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Still auger probs


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OK Im convinced I have the worlds biggest peice of s--t auger!! I after not gettig to talk to anyone at jiffy, called repair shops. Of course they said dont know till you bring it in. But sounds like no gas. Went and got new gas and new plug. No go. Then went to get rebuild kit. Took carb off and apart. Cleaned with carb cleaner. Seems to me that when i put the new needle in it sticks down farther than old one(maybe it was stuck?) reasembled. Put in fresh gas again and Now i have gas Filling up carb to the point that it spills out when I pull rope and gas is also flowing freely out of exhust. More gas comming out than what I put in seems!! So now what?? Thinking its going to go to shop. Or maybe garbage! Cant believe 300 somethig dollar P-O-S Needs work after two years

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If you had old gas in it - it was probably gumed up. If you have gas coming out, sounds like to me you might have to adjust the float if you have one. After you get it runnig you might want to run a little dab of C-foam thru it in the gas. Hope that helps...WM

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Hey Jethro, When I put new needle in it Stuck out a little farther than old one, and was easy to push down. Which way were you thinking it might be stuck? Up or down? And as for the gas prob, i put new gas in it with seafoam. Now It wont even start. Thans for the input fellas.

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LOL, not sure I had the shop fix it blush They had told me that when I had the same issue. I had another problem though that was a quick fix.

I had fuel leaking out of the carb where the diaphram is. The hose running to/from the diaphram was leaking at the fitting. I twisted the fitting about a 1/16th of a turn and it stopped. I think if you were to call D-rock or carpenters in No. St.Paul. They are some decent folks at both places and they are always more than willing to dish out some info. I still had fuel coming out the exhaust but when I switched up to amsoil the problem has stopped. Petroleum based products leave too much unspent fuel behind and may cause little problems down the road

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    • monstermoose78
      It was a perfect day for a walk with the dogs. 
    • Dan85
      Sounds like a fun day Moose. The weather was just about perfect for the days event. 
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    • monstermoose78
      Went duck hunting at my dads house I missed the only duck in range. The we went grouse hunting and we put 6 miles walking in and flushed two grouse and a woodcock. 
    • leech~~
      Beat yea!   Different lake though.  👍    
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