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Nobles county PF acquires more land!!!!

Eric Wettschreck

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Way to go Nobles!!!!!!! For those not in the know, the Nobles county PF chapter has done HUGE things for habitat. Here is just another example of their work. From the Worthington Daily Globe .

WORTHINGTON — The Nobles County Pheasants Forever chapter will celebrate the recent purchase of two parcels during the organization’s annual banquet later this month in Worthington.

The newly acquired land includes a nearly 18-acre parcel purchased from John and Yolanda Donkersloot and a 23.4-acre parcel purchased from Gary and Virginia Drost. Both properties are located in Section 26 of Bigelow Township.

Local PF Chapter president Scott Rall said the acquisitions, finalized in late February, are key to improving wildlife habitat in southern Nobles County.

“Wildlife habitat does best in complexes,” Rall explained. “You will raise more pheasants, more ducks, more game in one large tract than you will in the same amount of acres split up into five or six small tracts.”

The two new parcels adjoin land previously purchased by the PF chapter, including Pheasant Run 1. Two other parcels in the neighborhood — former Hallstrom and Christopherson properties — were acquired in 2008 by the organization.

“We’ve completed seven land acquisitions in 18 months,” said Rall. “That makes your local chapter truly one of the leaders nationally from a habitat on the ground perspective. We were fourth in the nation and second in Minnesota for the last reporting period for dollars raised and habitat produced.

“I think there’s a very good chance we’ll be No. 1 in the nation for the next reporting period,” he added.

As with all of the land previously purchased by the Nobles County PF chapter, the two recent acquisitions will be transferred to the state to be developed as wildlife management areas. Rall expects the transfer to be completed by Dec. 1.

Rall said the latest land purchases make it possible to connect smaller parcels previously purchased by Pheasants Forever in Bigelow Township and square them off into a complex. Doing so makes it easier for hunters to identify the boundaries of the public hunting ground.

The marginal land also meets the organization’s objective. The Donkersloot parcel has been enrolled in the CRP program, and the Drost land will be seeded to grass this fall by the Department of Natural Resources.

While there will be a definite boost to wildlife with the purchase of the two parcels, the acquisitions will also benefit the Okabena-Ocheda Watershed District.

“The reason that we are excited (is), as a watershed district, we get habitat, plus the public gets these other benefits too,” said OOWD administrator Dan Livdahl. “It’s been a great partnership locally in Bigelow Township.”

Livdahl said the new acquisitions are located within the Lake Bella wellhead protection area, which is why both the watershed district and Worthington Public Utilities offered funding to help purchase the parcels.

“The Christopherson property is a very high priority area and an area that Lake Bella’s well field recharges from,” said Livdahl. “Holding water there should improve water quality and the amount of water that’s available for the city of Worthington.”

Other agencies also contributed to the funding pool for the land acquisition. Livdahl said money was received from the Build a Wildlife Area program, the Minnesota Habitat Fund, and a grant through the North American Waterfowl Conservation Act.

The Minnesota Habitat Fund, created by metro-area Pheasants Forever chapters, distributes money to chapters in Greater Minnesota involved in projects to improve pheasant habitat; while the Build a Wildlife Area program involves matching funds from corporate sponsors.

“Each privately-raised dollar can be matched four or five times,” said Rall of the program. “Those dollars are doled out to many different area wildlife projects.”


This isn't just about land for pheasant hunting. This is a win-win for everyone and a great example of different orginazations working together to accomplish a common goal. This will not only help with pheasant habitat, but a large variety of habitat for other animals as well, not to mention the assistance to the watershed. Once again, good job guys.

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Relay the thanks to all who help and volenteer, That is great. And I appreciate there efforts.

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We (Nobles County PF) Have our annual banquet coming up March 27th if anyone is interested in attending. It will be held at the Longbranch in Downtown Worthington. Doors open at 5pm meal starts at 7pm with Raffles and Auction at 7:20.

