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Fish Green last night with my neighbor from 3 till around 7. We started out by the point to the right of the access not many houses left in that area. I drilled about 20 holes and marked very few fish and didn't catch any. Before sunset set up on south end in around 22'. The first hole I drilled marked plenty of fish the problem getting them off the bottom. In 2 hours manage 2 crappies both close to 11". A very tough bite to say the least I caught both on waxies about 3' off the bottom. The bite was quite a bit different then a month ago and will probably stay off the lake until March. Good luck and hope this helps someone


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Sounds like the same thing that everyone is experiancing out there. You have to punch a lot of holes and stay away from crowds. Try using a bro bloodworm in chartruese, with no bait.

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rob d

Just wondering how the ice is? Thinking about going out early saturday morning but dont want to go swimming.Also anyone been having any luck?

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I whent out there to day it was all good. people out driving like normal on green lake. still some water spots but by friday it will all be hard. still 2 feet or more of ice on there

i had my best luck working around the crowds in 25feet or more feet of water.

good luck..................

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rob d

Thanks for the report JACOB09.

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Went to Green on 2/17/09 from 3 to 7. Lots of crappies on the camera, not a single biter. Saw a big pike taking a nap on the bottom, thought it was dead until he took off. 25 FOW

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    • jgrimmz
      I will be, but I'm going to be sad since all the perfect hunting weather over the last three days rolls out just in time for opener 🤦‍♂️
    • Cliff Wagenbach
      Yes that is correct. Try the BWCA forum. Cliff
    • MJ1657
      I just got back from scouting. There were a few ducks on our pond. 
    • Mike89
      good luck all!!
    • Steelhead Chaser
      Water temp is 67 degrees in Stillwater this morning.  You can find the water temp from the following website.  Hopefully it's ok to post it.    https://waterdata.usgs.gov/nwis/uv?site_no=05341550    
    • MJ1657
      We are
    • Jessica Palmer
      I apologize for bumping this old topic, but I have done quite a bit of research on this, so I want to share my experience. We have one, but it is not the most heavily used piece of furniture in the house. It's in the study, so that one of us can be reading while the other is on the Internet or doing desk work, i.e., we can still be in the same room for conversation. Although it's one of the less expensive models, it is wonderfully comfortable.

      The main price differences are due to the amount of padding from one model to another, and the grade of leather in which you choose to have it finished. Also, some have attached headrests or headrest pillows. Unless the manufacturing policy has changed, some (all?) models are also available in microfiber cloth upholstery rather than leather.

      One of the main advantages of the product line is that most of the models come in a choice of sizes, so that it's possible to match the model to the size of the person most likely to be using it. For example, the Diplomat, Consul, and Ambassador--still the least expensive models, I think--are all the same shape and have the same stitch pattern on the upholstery but are different sizes of the same chair for different sizes of bodies. . . . If multiple people will be sharing a single chair, however, it is generally best to pick the size appropriate to the largest person, i.e., largest basic body frame size. My wife is petite but still quite comfortable using the larger Ambassador.

      If searching online, Stressless is the U.S. product marketing name, but also look for "Ekornes" (Eh-kor-ness), the name of the Norwegian manufacturer. They do have occasional national sales, but not on any predictable schedule, or at least none whose timing I've been able to figure out.

      We bought our chair from Amazon https://10restbest.com/best-zero-gravity-chair the online name of a furniture store in central Massachusetts. I usually try to "shop local" and would have been glad to buy it from a local furniture store with whom we'd done business for years, but they would charge a $65 fee to transport it three miles to our house, whereas the place in Massachusetts offered free delivery. On YouTube there are a lot of interesting videos on this topic, I will share with you, one of them, hope this will help someone. Good luck  
    • Darrell Larson
      History_Geek, I'm guessing the Vermilion area your referencing is the Vermilion by Hasting Minnesota/Wisconsin border area, this page is regards to Vermilion in northern Minnesota, approx. 200 miles north of that area your requesting info on. I have never seen a cat fish up here, they might be here I just have never seen one here. just saying. Good luck keep searching someone on FM will help with your ?.
    • gimruis
      Who's all going out on Saturday for the real opener?  Good rain and cooler temps have arrived.
    • leech~~
      Yeah, they are talking about Muskrats, not sewer Rats!  But Welcome to the forum.  😅 Have you checked out the Trolling thread? 😉