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Fished the River twice this past weekend and targeted panfish in the 4-20' depths.  The areas I found most productive had a couple things in common, rock rubble, current breaks causing a deflection of

Was nice to hear that the Croix upstream of Stillwater was pretty much normal level, so I fished out of Osceola yesterday. Was an absolute beautiful day to be out! Didn’t get as hot as expected, nice

Fished the Hudson area yesterday morning solo from 6:00 am to around noon.  Total of 8 walleyes and sauger between 12 and 16 inches.  No other species caught.  2 were above 15 inches.  All on troll-to

Posted Images

Is the Ice still hanging in there in the center of the river???

Around Bayport it is fine, no change.

I went out Saturday afternoon from 1pm to 6pm. Slow bite, lots of lookers no matter what I threw at them. Managed to take home four fish.

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Sounds like mixed results this weekend. Honda found some in the middle of the day (just as I left frown )

Luck, you did nothing wrong. That's the way it's been. Lot's of lookers, few takers. For what it's worth, I've had my best luck with a red hook and smaller minnow about 3' off the bottom, or a red Diamond Jig and small minnow. Seems they want it held still, jig it and they're gone.

Good luck everyone, keep 'em coming.

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Does anyone know what the big shindig is this Sat.? Yeah, I'm a fishingmn.com noob...lol! Sounds like a great time. Any info is appreciated....


How does one get a photo to be the avatar?

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Does anyone know what the big shindig is this Sat.? Yeah, I'm a fishingmn.com noob...lol! Sounds like a great time. Any info is appreciated....

Happy to have ya! Check it out here:


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My best luck for crappie the last two weeks has been using my St Croix Legend UL rod(with a medium spring bobber) and a 5mm Tungsten Fiska jig tipped with two red maggots. Swim up and down about a 1/4" and pause...look for some type of disruption while swimming the spring bobber. Sometimes a still presentation works well too. They are biting very light, if the spring bobber moves up or down 1/8"...set the hook.

For my set line I'm using a small green-glow Genz bug tipped with a very small minnow, set below the smallest Ice Buster slip bobber. The bobber is weighed or cut so there is just a pimple of the bobber showing. Many times in the morning and evening the set line catches more, but when they shut off minnows the Fiska /Maggot combo continues to catch fish. I'm going to try the plain hook and a minnow technque and see how that works.

Last year you could tied on a #3 jigging rap in December and take it off in March and catch all the walleyes and crappies you wanted. Not this year.

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iiccee I see you got a picture posted. Nice.

Still having questions about the avatar?

Do the same thing as your photo but instead of clicking

"img code" click "direct link" then right click copy then paste when you are on the profile page.

Hope this helps

You can also can resize the photo's for posting up to, I beleive, 600x800 at your photo hosting site.

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I'm using gold with a yellow bead (5mm). Found them at Gander Mountain in Lakeville, they have about 5 left. I ordered almost $30 worth on the bobber down site. Just do a search on Fiskas. My buddy used perch colored Fiskas at 4mm tonight and did well also. Sausage

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Was out this morning...found more of the active fish about 6 feet off the bottom. Was using bobber and minnow with a demon jig, and a plain hook. Most came on the demon. One fish was about 15 feet off the bottom so I just reeled up really quick and he hit it...to my surprise.

The action was definitely NOT fast and furious, but I was able to keep four. Nothing really big but decent eaters.

They are still hitting very lightly for the most part. (except the white bass!).

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I'm going out all day Wed., Feb. 25 6am-6pm. We'll see what happens and will give a good report (hopefully) on Thursday. Going to high line area once again...

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Was out yesterday from about 6am-4pm and ended up with 6 in the bucket. The biggest one was 13" (in the pic below) and the rest were between 9-10. Like said before, not fast and furiopus by any means. Most of them that I caught were about 10 ft up from the bottom and would be swimming solo. A big red line would show up on the flasher and I was moving my bait up to it and they'd usually smack it as soon as they saw it. Great weather to be out though.


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Feb. 21st...

Returned to last weekends stomping grounds to focus on the shallower areas that produced, well this is the St.Croix so shallow for winter crappies to me is 20' to 24' grin I was on the ice for roughly the same time of day as last time, but maybe an hour or so less. Despite the temptation to punch some holes deep, I managed to stick to my game plan and stay shallower than 26', and it paid off! The crappies , as I anticipated ran larger and I actually ended up icing more by focusing all my time on a few holes between 22' and 26' rather than making the rounds on dozens of holes between 20' and 40'. Didn't catch anything under 10" and had two big ones at 12" & 12.5" plus a bonus 16" smallie and two walleyes. I narrowed down my selection of holes by which ones consistantly had baitfish moving through. For whatever reason they weren't always holes that were next to each other, but they were all similar depth and from my open water fishing of that area I knew that they all were over the same sand bottom. Technique was the same, small Custom Jigs&Spins Demon Jigging spoons in gold or silver with either a Gulp! waxie or this time even tried a Lindy micro tail in the clearish glow color. The spoon paired with the plastic tail bairly hooked on one hook of the trebble got a much more aggressive strike than the waxies. But important like last outing was the lack of lure motion when they were coming in for the bite. I kept the tail moving ever so slightly, but with the waxies I basically would dead stick it once I saw a fish rising towards it.