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  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • redlabguy
      Mark, Glad your crew had another great outing. It’s always good to read your reports. Just wish there were more of them like the old days. Sorry you hit the storm. One of the worst in our 14 years. We’ll be dealing with dock issues for a long time but nothing like the good folks in Cook have.  The fishing has come around a little since the storm. Definitely nightcrawler now. I don’t get far out of Frazer but the reefs are where the action is. Looking forward to hearing from you in September.  My best to you and Linda, RLG p.s. Our good old red lab, Ole, cashed it in last summer, but we have a 6 month old lab now who is learning the ropes up here (and teaching us we’re older than we think we are!)
    • Mike89
    • leech~~
      No can see?  
    • smurfy
      yeppers......nuttin more aggravating the boat motor issues!!!!!!!   what was the problem the first time???????
    • Hookmaster
      Nice fish Kettle. Hope it's really "fixed" next time.
    • Rivergroup
      Our group will be returning in September as well. Wish we were able to be there now to lend a hand.
    • smurfy
      dang...tough to hear..........hope the good people up there recover soon!!!!!!!!!
    • MarkB
      We just returned this afternoon from 6 days on Vermilion. We arrived Saturday and enjoyed 3 fantastic days of walleye fishing. My cousin, our friend Greg, and myself fished several of our spring spots and found fish on all of them. Water temperatures were pretty much 65-67 degrees everywhere we fished. The wind was variable and made boat control a challenge at times. Bait was not an issue and we had success on crawlers(Tim), leeches(Greg), and minnows(me). If I had to pick one of those as catching the most fish, it would be crawlers. Our best day totalled 48 walleyes, 4 smallmouth, and 2 big JUMBOS. We ended up with over a hundred walleyes, 12 jumbos 11"-13", and 10 smallmouth to 18". Our biggest walleye was 24.5" and the balance went from 13"-22". There are lots of 14"-16" walleyes this year which are perfect eaters. The mayfly hatch was in full bloom in some areas but we found very few mayflies in the water column over rock reefs. We caught our fish in depths ranging from 10' to 32'. I didn't fish in any area where I could see mayflies top to bottom in the water column. Slow trolling in the .3mph to .6mph worked and we caught nothing using slip bobbers. Terminal tackle was a 3'-4' 10# flurocarbon leader, 2 lime colored beads, and a plain #6 Gamakatsu walleye hook . Snags are always an issue when fishing in and around the rocks and when the fish are biting they are acceptable. NOW, for the bad news.......Tuesday was a day I won't soon forget. The area suffered devastating torrential rainfall. Lightning was non-stop for several hours and when things settled down, flood damage was everywhere. We checked our rain guage on the side of the cabin and we got 7 3/4 " in a little over 4 hours! Breezy Point road washed out, Mud Creek road washed out as did several others in the area. Cooke business area was completely covered with flood water. I would consider it a disaster area and should be declared as such. We couldn't find a dock anywhere that wasn't covered with water. People were stranded behind flood covered and washed out roads. Dock decking, limbs and such were floating everywhere in the big water. My group sends our prayers to the people of that beautiful country that lost their businesses, homes, and suffered damage to their lake properties. The people of that north country are resilient and we have confidence that they will recover. We stayed our final 3 days but didn't fish at all Tuesday. Our last 2 days showed the effects of the storm. Water temps dropped to 64 degrees and our premo fishing became 10 walleye days. We did manage to catch a dozen really nice jumbos. We plan on returning in September and we pray the area will have returned to normal by then. I haven't figured out how to transfer photos from my phone to my computer yet so no pictures at this time. Good Fishing and God be with you. MarkB
    • SkunkedAgain
      Word is that the river has peaked and therefore the town can start the process of recovering sooner.
    • smurfy
      Heard that too. Also heard 38 was closed for a but north of rapids due to flooding.    I know the water really came up when I was up last week compared to when I was there in April. 
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