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SOLD@@@$3500 7x12 Fish house Lets move this out! SOLD

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For sale is a very nice customized fish house. This fish house is ready to fish, and is loaded with all kinds of extras. To start off, I'll just state the basics about this house. It's dimensions are 7x12; 2x2 construction with 2x4 floor, ceiling and corners, it has a sloped steel roof, nice indoor/outdoor carpet, vinyl siding, 1 year old vinyl windows, strong custom built square tube metal frame(good for long trips and lake roads), road licensed (licensed as a camper) Insulated floor, 30,000 btu Quadra-fire Direct vent gas fireplace with thermostat ($1700 retail value) couch on one end that folds down into a bed, booth on the other end that drops into a bed (storage under both couch and booth), 4 fishing holes with carpeted covers and brass trimming. 4 mounted rattle reels, 2" ball hitch with safety chains, 100# propane cylinder mount(cylinder could be included if necessary), New tires this season, with spare tire. Bull dog jack with mount by each tire to quickly remove tires and drop to the ice. New wheel bearings this season. Custom made Heavy duty insulated door with fold down seat attached to interior. Custom made Cabinets and coat hangers. 12 volt lights and wiring with 12 volt deep cycle marine battery. 12 volt auxiliary plug ins, 12 volt Porch light, 12 volt Solar trickle charger, CD player with removable faceplate and Ipod aux hookup Carbon Monoxide detector. New paint on the outside frame. Knotty pine interior. I could also include hummingbird depth finder that is mounted in side for a little extra if wanted. The interior of this house is in excellent condition, the exterior is in good condition also. The house really is appreciated more when seen in person.

If you want a fish house that you can take your wife, girlfriend, kids, or buddies out to and fish with the comforts of home, then this is the fish house for you. I slept out in this fish house quite a few times very comfortably with the thermostat controlled fireplace and insulated floor. The frame and axles are very sturdy and you wont be found broken down on the side of the road fixing an axle or leave spring unlike many of the fish houses with cheaper built axles or leave spring designs that aren't as sturdy.

Selling because I need to pay for new truck.

asking $3500 contact me at 1-507-828-4526 More pictures available upon request.










This unit is sold.

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I'll take $2700 with out the Fireplace in it. Also willing to do Partial trades for Hunting gear, guns, range finder, or a nice portable fish house.

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Where are you located at? I am very interested I think we could work out a deal. Do not need the heater have a portable that may work in the trade.

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I have moved this now to my rental place on lake plantaganette about 10 minutes south of Bemidji, It is still for sale. Matt, sending you an email.

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I don't know the exact age, the frame is 3or 4 years old, along with the stove and most of the interior and windows. Door and cabinets, and some of the other stuff is a year old.

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Would you deliver to NW IOWA. Also, How much would you need if I paid straight cash in hand?

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Would you deliver to NW IOWA. Also, How much would you need if I paid straight cash in hand?

I possibly could, What part of Iowa? Call me up and we can talk prices. I am negotiable. 507-828-4526