Just packed up and was heading back to the truck. With one hole between me and the vehicle I stopped and marked bait so I figured ahhh how bout "one last cast". Dropped down to just above the baitfish and a red line comes in...whack 18" eye to end the day!


Feb. 25th...

This week has been slow at work and even though I would like the hours, I can't complain about leaving early on a day like today. My wife had the day off so I mentioned maybe heading down to the river with the puppy for a couple hours. I narrowed down the area from Saturday even more and modified my techniques to me jigging a spoon with a couple rods with bobber and minnow. Didn't think the artificial was the way to go with her considering it takes everything I have just to get half of the lookers to bite right now. We had decent action with a flury of bites right away around 2:30. Wife hadn't been out fishing for a long long time and was rusty on the hook sets and I missed my share too, but we did get 3 quality crappies, two 11"s and my biggest this ice season at 13.5"s. I had fun as usual on the river, the puppy had fun running in circles around the fish trap and eating slush from the holes, and my wife was only slightly bored grin Another good day!

Personal best for '09 ice ( maybe the big ones were waiting for me to shave wink )...


Hope some of this info can be useful to others when venturing from the crappie holes.

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Hey TommyK.... nice fish there. I have no idea where all the walleyes have been this winter. Only got 1 17" sauger this winter! Looks like you are fishing down river north of Presott judging by the backround. I've wanted to get down that way but, never have. There is some nice structure that way compared to the Bayport area where I fish. Wed. the 25th was a joke. Was going to fish all day but, didn't get out til' 1:30pm. Fished to 6:20....one dam crappie, and lost a nice one. A 10.5" all the same but, pretty bad. Fished the high line area. Where are all the crapps?? Going out Friday @ 1 again. eek

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I went out and ice fished the river for the first time yesterday and had one of the best days fishing through the ice I have had in awhile! Just pounded the fish.I ended up limiting out on crappies on managed to get 4 nice eyes.I found a little underwater point on my H20 in about 27 ft. of water and fished by NOBODY that made it even better!I never knew that the river had nice crappies like it does.I was really suprised and am hooked!

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I have been north of Prescott, but I bet you could find dozen spots out of Bayport away from the crowds that are similar to were i have had success. Look for any size point or shelf with a fast breaking shoreline upriver leading into the turn out. Usually the drop is a little more gradual on that inside corner. I have always had better success fishing the upstream turn rather than the backside of the structure. As for the walleyes & saugers, I havn't been targeting them on the Croix this winter at all (I save that for pool 4) so the ones I do catch come through with the crappies.

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Nice fish tommy. I was targeting eyes earlier this year with little luck and then my little guy was born so haven't made it out fishin in about a month. I will have to give your tips a shot this weekend to hopefully ice a few more before season closes.

Openwater were you in the Bayport area or down by prescott? Without giving out to much info of course. I'm headed to bayport this weekend.

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5 crappies the hole day got out there 8:30 left 7:00. 2 13 inch and 3 10 inch. Bite was at 2:30 and 5 threw everything at them. Glo red ended up being the color. Also 2 small sauger I forgot to mention.

12:oo came around said to my buddy looks like the snows gonna miss us. Went to pack up at 7:oo had to dig out the Northlander.

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Newbie I was kind of by bayport.Went out and tried it tonight but they were not biting that good {thought it wouldn't be that great because of the great weather we had today}only ended up with 4.It's nice just getting out!

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I had my best day this winter on the river today. (2/26) (which may not be too impressive compared to many of you)Fished from about 2:30 til 5:30pm. Iced 5 keepers including a 12.5" and 14" crappie.

What was great about today was the serenity of the snowstorm and the lack fishing pressure. Shanty town is all but gone. (not to mention the kids spinning donuts non-stop on the 4-wheelers)

For me the success came in pink. Pink jig with minnow and a pink glow Ratso with no bait. (1st time I've ever fished it).

Ice conditions still strong. Looking forward to a few more outings.

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StCroixBanks: Nice catch! a 14" is a beauty! I'm wondering if yuo could tell me what the road condiotions are like? I'm in a car and wondering if I cuold get through with all the snow? Thanks!

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I was in a 2 wheel drive truck last night at 7pm when I came off and it was a litle tough going but ounce you get your momentum going you should fine.

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I'd like to get out this week and would be fishing across from Bayport. Can I acess the river from the park in Hudson or do I need to drive across from Bayport?



