob Mehsikomer- Got this one used and watched it once. No problems.

REply here or shoot me an email.


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I'm interested in the ram mount for the X67c if it is still available. I have a lot of topwater lures to trade and can send pics if you're interested. Some examples are Zara Spooks, Poppers, and other misc lures. Let me know if you're interested.



[email protected]

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Whatcha want for the stay-n-charge system?

I got a minkota endura 36 lb thrust trolling motor.

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Honestly Wade I would feel bad taking that from you for the stay n charge...I don't think its worth as much as a trolling motor is and frankly I wouldn't have any use for it.

I'm pretty easy, but certainly don't want to take advantage. Come up with anything else I can use and its yours. I bought it 3 years ago and its been sitting ever since.

How about planer boards, round tip ups, lindy rigs, whatever...I'm just spitballing here. Let me know if you can think of anything else...maybe we can get a 3 way trade if someone else needs a trolling motor.

Sorry Basspatrol it is gone...I will update the list.

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setterguy, would you take some hand tied bucktails for the stay n charge? Are there instructions with it?

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I guess I would, sure but to be fair I would like to give Wade a chance to come up with something since he was interested first. If something falls through there I'll let you know.

Are they muskie buck tails?

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I can't top the musky bucktails but I do have a round tip up. The planer boards I have are full size wooden ones and I use them on the pond. (Superior)

How about a new 12v 7AH battery for the marcum/vex?

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I'll take the battery, can't ever have too many of those. I'm not really looking to get $ for $ value, just seeing if people can use the stuff I can't and Vice Versa.

Those bucktails do look nice...I'll have to talk to him anyway I think.

Email me and we will figure out details.

jnovatney @ g mail. c o m

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Whats the size of the power auger cover? Do you think it would fit my Nils?

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I guess I don't know the dimensions of your auger, lets put it this way, It fits my strikemaster WELL. Not tight, not loose but just about perfect. I think the Nils have a longer auger? If you tell me the dimensions I can try and see what I can find out.

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setterguy, we can do a 3 way trade if you want some bucktails. I need a new set of planer boards!

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • smurfy
      Heard that too. Also heard 38 was closed for a but north of rapids due to flooding.    I know the water really came up when I was up last week compared to when I was there in April. 
    • Kettle
      Someone said 4 inches in the past week, more expected this weekend. A few roads, including county roads that are asphalt ended up with sink holes. Lakes are the highest I've ever seen in the 30+ years coming to the area and now living here. Several people lost trees Tues night
    • smurfy
      Dang Kettle  that bites. Great to hear fishing was good though.   How much rain you get up that way?
    • Dash 1
      50 in 6 hours is great. Boat issues really put a damper on a great day though. Hope you get it fixed quickly.  
    • Kettle
      Well boat finally got "fixed" and I picked it up Saturday. Last week worked 96 hrs so Sunday wanted the day to fish alone. Boat ran great out to the spot, 4 miles or so. Fishing was great boated over 50 walleye in about 6 hrs. Caught them lindy rigging, jigging and bobber fishing watching them on the live scope. Kept 6 between 18-20 inches. After using the trolling motor for the entire time fishing, go to fire up the tiller and it bogs down and dies. Another 4 hours running the trolling motor back to the launch. Fortunate it's under warranty. Bummer of a day but fishing was great landed one about 7 lbs too  
    • Dash 1
      Terrible news for that area especially this being such a prime time for tourism. We can only hope for dryer days ahead so they can get back to normal.
    • SkunkedAgain
      For those not in the area, the Lake Vermilion area got anywhere from 5-10" of rain the other day (depending on your source). The lake is rising rapidly affecting docks, shorelines, and cabins. The Littlefork River that runs through Cook overran its banks and flooded the town. It's not expected to crest until at least Saturday, which means things will get worse. Places such as the Comet, the Muni, the library, and many other businesses are flooded. Many roads in the area have been destroyed by flooding as well. There's lots of damage. Below are two quick links.   https://www.northernnewsnow.com/2024/06/20/floodwaters-inundate-city-cook-evacuation-location-open/   https://www.mprnews.org/story/2024/06/20/cleanup-continues-flooding-in-northeast-minnesota-southern-minnesota-rivers-rising
    • delcecchi
      Apparently just the motorized portage.   If you paddle you are good to go.
    • CigarGuy
      The only way I could do it is running parallel to the shoreline on the "L", but with the wake from the boats and my rocky shoreline, the waves just bounce it around too much, even with bumpers tied off. My neighbors dock is recessed off the main channel, I'm going to sweet talk him into letting me dock it there.
    • partyonpine
      They closed the Trout Lake Portage down washed out.
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