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OK, that's not too bad. If I had a guarantee that you would buy it/deposit, yes I would deliver it.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • leech~~
      This is a darn good practice!  
    • CigarGuy
      When I left there last Thursday, I had my boat as high as it would go on the boatlift. When boats would go by too close it would rock a little bit, so I tied the 4 cleats to the lift.  I might have to pull the darn thing off and park it around the corner at the neighbors dock while I'm there. With my rocky shoreline, I can't leave it tied to mine, it gets the crap beat out of it from boat waves. I'll have to pull it when I head home....that means removing the canopy on the lift, what a bummer. Who would of thought this could happen when the water was so low this spring!!!
    • SkunkedAgain
      On the FB page, people are reporting more than 5" of rain from today's storm.
    • SkunkedAgain
      I saw the rain forecast and then zip-tied all of my dock pallets to the steel dock. Of course, I only do one side so that if the waves start popping the pallets up, they will just lift and fall back down instead of floating the entire dock up and down.
    • PSU
      Nice fish! Any rain total updates so far? Getting a bit nervous about our dock boards
    • Hookmaster
      Shaweeeeeet Brian!!
    • Brianf.
      Mother Nature gave me quite a thrill on Father's Day. 
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end...   The walleyes are biting!  A great week of fishing with a combination of jigging and pulling spinners the go to methods.     Most walleye fishing is taking place between 21 - 24' of water.  When you locate fish on your electronics, either anchor up and jig or simply drift with spinners and crawlers (or troll if there is no wind) through the schools.   When jigging, gold combined with a bright color such as glow white, pink, orange or chartreuse is a hard combo to beat.  Use a fathead minnow, rainbow or a frozen emerald shiner.     When hooking the minnow, it is helpful to hook the minnow through the mouth and out the gills, pushing the minnow all the way up the hook to the jig head.  Re-hook the minnow as far back as possible.  This will catch the short biting fish.    Use a two ounce bottom bouncer with a two or three hook snelled spinner and a nightcrawler.  Some good blade colors are gold or gold combined with gold, orange, glow red or pink.   As happens most years in June, another good walleye bite fired up in various areas of the south shore in 5 - 10 feet of water.  Oftentimes, minnows spawning pulls in hungry walleyes creating some excellent fishing.     Some big walleyes over 30 inches being caught, along with the eaters, smalls and slot fish between 19.5 - 28 inches that must be released.   Anglers can keep a combined limit of 6 walleyes and saugers.  Up to 4 can be walleyes.  All walleyes 19.5 - 28.0 inches must be released.  One fish over 28 inches may be kept. On the Rainy River...  The river is flowing with a strong current.  Consequently, fish are being found in areas just out of the current.     Jigging with a minnow is effective when you are on fish.  Otherwise, pulling spinners and trolling crankbaits along shoreline breaks against the current in 6 - 12' of water is producing a mixed bag of walleyes, saugers, pike, smallmouth bass and an occasional crappie.   The Lake Sturgeon season opens July 1st.     The river is a great summer option with 42 miles of navigable river and many nice boat ramps.   Up at the NW Angle...  The fish are snapping up at the Angle.  Another great week of fishing amongst the 14,552 islands in these parts.     Minnesota waters are producing nice walleyes. Some fish being found off of deeper structure.  Some nice opportunities are shallow based on forage, hatches, minnows spawning, etc. Pulling spinners with shiners or crawlers has been effective.  When you are on "a spot on a spot", jigging is the best technique.     Trolling crankbaits is working well and is a nice way to cover water and put your lure in front of a lot of fish.     In addition to walleyes, saugers, pike, jumbo perch, crappies, pike and smallmouth bass are also in the mix.   Muskie anglers caught some nice fish this past week.  No specific pattern as the cold spring has fish still settling into summer.  The lake boasts a healthy population of fish, many in excess of 50 inches.
    • Jetsky
      I'm catching them on bobbers and leeches.  Try fishing smaller side bays on the edge of some rocks but not in the rocks.  Fish in about 6 - 10 feet of water.  The bite starts about 7:30 pm till 9:00 pm.  I also noticed a few may flys hatching in the areas I'm getting success.  I think they're coming into the bays in the evening to feed on the mayflies.
    • SkunkedAgain
      Generally I agree with your assessment Gimruis. Nobody likes a nanny state, but the harsh reality is that without rules and regulations far too many people take advantage of limited natural resources. There are those that will never follow the rules regardless, as well as those that don't recognize that as more people catch more fish, we all need to keep less.   I've eaten a few SM in my life, and they taste just as good as a walleye or northern. However, I would bet that 80% or closer to 90% of all people catching SM practice catch-and-release. Therefore I am not sure what a slot is going to do in this specific situation. Maybe the DNR has some good theories but I doubt the main culprit is the number of large SM being kept for food. I assume that it is a contributing factor but not the main one.
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