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  • Similar Content

    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      By LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end...  Good numbers of walleyes and saugers are being caught this week, but a lot of sorting as lots of small fish in the system  Most ice fishing is taking place between 23 - 31'.  Jigging one line on one line and using a bobber with a live minnow on the other is the goto strategy.  Electronics are helpful to show suspended fish coming through such as walleyes and tullibees.  Popular colors... gold, glow red, glow white, pink and orange.  Lures with a red light stick and rattle baits are also effective.  Some big walleyes over 28 inches caught this week. Walleyes, saugers, jumbo perch, big pike, tullibees, eelpout and even an occasional crappie being caught on Big Traverse Bay.
      On the Rainy River...   Ice fishing on areas of the river continues to produce some walleyes mornings and evenings. Ice conditions vary greatly on the river as there is moving water.  Work through a resort for safety.  
      Up at the NW Angle...  With the border closure, there are four ways to travel to the NW Angle without crossing the border.  1.  NW Angle Guest Ice Road (opening end of week).  2.  Snowmobile trails across the lake are open.  3.  Lake of the Woods Passenger Service (bombardier).  4.  Lake Country Air.
      Angle ice fishing continues to be very good with numbers of walleyes being caught.  Walleyes, saugers and jumbo perch with an occasional pike, eelpout, or tullibee in the mix this week.  Ice fishing taking place in 20-26'.  Communicate with your favorite NW Angle resort for specifics.  

    • knoppers
      By knoppers
      I bought a cabin on hand lake this year, and was woundering if there are any ice fishing reports for the area? I noticed that there are not any reports for this area for a long time, maybe thats a good sign, as its all secret. I was located in palisade, and just moved here this year, looking for general info, nothing specific.
      I can say the ice seems good, if you stay away from the slush.
    • Eyesniper
      By Eyesniper
      Curious to hear what others are using or have had success when carrying their ice auger on a snowmobile. Currently my wheeler is in for a rebuild so time to set up the snowgo. As of now my best thought is a digger mounted on the front bumper to give  the auger a smoother ride. 
    • Dal72ice
      By Dal72ice
      Leech Lake.  I am wondering what to expect.  I think I might go out on Boy bay using the public landing on Sugar Point.  First are there any safety concerns, ice conditions to worry about, Landing safe?  Second what can I expect for fish? Kind of looking for some nice panfish during the day and a stray walleye or two towards evening
    • cartway
      By cartway
      ...that the DNR can enter my ice shack without a mask on. Also take my license from my hand and hand it back to me without any sanitation. Has anyone else had this experience ? 
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      By LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end...  A great week of walleye and sauger action on Lake of the Woods.  Most ice fishing is taking place between 23 - 28'.  Jigging one line and using a bobber with a live minnow on the other is the go to strategy.  Popular colors this week... gold, glow, glow red, pink and orange.  A lot of small fish to sort through to find keepers.  Some big walleyes from 28 - 32 inches caught this week.  A mix of walleyes and saugers with jumbo perch, big pike, tullibees and eelpout being caught as a rule.
      On the Rainy River...   Ice fishing on the river continues to be good overall.  Mornings and evenings are producing the best walleye action. Ice conditions vary greatly on the river as there is moving water.  Work through a resort for safety.  
      Up at the NW Angle...  With the border closure, there are four ways to travel to the NW Angle without crossing the border.  1.  NW Angle Guest Ice Road (open soon).  2.  Snowmobile trails across the lake are open.  3.  Lake of the Woods Passenger Service (bombardier).  4.  Lake Country Air.
      Angle ice fishing has been excellent with good numbers of walleyes being caught.  Walleyes, saugers and jumbo perch with an occasional pike, eelpout, or tullibee is what anglers will see.  Most fishing taking place in 20-26'.  Communicate with your favorite NW Angle resort for specifics.  

    • Robert Kaliszewski
      By Robert Kaliszewski
      I'm looking for ice thickness reports on crystal lake in Burnsville! I am not able to walk out on the lake, I'll need to drive out with my ATV or truck, therefore I'll need some good ice before I'm able to fish!
      Any help on this info would be appreciated!
    • LakeofthewoodsMN
      By LakeofthewoodsMN
      On the south end...  Ice fishing is in full swing.  Resorts have fish houses out and good numbers of walleyes and saugers being caught.  Cold fronts can slow the bite some but be patient and work lures.  Most ice fishing is taking place between 23 - 27'.  One the jigging line, spoons with a minnow head or tail effective for jigging line.  Gold spoons with a red glow stick has been effective.  Other colors, gold, glow, glow red, pink.  On the deadstick, a glow jig or plain hook with a live minnow.  A mix of walleyes and saugers with some jumbo perch, big pike and eelpout this week.
      On the Rainy River...   Ice fishing on the river mainly by locals has been good overall.  Mornings and evenings have produced the best walleye action. Ice conditions vary greatly, work through a resort for safety.  
      Up at the NW Angle...  With the border closure, NW Angle Resorts and Community have pulled together and will have a guest ice road across the lake up to the Angle so anglers can drive to resorts.  The NW Angle Guest Ice Road will begin when ice conditions allow, most likely early January.  The snowmobile trail is staked soon across the lake.  Another option, North Country Air is flying anglers to the Angle.  Contact your favorite NW Angle resort for details.
      Ice fishing reports continue to be excellent.  A mix of walleyes, saugers and jumbo perch.  Great bite continues with the morning - evening in 15-19' of water.  Afternoons, 22-26' have been best.  Communicate with your favorite NW Angle resort for specifics and safety.  

    • Jughead
      By Jughead
      Good day everyone and I hope you had a great holiday.
      I am taking my brother and nephew fishing tomorrow, Sunday 12/27. They have never fished winter time so it's more for the experience, we don't have to slay fish (would be nice though).
      Challenge is I have to stay around the Roseville/Maplewood/White Bear area because time is limited. I haven't seen any ice reports for lakes like Johanna, Josephine, maybe even White Bear or Bald Eagle. 
      Has anyone been on or know what this state of the ice for these lakes? Any advice would be appreciated. 
      Thank you!
    • Harv
      By Harv
      Anyone know if trucks are driving on Bowstring?
      How much ice / snow?
  • Your Responses - Share & Have Fun :)

    • Hookmaster
      During the summer I've seen rigs parked down by the pickle ball courts to the west of the access. I don't think there is a permit required there but not sure. There were spots open right across Mtka. Blvd. from the access when I've seen rigs by the pickle ball courts. Don't know if it's plowed in the winter. In the attached pic it shows this lot as parking for the Deephaven City offices which are in the nearby. See "P" in the lower left of the pic. Maybe I'll swing by there this weekend and see. I need excuses to exercise the truck.
    • Hookmaster
      Probably. Try charging it and monitor how quickly it comes to full charge. If it does it quickly it's another sign the battery is shot.
    • Pigmeat
      I think I know the answer, but . . . After running for about 3 hours the output on my flasher battery dropped from 12.5v to 10.1v. Pretty much means it's dead, correct?
    • gimruis
      I haven't fished that bay in years.  The times I did go in there I did pretty well though.  The entire bay is minimum wake so there tends to be less man-made waves than on other portions of the lake.
    • Wanderer
      I don’t know dude and I’m not going to debate it.  I’ve never used it and always came in from the lake side to Carson’s and there were always people there.     Besides a certain spot I know in that bay you now know most of what I know about it. 😉
    • gimruis
      That's not the issue.  I'm wondering where people park if they're using the Carson Bay access.
    • Hookmaster
      Marcum is located here:  3943 Quebec Ave N, New Hope, MN 55427 I've owned 3 Marcums for 15+ years, all flashers. Both LX3s had an issue and both were fixed and no issues since. I live close enough so I brought them to their location. One of the LX3s is one I bought off of Craig's list. The guy was selling it cheap because it had an issue. It had the same issue as my other one so I knew what the fix would be. I bought it and dropped it off at Marcum to get fixed. Basically an almost new flasher for about 40% cost of new.
    • Hookmaster
      What part of the lake do you want to fish? I grew up within a 1/2 mile of Maxwell Bay. There are a lot of nooks and crannies and old fire roads. I don't know if all are still open in the winter but knowing the part of the lake you want to fish will help find access locations and maybe parking.
    • gimruis
      I did not participate in the youth hunt growing up because it didn't exist.  I went on opener like everyone else.  The early seasons and special youth regulations are relatively new.  Do I think that having the youth duck season a couple weeks inhibits my success as a duck hunter?  No, not likely.  I don't think there's enough pressure to have an impact.  But that's not the point.  I believe that every hunter or angler that wants to hunt or fish should be able to.  You buy a license and you can do it.  You can make opener about teaching your child to hunt too.  I know this because that's what happened to me.  The early deer season is another topic for another day.   Duck hunting has really gone down hill in about the past 8-10 years.  When I first starting doing it, I'd see flocks of mallards that I haven't seen anymore.  Hundreds of wood ducks early in the season too.  Recently its just a fraction of that now.  In the same spots I hunted years ago too.  They just aren't there anymore.  Its partially my own fault because I don't scout anymore and try to find new, more productive spots.  I think many of the ducks that used to migrate through here have changed their migration route to the west.  Something is going to have to change dramatically for me to start doing it again.   Thanks for your work in the health care field this past year, Kettle.  We are greatly appreciative of your work more than ever.
    • gimruis
      OK so where do they park if the ice isn't thick enough to drive on then?
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